Difference between the Promise Ring and the Engagement Ring

Different rings have different meanings for other people. Rings aren’t simply the jewelry for most people who wear them; they carry meaning. That’s why you will hear of promise rings, friendship rings, engagement, and any other you may have heard of.

When you hear of promise rings and engagement rings, most people think they are the same thing. Far from it, these two are different rings, and each one of them signifies different ideas. So what are the differences between a promise ring and an engagement ring?

You will like to think it is all about the price of these rings, but it isn’t; there’s far more to their difference. Below are some of the differences between a promise ring and an engagement ring. You will find that the rings are quite worlds apart than expected.

Promise Rings

To start this great debate, you have promise rings. These rings are pretty much the type of rings that you give as a sign, a promise. When you get a promise ring for your girlfriend, you are promising to marry her.

This isn’t something that will happen soon, but it will happen down the line. It is one of the decisive signs that this is the person when you are ready to settle. And you can get her any promise ring that you can find out there.

Other reasons for giving a promise ring include

  • Abstinence – today, it is unusual to have couples wait until marriage to engage in sexual relations. There are some couples, though, who decides that this is the way to go. They will give themselves to each other as the wedding present.

When you decide to go this way, it isn’t uncommon to have diamond promise rings shared. This will ensure that each partner knows what they are getting into. They also only need to look at the rings when they are being overwhelmed by emotions.

  • Monogamy – if you want to offer a sign of monogamy in any relationship, you can seal the deal with cheap promise rings. When giving this ring, it means you want to commit to your significant other.

It isn’t about locking the other person from seeing other people. Some will think that the ring, in this case, is to tie down the other party. It is about a commitment by the person who is giving a ring.

For this purpose, you can give the ring during the first few months of the relationship. It is a sign of complete commitment that you don’t want to see others, and you don’t want the other party to see others. The relationship here is severe and may lead to marriage down the line.

  • The promise of marriage – the ultimate goal of a promise ring and what they’re in use for all those years. Here, you can have diamond promise rings to signify the moment. Here, you are not looking to marry the person, but it will happen sometime in the future.

An engagement ring will likely replace the ring at this point. And when you give a promise ring to girlfriend, you will be making the promise you see a future with her. It has all the hallmarks of a committed relationship when you give your girlfriend a ring to signify you will marry her.

There’s nothing that holds more meaning to a promise ring than when it is all about the promise of marriage. It is also an excellent ring for assurance when you are like a year into the relationship and not yet ready to get married.

Engagement Rings

Promise rings have different meanings, as you have seen above, but there’s only one apparent reason when talking of engagement rings. Regardless of the type of ring, when you offer your girlfriend an engagement ring, it means you are ready for marriage.

It isn’t about getting married in the future here, it is close, and you need to start to plan for the wedding. And you don’t even need to go for the expensive ones. You can quickly get cheap diamond engagement rings for this specific purpose.

If you don’t know, an engagement ring is the one you will need to plan for before giving them. Most people go out of their way to make the event as memorable as possible to ask their significant other to marry them. You can also go for a small and low-key event too.

Another thing about the engagement ring is that it goes to the left hand of the recipient of the ring. The promise ring would have gone to the right hand of the recipient. The wedding plans are to follow when you slip it into that finger – there are no two ways.

Difference between the Two Rings

As you have seen, the characteristics of the two rings differ in style and how you give them. Crucially, they differ in meaning as they mean worlds apart to both the giver and the recipient. How the recipient wears it on different hands also makes for a huge difference.

  • Rocks – other than that, the rings differ the stones on them. Most of the engagement rings have diamonds on top of them. Promise rings are not so elaborate, and you can even pass them off as just jewelry, even the diamond promise rings.
  • Engraving – for the most part, promise rings carry engravings of the promise the ring should signify. For engagement rings, they don’t carry such symbols
  • Intention – when giving any of these rings, the purposes need to be clear before giving them. For example, you don’t want to have a promise ring mistaken for an engagement ring.

Most of the time, engagement rings are hard to mistake for anything else. If the intention isn’t clear, it may even spell an end to the relationship as you see it. Always be clear with the rings before gifting them.


Several differences come up when you are dealing with promise and engagement rings. It needs to be clear for the onset what type of ring you are giving to the significant other. Here are some of the differences that are clear between engagement rings and promise rings.

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