A Buying Guide To Morganite Rings For Wedding

The wedding day is the most important day in everyone’s life. We all want it to be perfect and memorable, from the wedding venue and getting dressed to the moment of the ring exchange. Many couples find it difficult to choose their perfect ring that not only goes well with their personality but also symbolizes their love for each other. A diamond ring is the first preference of many couples but there is one gemstone that has set imaginations alight and tongues wagging in recent times the morganite diamond ring

To know more about morganite rings, read the following article. This blog will tell you everything about morganite rings. 

What is morganite?

Morganite is a pink semi-precious gemstone in the beryl family. The color can vary from orange to coral, pastel pink to purplish pink, salmon red, mauve, violet-pink, emerald, and aquamarine in other colors. Morganite in terms of hardness is 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale. This makes morganite rings a better option for daily wear. It is considered the stone of Divine Love that symbolizes eternal and unconditional love between the couple. 

Why is morganite so popular?

Morganite diamond rings are a match made in heaven and are trending right now. Custom-made jewelry they are considered one of the most popular stones. As they feature an exquisite and unique warmth so it pairs well with gold. A morganite ring in famous color tones is a pastel that goes perfectly well with a white gold setting. With rose gold and yellow gold, a salmon pink hue looks best. You must have noticed that under various light sources most of the gemstones give a distinct shine but morganite is the only stone that remains elusive. So they are very popular for engagement and wedding rings. If you are looking for a cheap diamond engagement ring then you can go for a morganite ring. 

What qualities to look for when buying a morganite diamond ring?

Beholding this trending colored stone, you will definitely fall in love with this perfect gem. So as you explore your morganite wedding ring, keep the following characteristics in mind for picking the perfect gem.

1. Color: A gemstone color is the most important consideration amongst buyers. As we mentioned above, being a member of the beryl family gemstone, this gemstone is well known for its strong pink hue that ranges from coral to blush, purplish pink to peachy pink tone, or rose. This gemstone is heated properly to improve the pink color. Constant heat drives off the yellow and orange tinge which results in pure and attractive pink color. 

2. Cut: The morganite stone shape should have minimal impact on its beauty. Because this gemstone is transparent and has pastel-colored stones so the cut is equally important. A well-cut stone implies richer, good, and more evenly distributed color. Morganite is considered the popular material for exquisite fantasy cuts and carvings.

3. Clarity: Clarity is by far the most important aspect of searching for a morganite diamond ring. What does better clarity imply? This means that the look of your piece should not be compromised by big inclusions or imperfections. Because morganite is a transparent, colored stone so it is one of the utmost important things to check. 

4. Carat weight: Morganite is generally discovered in large sizes so carat weight does not have much impact on its price. Though it is advisable to go for bigger-sized morganite rings because it is cut in calibrated sizes to get them fixed to common jewelry mountings. A ring size that suits well for every hand is the 1-carat diamond ring, which is an excellent choice between elegant and eye-catching. 

5. Setting: Picking the right setting also plays an important part in choosing the morganite ring. The correct setting will help this gemstone to stand out perfectly at an affordable price. Morganite is a unique gemstone so to make your ring shine consider a halo-style setting. Four-prong settings are also common but they give less protection to the stone, so they are not an ideal choice. Also if you are looking for your wedding ring to complement the setting, consider the color of the metal and the overall look that you want. 

6. Metals: Morganite with its beautiful pink hue looks stunning with any metal setting but at present rose gold is the most trending and popular choice. It beautifully complements its sparkle and lush hue with its feminine warmth. If you want to show your romantic side, rose gold is the perfect option to go with. Yellow gold also creates a loyal and regal look with a morganite gemstone. And if you are looking for some bold appeal then white gold will give a sumptuous contrast against the morganite stone. Choose what suits you best. 

How to care for and clean your morganite ring?

Morganite rings are very durable so do not require a lot of maintenance because of their hardness. However, in order to maintain its sparkle, we advise our clients to keep their morganite jewelry clean and safe.

For cleaning, warm and soapy water is considered the safest cleaning method used for a morganite ring. Avoid cleaning through any ultrasonic or steam cleaners because they are not safe at all. A morganite is also prone to acids so keep away your morganite wedding ring from it. Also, it would be better if you can avoid wearing your ring while gardening, washing dishes, playing sports, or participating in any other strenuous activities. 


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Also, do let us know about your first buying experience with your morganite ring. Share your story with us in the below comment section.

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