How to Pick Designer Diamond Jewelry for Wedding

The wedding planning process can be one of the toughest challenges you can face. There’s a lot that you need to handle, and in a short time; mistakes can happen as a result. When picking the right designer diamond jewelry for a wedding, you need to do it right.

If it’s not done right, it can make the whole wedding experience a tiresome one. The jewelry for that day needs to be just perfect. You can only do that if to prepare early for it and have some options that you can pick from.

You also don’t want it to look like you have every designer jewelry piece on for the wedding. Here’s how to pick the right designer diamond jewelry

Consider the Neckline

Brides are the ones that have the toughest jobs when it comes to picking out the right jewelry. You need first to look at the neckline of your dress before making any decision. Ensure that whatever you wear complements the dress and the neckline.

What you wear on your neck can also decide the other jewelry you want to put on. Even while choosing the dress, you need to see the one to which you can easily add accessories. If you want to have designer diamond jewelry on, it needs to start with dress shopping.

You can look at some of the below options of neckline available

  • Sweetheart neckline – this one needs you to have medium length pendants
  • Strapless neckline – here, you need to go for shorter necklaces or even chokers. The pendant on the necklace needs to sit in the middle of the exposed skin
  • High necklines – this one, you can do without a necklace. You can go for shiny earrings and diamond engagement rings to complement it.
  • V-neckline – if you have a pendant necklace, this is the type of neckline you can go for.

Less is More

Before you choose the jewelry you will be wearing for a wedding, you need to know how much of it you want to put on. You can’t choose this to be the day when you wear all your jewelry. It would help if you looked at wearing as little as possible.

Any bride who chooses to wear jewelry should ensure the jewelry doesn’t take attention from the dress. For example, you can opt to have zirconia wedding sets as the only piece of designer diamond jewelry you have on. Don’t overdo the whole thing.

After the wedding, you will have added a cheap matching wedding band to the jewelry. Ensuring that you pick as little jewelry as possible for the wedding will leave you looking fashionable. You also won’t look like a person who overdid the whole jewelry process.

You also won’t need to have a matching nightmare after the rings are added to the jewelry you have on.  


When picking out the right jewelry for a wedding, you need to look first at what you will wear. For example, you don’t want to have cheap wedding rings set on and clothes that don’t match. The jewelry you have on should be able to complement your dress.

You also need to ensure that you pick out the right jewelry to complement the dress as a bride. You need to look at the dress’s color before making the final decision. For example, white dresses will go with silver jewelry and diamond rocks.

If you have a cream type of dress, you need to ensure you get the right jewelry. This one can go with goldish jewelry. You can also go for white gold or platinum, but it will bring out the best of the dress as yellow gold would.

Match the Metals

Another tip you need to use when picking designer diamonds for weddings is to ensure you match the metals. If you mix up the metals you have on will look out of place. It can also make for an unusual and uncomfortable look.

You can opt to mix up the metals at times to make the whole look fun. But when you mix it up, you need to ensure that you don’t overdo it. It would help if you stuck with a single shade when mixing it up. For example, you can’t go for yellow gold and silver jewelry.

Fabric Decides Gemstones

If you have jewelry with gemstones, you need to ensure it’s the right match. When you are a guest at a wedding, you also want to show off some of your jewelry. Look at the fabric you have on before you go for the jewelry.

For example, if the fabric’s color is blue, you need to ensure that the gemstones you have on your jewelry should match it. It would help if you also looked at some of the common moves for matching

  • Vintage lace will work well with colored gemstones
  • If you aren’t comfortable with what you have on and have no idea what to wear, you can go for pearls. For any bride, pearls are the go-to as they have proven quite effective over the years.
  • Silk and satin will match well with diamonds

Design Era

If you want to make a significant statement as a bride, you need to have vintage-style jewelry. With a vintage look, even a guest at a wedding, you can still get some attention your way. You only need to know how you will wear the jewelry in style.

The good thing about vintage is that following up on the matching rules above will bring out a great overall look. If you go for a necklace, everything needs to be on point regarding the neckline idea.


Before you pick out any designer jewelry for weddings, you need to ensure that it will work well for you. You need to follow several rules, and they’ll ensure if the jewelry matches up or not. These are some of the ideas you need to look at using to help you settle on the right jewelry to wear at a wedding – whether as a guest, bride, or groom.

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