Wedding Diamond Band Guide for Three Stone Engagement Rings

When you are about to be engaged, these are exciting times – especially for the one getting the ring. If it’s a diamond ring, it will be better when it gets to the one receiving it. But when the time to wed comes, it can be a challenge to fit the band with the ring.

If not done correctly or if it clashes, it may seem a bit off. Getting the right blend for a three-stone diamond ring with your wedding band can be a great move. Here is a wedding diamond band guide for three stone engagement rings.

What’s A Three-Stone Engagement Ring?

Before you get any further on this idea, you need first to know what three stone diamond rings are. To put it simply, this is a ring that features three gemstones – for this part, the gemstones are diamonds. The overall design for the ring tends to vary from one to the other.

The traditional design Diamond engagement rings are pretty popular and have been for a year, and that’s why the three-stone one is still favored.

Round engagement diamond rings are still the preferred choice for engagement, though you can get the ring in different shapes. You can also get the ring in other designs too and colors – these are all incorporated into the stones.

Advantage of Three Stone Rings

Before you get this princess cut diamond engagement ring for your better half, you need to know some advantages it carries. These three stones diamond rings offer a lot of value for the buyer in the long run – below are the benefits

  • The rings are highly symbolic – it shows a lot of love and appreciation
  • Value for money – you can’t get a ring that you will save on a lot like with this type of ring
  • They are versatile – when you are looking to get this ring, you have a wide array of design options to choose from
  • There’s more sparkle and diamond to look at for the one wearing the ring

Options to Choose From

When you are to get a three stone ring, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to design. This can go in now wedding diamond bands or as diamond engagement rings. From the styles that you can choose from, here are some options

  • Diamond and Gemstone Three Stone Ring

Diamond rings are pretty famous for engagement rings, but you can still add color to the design. You can opt for ruby stones or sapphire for a bit more excitement. With that kind of design, you will maintain the traditional setup and style of the ring – you do this while you have some flash about the setting.

You can also play around with the shape of the ring to make it unique. The traditional setting of the three stones features the same shape for the stones. Here, you can have different shapes for the ring.

  • Minimalist Three Stone Ring

When you’re looking for a wedding diamond band, you can consider this three stone diamond ring as part of the setup. No rule says you need to have huge stones on your ring; this can work if you don’t like a flashy idea for rings.

This ring can adapt perfectly to almost all occasions as it works as an engagement ring too. When you choose this band, it needs to fit your bill – that’s if you want the three stones or not.

  • Raw Diamond Three Stone Ring

As the name would suggest, the stone idea here is rawer – it seems like the stones are uncut. That’s just the style of the designer to make it fresh. When you have this type of ring, you will have something unique, and that stands out.

For the center of the stones, it should be a bit bigger – rough, though. The other two should look alike while they cover the sides of the big one. The ring concept will be far more creative than most other engagement rings you can find in the market.

  • Semi-precious Three Stone Ring

One of the most overlooked rings when it comes to engagement is the semi-precious ring. This can be due to the lower hardness and the value they have. But when you make an excellent choice for this ring, it can bring out some great ideas for an engagement ring.

Some of the options that you can look at when it comes to this type of ring are turquoise, labradorite, aquamarine, topaz, etc. The stones may not be the hardest hence their poor value, but they still give a unique feel to the whole concept.

  • Traditional Three Stone Ring

One of the most common ideas for the princess cut diamond engagement ring you can get out there is the traditional three stone ring. This features a central stone with two side stones that carry an equal weight combined with the center stone. That means that if the center is one carat, the others combined are one carat too.

This ring has a classic feel to it but brings a great idea to the whole concept of the ring. You can also use it as a wedding ring too if you couple it with a band. It will make the entire idea of the band and the ring be unique.

How to Choose the Right Ring

When you want to pick the right ring, there are specific steps that you can follow.

  • The three diamonds should be harmonious all through
  • Choose the same color grade for the three stones – unless you are picking from contrasting stones
  • Clarity grade shouldn’t worry you much
  • Carefully choose the shapes of the rings

Note that all the stones on the ring are crucial to the setup of the ring; none is more than the other.


When getting a wedding diamond band, you need to look at several factors, especially if you are getting a three stone ring. These rings are some of the unique rings that you can get today, and they have a unique feel about them. Here’s a guide of what you need to consider before you get these rings.

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