How To Find Out Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing?

Some people choose to propose while on holiday, perhaps in a flowery location or any other romantic place. Some people reserve a favorite hotel or restaurant. The location, as well as timing, play a significant role while proposing to your partner. 

Are you planning to propose in an impromptu style at home or out somewhere? Or are you waiting for some special moment, such as Christmas Eve, Valentine’s Day, or her birthday? Do you want to make a simple proposal where you kneel down like any filmy scene and reveal a ring box? Or do you like something bizarre, perhaps something dramatic? And all you need is a ring. 

Unfortunately, while some couples select an engagement ring jointly, others prefer to propose a perfectly chosen engagement ring. So the first step is to pick a ring she will adore and wear forever. Additionally and most importantly, it must fit.

printable ring sizer tool

The proposal’s secrecy offers difficulties, and it can be challenging to determine your partner’s ring size without her knowing that. However, you are fortunate in that place because there are numerous strategies you can employ to find the solution you seek. 

But you should consider each one has a different degree of difficulty. While others will be challenging but ultimately may be helpful to you, some may be simple but may only sometimes produce the most accurate findings.

How to Measure Ring Size

Find Out Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing

Criteria to Find Out Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing

When you shop for rings, you must be prepared. But first, you will need to be aware of your purchasing goals. To keep your quest for the ideal ring a secret, you must consider timing and various strategies. However, to ensure you get the perfect ring, you must first know her ring size. The paper ring size method can be of much help.

Following the recommendations below, you can quickly determine her ring size.

  • Ask a friend to accompany her to a jewelry store

You can take the help of your best friend or any of her siblings or any companion. Invite them to the mall so they can go window shopping in a jewelry store. They can ask her to try various rings to determine her ring size, but they can also ask her to express what kinds of ring designs and styles she adores. It’s an excellent approach to learn her preferences and size without realizing it’s for an engagement ring.

  • Check out one of her rings

Measuring a ring that you are sure fits the right finger is the easiest approach to determining your partner’s ring size without her knowledge. Of course, a ring and a ring sizer tool or ruler are required. But all you need to do is to wait for the right opportunity. You can often take advantage of different scenarios, such as when your partner removes her ring to engage in any activity or to clean her ring. You can quickly take advantage of this opportunity by measuring the ring without her knowing.

  • Steal a ring she wears commonly

If she wears a ring frequently, your best bet would be to try to borrow it for a day so you can have it measured. You might have to estimate the size difference if she wears it on a different finger. Of course, you could always set the ring on a piece of paper and draw a circle around it with a pencil if you are concerned that she will start freaking out because she can’t find her ring. With this technique, we can typically determine the diameter of a ring.

  • Be secretive

Suppose you want to make a surprise proposal and want the correct ring size measurement; in this case, you need to get the information very delicately. Then, play a little drama; for instance, you can pretend to your partner that you want to buy a ring for your sister or mother to gift them on the upcoming occasion. Then, you can ask for your partner’s ring size for reference. This way, you can be very much successful in succeeding with your mission. For a more accurate measurement, you can even buy any of the cheap rings for your partner and have them try so that it perfectly fits them.

  • Grasp her hand and play with it

Her ring finger can resemble one of your fingers in size and shape. Check to see if your fingers are the same size as her ring finger while holding her hand and playing with it. You can determine her ring size if you are fortunate enough and it succeeds. And she won’t ever be aware of your plans!

  • Obtain her jewelry collection covertly

This may be challenging if you live separately or if she is very secretive about her personal belongings. And looking through her belongings might make you feel bad. But if your goal is to find the ideal ring, a little nosing about in her jewelry collection isn’t bad! First, find a ring that she has worn in the past. Most likely, it will be the appropriate size. Then, you might use a piece of paper to trace it to determine her ring size. Click here for a printable ring size chart and printable ring sizer tool. If you can uncover a ring she wears all the time, you can obtain the proper size.

  • Testing with another ring

Another best option is to buy an attractive and perfect ring to test the size if you know what her ring size might be. There are a wide variety of inexpensive and simple bands that can serve as valuable gifts for your loved one to add to their collection. You can also visit the jewelry store with her to have it resized if this one doesn’t fit. This is the most effective approach to obtain her accurate ring size once and for all while dissuading doubt.


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