How to Find The Correct Ring Size with a Printable Ring Size Chart

Looking for a perfect gift for your special someone that will bring a smile to their face whenever they look at their hand? Or want to pamper yourself by giving a gift yourself? Then a Ring can be a brilliant and wonderful present. They make the perfect jewelry piece for any ensemble and are a very low-maintenance accessory.

But whether you are planning to buy a ring for your special someone or yourself, finding the correct ring size can be a difficult task. Not to worry though, in this guide we have mentioned various methods to help you measure the correct ring size with a printable ring size chart and many more.

What is called a ring size?

First of all, let’s discuss what is a ring size? The ring size is the number counting that is linked to the ring band with its circumference or diameter. It is often computed in terms of the ring size in mm, cm or inches. Various countries have various systems to define the standard measurement of a ring. Most countries follow USA, UK, and European ring size measurements. 

Therefore it is important to get the proper ring size since you cannot take the risk of losing it. So let’s find out ways to determine the correct ring size.

Methods to determine the correct ring size

You can try the following methods to figure out the ring size so that you can get the right piece of jewelry:

But before you sit down to measure your ring size, there are a few things to consider:

Check the knuckle of your hand: Check the size of the joint of your hand from where your fingers bend. If it is larger, then you should consider buying a ring which is half a size larger than your actual ring size. This will help you to slide your ring comfortably to the right place.

Go for multiple trials: We advise you to take your finger measurements with multiple tries according to the time as your finger sizes fluctuate as per your body temperature. If your hands are colder, the size of the finger can be small and if you are overheated the fingers may become swollen. 

Let’s discuss the ways of finding the correct size:

1. Using paper:

Following are the steps of the paper ring size method:

  • Take a piece of paper, and cut a single strip of it. 
  • Wrap the strip of the paper around the base of your finger on which you want to wear the ring. Do not wrap it too tightly otherwise, you will face difficulty while getting the ring over your knuckle. 
  • Mark the point where the circle completes. 
  • Now take a scale and measure the length of the paper from the beginning to the mark. This measurement will be your finger circumference.
  • After that, you can find out the circumference measurement on the website from where you are buying the ring to find the corresponding ring size.

2. Using a printable ring size chart:

It is advisable to measure the ring size in the morning to avoid incorrect measurements. You can use a printable ring size tool. You can find this online on the vendor’s website.

  • Download the ring sizer tool from the vendor’s website and take a printout of it. 
  • After that, cut out the ring sizer properly.
  • Now wrap this sizer around your finger. Make sure the number provided on the ring sizer is towards your face for easy reading.
  • The number that is aligned is your ring size. 
  • If the measurement lies between the two numbers then your size of the ring will be half size. 

3. Use a current ring:

If you have a ring that perfectly fits your finger then you can use it to find your ring size. Many vendors have this option to find the size of the ring. 

At Dazzling Rock also, you can check with every ring design we have mentioned the option of “Find my ring size”. In this option, you can find both size options for men and women both. You just have to place the ring on the circle and through the up and down option, you can check your ring size easily. Make sure the inner edge of your ring should be properly aligned with the outer edge of the circle. 

Buying a ring for someone else?

If you are buying the ring for someone else then you can go for the following two approaches:

One is you can either ask their parents or their close friends. If the recipient has shared this with them then this can be the easiest way. If not then you can try the second approach.

The second one is, that you can wisely borrow the ring which they currently wear and then use the printable ring size chart or can check out the find my size option on the ring which you have selected. 

What happens when the ring is resized?

To make the ring to your best fit, the resizing of the ring is done. In this process, a small amount of metal is either added or removed depending upon the actual size of the ring and the new size requested. So this results in making your ring either slightly thicker or thinner. 

Resizing the ring does not have any effect on its design, it will maintain its sparkle as it is. 


We hope this guide helps you to make the right decision.

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Happy shopping!

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