Promise Rings For Couple – Here You should be knowing all about it!

Most people tend to think of a promise ring as an engagement ring or a wedding ring. However, in reality, a promise ring has a way different purpose than any of those rings. So, what are these promise rings, and what are they really meant for? Also, what time is an ideal time to give such rings and how they should look like?

10k White Gold Brilliant White Diamond Ladies Promise rings

Today we will be having a complete go through on defining cheap or diamond promise rings and their importance. For that, we would be answering the questions that strike anyone’s mind when thinking of promise rings.

Defining in simple terms

To put it simply, a promise ring is a ring meant to symbolize a promise. It is a ring given to someone when promising about something whether to be a promise ring for a girlfriend or other relationships, sobriety, or chastity. Even a simple wrist band can be tied as a mark of promise but that won’t appear as formal and aesthetic as a ring. More importantly, it is a beautiful expression playing an important part in keeping a promise in a legible permanent manner.

It is more of a strong pledge

Another misconception existing among people is a promise ring holds its place only between friends or lovers. But that’s clearly not how it is. A promise ring is a mark of strengthening a relationship whether it’s personal or professional. Such a ring can be even given when committing to abstain from bad vices like drugs, cigarettes, tobacco, or alcohol.

A promise ring is not just meant towards building or breaking a relationship. It is also not restricted to committing something or getting free from something. It is a sentimental way to express that “I can do it and I will.” So any promise can be made by means of a promise ring.

It is also not confined only to grownups. Even children, adolescents, or teenagers can exchange promise rings to stick to a specific decision. It is a pledge made that is expected to be surely fulfilled. There is no doubt regarding the fact that a promise ring act as a bridge to connect people on both mind and heart level.

A promise ring is even a promise made to oneself. Say you want to do good deeds on every Christmas eve. You can give a promise ring to yourself by promising your own self that you would be doing something really good on every Christmas eve. So, this way its not always two people involved in such an exchange, but even can be limited to an individual itself.

Jewelry is the most straightforward way to commit something. The significance of jewelry is unparalleled in promising something while sticking to the words.

Any time is the right time

There is no specific time of giving out a promise ring since you can give a promise ring any time when you feel its right time to commit. Still, a lot of people go through the phase of exchanging promise rings at the wrong time in spite of the fact that they aren’t ready. They do not realize the seriousness of such an exchange and it leads to broken relationships. It even leads to breaking down an individual if (s)he doesn’t live up to the promise especially when deciding of abstaining from something.

Hence, any time is the right time only when you feel it right from your soul. Without you remaining adamant on your words, it is just not advisable to give a promise ring to yourself or anyone else. A promise ring cannot be utilized just for the sake of giving it. Since it symbolizes a pact, it has to be given only when it is to be accomplished.

When it comes to a relationship, a promise ring in a friendship signifies long term camaraderie, in an engagement signify moving one step further in strengthening the marriage decision, while in a marriage it signifies maintaining the relationship life long. In a family, it signifies staying attached to your members or relatives.

Appearance and look matters

Promise rings can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Right from a metal make to sterling silver and even yellow gold, promise rings can just about look like anything elegant. It’s ultimately a symbol of devotion and hence shape or size does not really matter. Promise rings can be made as per the purpose.

Most rings have a heart-shaped built on the ring depicting love and affection. Such a promise ring is for a girlfriend or a wife from their counterparts. It can even be a wonderful gift between friends. Diamond promise rings are specially meant for such depictions.

Most other promise rings have a gem-studded whether be cheap promise rings with a cheaper stone or costlier ones with diamonds or other precious gemstones. A promise ring goes on to a more personal level and even deals with personality in question. A plain band can look simple and sober but can be sometimes taken more casually than expected. So at times, costly promise rings can play a big part.

No matter how the promise rings appear or weight, the feelings behind it are even more important especially when it is time to promise something. They can have an antique appeal or hold a modern style but the promise lying underneath is the real deal.

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