7 Golden Rules for Wearing Statement Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most outstanding aspects of women’s attire. The perfect jewelry enhances your best features while bringing out the best in your outfit. There’s no better way to complete your look than to include that bold, attention-grabbing statement jewelry.

Unlike any other jewelry, statement jewelry craves attention and is meant for the eyes of the world. When worn correctly, it takes center stage and will elevate your whole look. However, it can send out all the wrong statements when worn wrongly.

Statement jewelry comes in many forms, sizes, and designs. You can find some in earrings, cocktail rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more.

Dazzling Rock

Here is how best to pull off that statement jewelry look.

1.   Pick the right outfit.

A piece of statement jewelry is all about making the right statement. The only way to get it right is by having the perfect outfit. Choose an outfit that gives an overall output of harmony. Otherwise, if you overcrowd your outfit, you will end up with distracting pieces, drawing unnecessary attention.

The basis of choosing an outfit is all about keeping a balance. For example, floral pieces look gorgeous with a romantic and feminine outfit, while sterling silver diamond and gemstone jewelry work best with formal and neutral outfits. Chandelier earrings will complement a long flowing maxi, while a bold cuff will look best with a block color mini dress.

2.   Keep it simple

Statement pieces work best when you keep things simple. You don’t want to overpack in big, flashy jewelry or busy patterns. Your focus should be on letting the statement piece take center stage.

A pair of jeans and a pure black top provide the best backdrop for a bright and colorful piece, while a little black dress works best when worn with one of two statement pieces.

Avoid wearing two statement pieces very close to each other except when wearing pearls. Pick only one statement piece for a formal outfit and a comfortable level when going casual.

Keeping it simple ensures you retain the statement piece as the center of attention. Feel free to add a little touch of smaller accessories with the statement piece and stick to the same color or metal.

3.   Coordinate your colors

While the color combination is crucial for any accessory, you can’t get it wrong with a statement piece. The statement pieces are designed to be the focal point of any outfit. It means everyone will notice if you get it wrong.

To coordinate the colors well, you first need to understand the predominant color of the dress or blouse you wish to wear and then match it perfectly with the jewelry.

There are either warm colors like red, orange, and yellow or cool colors like blue and green. Cool colors match other cool colors, while the warm options match warmer ones.

For a simpler color combination solution, go with; white or black and another color, a combination of two complementary colors opposite each other, or three harmonious neighboring colors.

The more you pay attention to the color schemes, the easier they pair up.

4.   Match the right necklace with the right neckline

A neckline can either break or make your statement piece idea depending on how you pull it off.  The right neckline ensures your necklace stands out. The ideal top necklines are off-the-shoulder, strapless, v-necked dresses and scoop-necked.

Detailing, collars, and halter necks are not the best when wearing a statement piece. However, you can pull off an amazing look from a one-color turtleneck sweater as long as it fits perfectly and is one color throughout.

Keep your colors neutral for a chic and elegant look. It also allows the bright and attention-grabbing statement piece all the time and space for shining.

5.   Have the right hairstyle

Another crucial consideration when wearing a statement piece is the hairstyle. You don’t want to wear statement jewelry when your hair looks out of place.

If you have just done your hair and it looks great, then perfect. However, if you feel a little less comfortable, then it’s time for a change and finds something that would look great with a statement piece.

A wide range of short hairstyles works perfectly with statement necklaces. You can opt for asymmetrical hair for large jewelry like diamond solitaire pendants. You can also get it right by opting for the traditional long hairstyles.

Find inspiration online from sites like Pinterest for how best to complement your statement jewelry with the hairstyle.

6.   Have fun with bracelets and bangles

Even though a little underrated, having fun while wearing your statement piece is necessary. This applies to even how you choose your bracelets and bangles.

Avoid making your arm so big that it competes for attention from the statement piece. Instead, find elegant diamond tennis bracelets for your arms. Pair a unique cuff with a neutral-colored long sleeve for a sophisticated look, and keep the cuff as the focal point of your outfit.

Fashionable inexpensive wedding bands are another way to introduce statement pieces. Stack a number of colorful bangles together on one arm for a chic look. However, remember to keep the bangles to a maximum of six pieces.

Have fun with your bangles by matching the color, patterns, and styles. Avoid big and distracting rings when wearing bangles.

7.   Choose your earring wisely.

It would be absurd to have the perfect neckline, color coordination, and hairstyle only to mess it up with your earrings. Picking the right earrings should not be a problem as long as you understand basic proportions and knowledge of colors.

Your earrings and necklace should never appear as if they are competing. For example, if you are wearing a statement necklace, go with a smaller unassuming earring. Either let the statement earring take center stage or the necklace.

Understand how the earrings enhance your features and frame your face. When going for statement earrings, opt for diamond or gemstone earrings that you can match with a little black dress. Also, pay attention to the length, color, and design of every earring you choose.

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