A Guide to Buy Semi Mount Diamond Engagement Rings

When you are looking for an engagement ring, the first idea you want to explore has to be diamond rings. And you have several options that you can choose from when it comes to diamond engagement rings. You won’t walk into the shop and get the ring when you walk in.

When you are looking for a ring, and on a schedule, the best idea is the semi-mount ring. These are the ready-made substitute rings that stores sell. Semi mount engagement rings are quite a popular choice due to their readily available nature.

If you are looking for a pre-designed ring, these are some of the best choices. You can also customize them a bit if you don’t want to design the ring from scratch. Below is a guide on how to buy semi mount diamond engagement rings.

Choose the Metal

You will need to do one of the first things before getting the semi mount engagement ring figures out the metal. You will, of course, have the diamond as part of the ring, but the metal needs to match up. You have a wide array of options you can choose from.

If you want something that will fully complement the diamond, you need to look at platinum as a choice for the band. Platinum is quite durable and won’t be cowed by the diamond regardless of the size. Its shiny nature will also enhance the sparkle of the ring.

You also have several options like black gold and other types of gold. To be safe, the famous gold options you can go for are 12 carats of the 16-carat white or rose gold. The choice is ultimately yours and what you’d prefer for your ring.

When you have decided on the choice of metal, it will narrow down your search area. You also need to factor in your budget when you are looking for the band’s metal. Gold will generally come inexpensive, but it all depends on the amount of it you want.

Mount Style

When it comes to engagement rings, diamond engagement rings or not, style matters. The right type can make all the difference to your choice of ring. The good thing is that you have options to choose from. Some of the options you can consider include

  • Accent Rings

If you are looking for a stylish ring, you need to look at this ring seriously. You will have a ring that carries some gems on the side coupled with the central stone. The center stone, which is the primary stone, should be the center of attention here.

The access stones can either be cut like princess cut or emerald cut – these are some ideas that make the ring appear stylish. The main stone, the center stone, which is the center stone, should pave the way for the glittering of the ring.

The casting of the diamond should provide the right impact for the whole appearance of the ring.

  • Bridal Sets

Bridal sets are some of the famous rings in the market – they aren’t the same as Cinderella rings, though. These can either be an accent or solitaire-designed rings. They need to have a marching band, though.

When picking this ring, you can either choose the band separately or pick it with the stone. When you select the band, it can be anyone you prefer and design as you wish. You will then need to choose a gemstone separately for the ring.

You can also engrave your initials or names on the ring from the inside of the ring. You need to look at the right message to add a personal message to your ring.

  • Solitaires

Semi mount engagement rings also have regular standard rings. The regular ring in this mold is the solitaire. The rings are the ones that have a central point for the stone. These rings give you the option of various gems.

You are unlikely to find the ring with a burdensome stone to it. You can choose between a diamond and any other stone you’d prefer. You can also select the design of the engravings you wish to have on the ring.

With these rings, you won’t have to go for the ready-made rings. You will have choices to make despite the ring being a semi mount ring.


When you are looking for diamond engagement rings, you will need to figure out the stone beforehand. In this case, you will be going for a princess cut diamond engagement ring. You need to ensure that you make the right choice when it comes to the diamond.

The stone you get is the crowing part of the ring, and you need to take a closer look at your budget. You can’t afford to go overboard regardless. Most of the stones in the semi mount rings usually come in uncut – this will give you a wide array of options on how to cut it.

Some of the cut options you can go for include heart cuts, Asscher, or even cushion cuts. There are several other options you can go for – the list can be endless in the right store. You can also opt to rearrange the whole concept of the arrangement of the diamond found there initially.

Advantages of a Semi Mount Ring

  • Unique – one of the advantages you get when you buy a semi mount ring is unique.
  • Ready – you don’t have to put in the work into designing the ring from scratch.
  • Cheaper – you will get these rings a bit more affordable regardless of the stone and the gem
  • Flexible – these rings also give you a tremendous amount of flexibility about design. And you can custom the ring in any way you see fit.


In the market looking for an engagement ring, you need to look at semi mount rings first. You will get a wide variety of options both on the band and the stone. Above is how to ensure you get the right semi mount diamond engagement ring.

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