A Diamond Tennis Bracelet is a Timeless Jewelry – Perfect for Any Occasion

There are only a few pieces of jewelry that can make it on every occasion, and bracelets are one of them. It is literary impossible to rock a bracelet and find it out of place. Only a few bracelets are the ones that can make such an effect, but not tennis bracelets.

When you see tennis bracelets, they have this allure about them that most bracelets don’t have. In most cases, these are the types of jewelry that are considered timeless jewelry. And best of all, they can come with you on any occasion you go to.

Whether you are making an appearance at a wedding or a professional setup, you can wear the bracelets. Another thing, they can blend with almost anything that you can choose to rock. Below is why tennis bracelets are considered timeless jewelry and why you can wear them on any occasion.

About the Bracelet

One of the most enticing things you will ever want to know about the bracelet first is why they are known as tennis bracelets. At first sight, you will not quickly identify this bracelet as a tennis bracelet. The appearance certainly doesn’t have anything “tennisy,” but there’s a good reason for the name.

The other name you can use to identify the bracelet with is the diamond line bracelet. The jewelry is a thin piece of wristwear with symmetrical designs of the diamond. The symmetrical nature of the design is why you can refer to them as tennis bracelets.

The history of the name comes from when a famous tennis player lost her bracelet in a match at the US Open. The tennis player Chris Evert played professionally from 1972 – 1989. You can trace that name to those times if you want to dig deep.

George Bedawi crafted the bracelet, and they were a unique piece. The clasp on the bracelet snapped, and it fell off during a match – yes, they allowed pros to play games with bracelets on.

When it fell, there was a bit of a mellow as the player request the match to stop until she could find the bracelet. That incident ensured the name of the bracelet remained, and there have been several other players who wear such.

All Occasion Ornament

Jewelry phase in and out as much as anything else in the fashion settings. One piece of jewelry that is still on point is the diamond tennis bracelets – they aren’t alone, though. Over the years, several designers have come up with different ideas for it.

Today, if you want to buy diamond tennis bracelet, you will certainly not be short on choices. And the best thing about them is that they aren’t only timeless, you can wear them on almost any occasion. The ornament brings out a different appeal to what most offer.

You can use the bracelet for various reasons too. As much as you can use it to match your outfit perfectly, you can also give it as a gift. This is the kind of gift that makes someone know you think of them.


As stated, if you are looking for that type of gift that will knock your girl’s socks off, this is the one you want to go for. All you need to do is go and check out the best tennis bracelet for women; you will have options. Even if you don’t have great taste, you will still find something to blow any mind.

When you give her this gift, you will see the glow on her face due to the charm the jewelry carries with it. This is a more consummate gift for any person that you think is deserving of it. And it isn’t only a bracelet that you can give the girlfriend only.

Any woman in your life will certainly appreciate the gift as it brings a sense of thought. Even if it is a gift for your mother for all the times, she has been there for you. This is undoubtedly a gift at the top of any gift wish list for women.

Besides, it is a versatile gift that carries meaning and can’t be mistaken regardless of who you give it to. You can give it to your friend, girlfriend, wife or even your sister. If you buy a diamond tennis bracelet for anyone, it will carry meaning.

General Description

Now, if you have never seen a diamond tennis bracelet, you are in luck, as you will find the full description of the ornament here.

  • Stones – one of the first things you will want to know is about the rocks. Most of the time, on infrequent occasions, you will find diamonds used. On rare occasions, a designer can incorporate semi-precious stones.
  • Metal – since some of the best ornaments you can find are usually made of rose gold metal. At times, you will find that they are made of yellow and white gold too. It is also rare to find others with platinum for the heavy ones to add security.
  • The shape of the stones – the formation of the rocks also matters in most cases if you want to discern between some ornaments. The traditional sense of the bracelet has round diamonds about them. You can get others with emerald and princess cut stones too.
  • Setting – if you look at the traditional setting of the ornament, even for the best tennis bracelet for women, you will find a four-prolonged set. This is also the most common setting of the bracelet.

The idea for this is to get to see a little about the metal as you possibly can. At other times, designers will use a partial or a whole bezel setting for the bracelet.


When you’re looking for an all-purpose bracelet, this is one of the best choices you can make. The best part about it is that it is timeless, and you can wear it today and for years to come with little stress. Above is how it got its name and what you can use it for besides wearing it for all occasions and in any generation.

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