How to Choose a Classic Diamond Solitaire Pendant Design

A diamond solitaire pendant is a stylish piece of jewelry that has been popular for ages and will continue to remain a staple piece among all women for many years. It is admired for its simplicity, worn as it is alluring, and treasured because it is timeless. The diamond solitaire pendant is a lifetime investment and it is everlasting. 

But if you are planning to buy a diamond solitaire pendant, whether for yourself or to give to someone, you may not decide how to find the best one for you. So to help you choose the right design to match your style look no further than our comprehensive buying guide. 

Let’s get started!

What is known as a diamond solitaire pendant? 

It is a necklace that has a single solitary gemstone that sags with a gold, yellow gold, or platinum chain. Though the setting near the accentuated gemstone can be different, the solitaire pendant has always one gemstone at center. Many different gemstones are used to make solitaire pendants like blue sapphires, emeralds, rubies but white is the most common among all.

Why should you buy a diamond solitaire pendant?

Undoubtedly, we all know that diamonds are the most popular choice of jewelry for their brilliance and sparkle, especially engagement rings. The sparkling nature and light performance of diamonds are praised in literature and popular culture. Because of this sparkle, diamonds have a league of style. While the diamond purchase is most popular for engagement rings, a diamond solitaire pendant is the best gift for any age and any occasion – be it an anniversary gift, birthday gift, graduation gift, or even if anyone wants to gift it to oneself. 

Points to check before buying your diamond solitaire pendant

1. Which is the most important quality in 4C’s: Diamond cut, Color, Clarity, or Carat?

2. What setting to be considered: Prong, Bezel, or other?

3. Which is the appropriate metal? Platinum or gold?

4. What is the best shape to consider diamonds?

5. What chain length is to be considered?

Well, we have all the answers to your questions

Let’s briefly consider the main factors while buying a diamond solitaire pendant.

Quality: There are 4C’s: 

Diamond cut: It is the most important as it determines the sparkle of a diamond. A well-cut shaped diamond boosts the brilliance and scintillation of a diamond that catches everyone’s attention. 

Diamond color: Next is the diamond color, we suggest between D-H for a white setting and I-K for a yellow setting. Platinum and white gold will make the color more noticeable whereas yellow and rose gold will disguise the appearance. 

Diamond clarity: This is not so important to consider so we recommend SI 1 – I 1 will be good. Though a pendant is worn on your neck so this means it will be viewed from some distance so that is why clarity is less significant.

Diamond carat: How big do you want the size of a diamond? There is no answer, it’s up to you. A large diamond carat weight will increase the cost significantly. Keep in mind, bigger is not perfect always, more important is the sparkle of the diamond i.e the cut. 

Setting: Setting of diamonds is something that needs to be taken care of properly. Diamond solitaire pendants have mainly three settings  i.e bezel, prong, and halo settings. 

  • Prong setting: It is a smart and outstanding option when you plan to buy a diamond solitaire pendant. Basically prong organized from fine metals will delicately grasp the diamond in its proper position, while it allows the diamond to capture most of the light. Prong settings are classified into 2 types of settings. One is a 4 prong setting that gives an elegant look while the other one is a 6 prong setting that is a little delicate. 
  • Bezel setting: The bezel setting completely holds the diamond due to which it is considered as a highly secured setting. They offer excellent protection to your diamond and give a very modern look.
  • Halo setting: Halo setting will clasp the diamond to ring metal in the middle of it and that is further set with glamorous shining accent diamonds. This setting adds a sparkle to the pendant and will trick the eyes of the viewer that the middle diamond is bigger than it is. 

Precious metal: Let’s discuss precious metals. There are four precious metal options available like platinum metal, white gold metal, yellow gold metal and rose gold metal.

Yellow gold metal is the most precious metal considered and is perfect for those who have a classic personality. 

  • Rose gold metal is charming, delightful, and is the most trendy style at present. 
  • White gold metal and platinum metal are very similar to each other. They both have a smooth, gleamy, enlightening, and stylish look. Platinum metal is more long lasting than white gold metal and is also the most costlier. Therefore you can choose according to your budget.

Shape: The most popular shapes for diamond solitaire pendants are round, pear shape, and princess cut. So this is everyone’s personal preference, think wisely and then buy. But if you are in a dilemma, you can never go wrong with a well-cut round-shaped diamond. 

Chain length: The standard size of pendant chain length ranges from 16 inches to 24 inches, with 18 inches being the most popular one. This length is perfectly fine for the pendant to rest on the collarbone. The other option is to opt for a longer chain that has jump rings. The chain has two rings, these are adjustable so that you can adjust the chain according to your choice from 20 inches to 18inches giving an extra element of versatility to the pendant. 


Diamond solitaire pendants are the must-have staple jewelry piece. So if you are looking to buy diamond solitaire pendants online then you are at the right place. We have a huge variety of styles available in diamond solitaire pendants. So don’t forget to check out our amazing collection of diamond solitaire pendants on our website. 

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