How much should you invest in a 1-carat diamond ring?

Thinking about buying a one-carat diamond ring? You must have decided on a budget for it. And your motive is to get the best and shiniest carat diamond ring on that budget. Diamonds last forever, so how can you be so sure that you are getting the right deal for your dollar? If you are planning to buy a diamond ring it’s very important that you give plenty of your time to browse and budget for your perfect diamond. 

However, there are some things that you need to know before you begin your search. In this guide, we will describe everything that you should know when shopping for a one-carat diamond ring. Since a one-carat diamond ring is best for engagement ceremonies so it is important to find when making such a big investment that how much you will be spending. 

So in this guide, we are going to walk you through the overall cost of a one-carat diamond ring and the factors that influence its cost.

one-carat diamond ring

How much does a one-carat diamond ring cost?

When considering the cost of a one-carat diamond ring, the average pricing will likely vary which usually depends on the geography and the area in which you are looking. So, how much price can you expect to pay for a one-carat diamond ring? Following is the general pricing guide:

$2000 to $25000 for round cut diamond

$2000 to $10,000 for princess cut diamond 

$1000 to $17000 for cushion cut diamond 

Therefore, an ideal price for a one-carat diamond ring can be anywhere from around $1000 to $20000. Now you must be thinking about why there is so much variation in the cost. Which factors are determining the cost of a one-carat diamond ring? The size of a diamond is not everything if you are searching for a perfect diamond ring, there are certain important factors like cut, color, clarity, and if it is certified or not.

Factors that influence the cost of a one-carat diamond ring

There are many aspects that influence the cost of a one-carat diamond ring but the following are the most important aspects that have the biggest impact on the overall price of the stone.

1. Shape of Diamond: Most of us get confused between the diamond shape and its cut, but these both are totally different characteristics of a diamond. The cut of the diamond indicates the faceting structure and the shape of the diamond indicates the appearance and geometry of the stone. 

There are many shapes in which diamonds come in. The most liked diamond shape is the round one. Oval, cushion, and marquise are some other popular shapes. The cost varies depending upon the factors like the price of cutting the shape and customer’s demand. 

So the most expensive diamond shape is the round shape because there’s a very much wastage as from the cubic shaped diamond rough only one diamond is cut. However, in square shapes, diamond cutters are able to cut two stones from a single diamond rough which does not result in any kind of wastage and they are not that expensive. 

2. Diamond cut: This one is a very important quality factor. So it’s good to not compromise on the quality of the diamond cut. Cut directly influences the beauty of the diamond. If a diamond is properly cut and polished it will give the best appearance even if compared with diamonds of much higher color and clarity grades. 

So why don’t every diamond cut ideally? The simple answer is the cost. The better the cut of the diamond in which more material is used for its manufacturing process, the higher will be its cost. That’s why a cut of the diamond can impact its cost by up to 60%. An excellent ideal cut is a perfect choice, but if you want to spend your money extravagantly then you can go with hearts and arrows in diamond shapes.

3. Diamond color: After the cut, the color of a diamond is the second most important factor to look out for. The highest the color scale the costlier the diamond price will be. Diamond color grade is generally identified with the diamond face that is set against a pure white surface, having a grading scale of D i.e is colorless to Z which is faint. 

So the price of a one-carat diamond morganite ring would be significantly impacted by which color grade you choose. Opting for a colorless diamond grade can be more pricey than buying a near-colorless stone. 

4. Diamond clarity: A diamond’s clarity grade can be determined by examining its inclusions and blemishes. The lesser the inclusions or characteristics in the diamond, the higher will be the diamond clarity. In terms of cost and appearance, diamond clarity does not have the same impact as diamond color but it is still an important factor to consider when buying a diamond.

So what will be the perfect clarity rating in terms of value? Therefore any diamond which is rated ‘Si’ (slightly included) or better will have nanoscopic inclusions that cannot be viewed with the naked eye. It is advisable to avoid the I1-l3 clarity rating as its flaws will be visible without exaggeration.

Tips for purchasing a one-carat diamond ring

You can get your perfect one-carat diamond ring without spending all of the money. For this you don’t need to end up with a diamond ring that looks too inferior or even problematic down the road, also you don’t have to break all of your bank balance either. There is a solution to it and you can make a balance between the two. Thus you can make purchasing of the diamond ring a pleasant experience. 

By mixing and matching the 5C’s you can make it into a reasonable amount. You can go down a grade in color and can choose yellow gold.

Else instead of paying more, you can also go for a Si1 quality diamond where all of the imperfections will be hidden. So this will lower down the cost of a one-carat diamond ring. 

Hence the best way to keep your investment of a one-carat diamond ring to be protected and costs fairer you must have someone who can help you to pick out the best diamond. So if you are looking out for diamond eternity rings and morganite rings you are at the right place. We provide the best quality certified diamonds. We would love to help you choose your favorite one-carat diamond ring. Feel free to contact us now, we would love to hear from you!

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