10 Steps for Better Engagement Selfie

You are just freshly engaged and can’t contain the feeling. And whether it is a diamond eternity ring or a promise ring, you pass the message that you are committed to someone.  Therefore, you will probably want to break this amazing news to your close circle, colleagues, or better still, your Facebook or Instagram. And what a better way to do that than post your engagement selfie?

Whereas you might be a selfie guru, chances are you might want to do this rather differently. First and foremost, this doesn’t happen often, and you will want to get everything right. But wait! How exactly would you capture this great moment of your life? Fortunately for you, we have come in handy with a compilation of steps for better engagement selfie to help you get it right on. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Have a manicure.

First off, no one would want to post an engagement ring selfie with torn or untrimmed fingernails. We understand that he possibly did propose when you hadn’t had a chance to work on your nails. It is all upon you, although it will depend on just how fast you want to break the news and get over with the butterflies in your stomach.

However, you should not be compelled to have a manicure if he did propose to you on a hiking expedition. You probably didn’t have the slightest clue that he was going to propose, did you? So, we have alternatives for you:

  • You can apply excess lotion to your hands before capturing the photo, and that might do it.
  • You can hide your fingernails from the photo by simply framing the nails out of the picture.
  • You can hold hands with your fiancé in a fist pump and then pose for the ring selfie.

All these tricks can be applied to make sure you show off your beautiful engagement ring without necessarily having had a manicure.

Step 2: Have an adequately lit background.

See to it that your photo background is well lit. More often than not, cameras synchronize image captures better in natural light, whether indoors or outdoors. While indoors, you can pose for your engagement ring at the windows. While outdoors, you will be keen to avoid direct sunlight as it might overexpose your selfie.

Overall, avoid shadows, fluorescent lights, or camera flashlight as they are not ideal for good image capture. Too much light might blur the image or change its appearance, which is the last thing you would want to do on this occasion. Remember, everyone wants to see the beauty in your princess cut diamond engagement ring. So, turn up to the occasion.

Step 3: Find a breathtaking background.

You realize posting engagement ring selfies on social networks and forums is quite a thing. However, very few people go the extra mile to ensure they create something unique out of the ordinary. Whether it is on Facebook or Instagram that you post on, scout for an adventurous background for your ring selfie that could include but not limited to:

  • Breathtaking landscape such as a glacier or shiny snow-capped mountainside.
  • Clear blue skyline.
  • A mass of blue water body.

Step 4: Avoid the zoom-in effect

Zoom ins often lead to blurry or pixelated pictures. Therefore, to come up with a professional photo that will wow your colleagues at the office, make your pics crisp by placing your device closer to the engagement ring.

Step 5: Relax your fingers and pose.

Position your fingers in a way that exposes your ring without making your hands look weird or stiff. In all these, you have to keep in mind that the photo should capture the engagement ring and not the other granular details of your hands.

Step 6: Focus on your camera and take your picture.

Now that you have struck a pose, ensure you tap the screen in the ring’s position to ensure the lens is properly focused. Most devices offer autofocus and brightness sensitivity, but that will depend on whether you are indoors or outdoors, as well as what you desire the picture to be.

Step 7: Pose for multiple pictures.

We all know why that is helpful. When you take several snaps, you will have a go at them to select your best suit. You could even share with your fiancé or friend to see what they think before uploading. But ultimately, you will upload the picture that captures your moment the best. Go for that one.

Step 8: Try taking pictures from multiple angles.

You could decide that it is time you showcased your skillset by experimenting with different angles. It doesn’t hurt, though, as long as you capture the engagement ring with the best overhead shot you possibly can.

Step 9: Edit your photo before uploading

Regardless of what you have been through, this step could make or break your special moment. If you are hardly certain that your picture isn’t social-media worthy, then there are numerous photo editing apps at your disposal you can make use of.

Furthermore, these apps help hide any granular details on your hands you don’t desire anyone to see. You can also make the photo shinier, blurry, or adjust any details such as saturation, contrast, brightness, or even cropping it to your desired size.

Step 10: Share your engagement ring selfie

Thanks to you if you have reached this far and haven’t said anything about your ring. One more thing to craft is a short caption message that will accompany your engagement selfie. It is a short but strong message that captures what you feel like being engaged to whoever you said yes to.

You have plenty of options here. You can use carefully selected emojis or one word to pass your message across. Additionally, you can tag your proposal location, to sum up, your engagement ring selfie.

The bottom line

We know how nerve-wracking it can be to be confronted with an engagement proposal. The jitters can get the better part of you, and it is only natural that you will end up sharing the news presumably on social media. And this is where we have your back. The steps herein are crafted to help you get it right and mark the occasion with a perfectly captured engagement ring selfie.

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