9 Tips To Keep Your Jewelry Organized

Jewelry can make your house look a mess and untidy if not well organized. Proper organization of jewelry does not only make them easily accessible for use when needed but also make them safe from dust and breakages. Jewelry organization is a necessity in decorating your bedroom and allows easy cleaning of your jewelry.

Some jewelry such as unique diamond rings are so tiny and can be lost in a mixture of different types; proper organization will help you avoid losing your favorite gem. To avoid scratching and attracting germs, you need to have proper organization strategy. To keep your jewelry organized at all times, consider the following tips:

Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry display contributes to a beautiful look of your room. Invest in an effective organizer, which will help you have all your jewelry in place because this will make it easy for you when choosing what to wear. There are different jewelry organizers available, having what suits your needs isn’t such a hard task. Organizers such as Bangle Stacker are very useful since they help you keep different jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, and all sorts of jewelry in an organized manner and attractive display. Other organizers include:

DIY Jewelry Organizer

You can easily make a beautiful DIY Jewelry Organizer by using a wood cutlery tray. Paint the wood tray to any color you want, put cabinet handles or pushpins to work as hooks and screw it to your wall. Use the pushpins to hang your necklaces and hook earrings through the available openings. Enhance your decoration by mixing different colors that will give your room a fantastic look.

DIY Earring Planner

Your unwanted cheese grater can be easily turned to a nice earrings holder. Earrings can be hanged by their hooks in the large holes, and the tiny holes work perfectly in keeping studs with removable backs. The grater will allow you to have the best way of displaying and choosing your desired jewelry when hanged in an organized manner. Other organizer includes:

  • Driftwood Jewelry Organizer.
  • Vintage Ladder Jewelry Organizer.
  • DIY Framed Jewelry & Earring Organizer etc.

Contemplate on Design and Functionality.

Some jewelry such as unique diamond ring needs to be kept in pockets for safety and avoiding destruction by rust or dust. Having your necklaces hanged separately is necessary to prevent tangling of gems and accessories. Ready-made jewelry hangers, that are made to be hanged on the wall will help you have your lockets, chains, and beads in a visible place and gives a beautiful display. Figuring out the design of your jewelry will help you decide the kind of storage space needed as well the needed material.

Bulletin Board Display.

A bulletin board display can be easily made at home. All you need is a bulletin board and very strong pushpins. Spray your board with a color of your choice, pin it to your wall, screw your strong pushpins, and it is all set. Full display of all your accessories will make it easy to avoid overusing certain jewelry. Bulletin board can hang jewelry such as;

  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Diamond rings
  • Hook Earrings.

Separate and Identify.

Jewelry comes in different sizes and designs. You need to shop for a drawer with different sizes of compartments and spaces that will categorize your jewelry by any given type. Your compartment dividers should have different sizes to accommodate all your accessories easily. Put a sticker with a name tag on each section so that you will always have your jewelry in the rightful position before or after use.

Display Every Jewelry.

Keeping every jewelry visible is paramount in averting misplacement, loss, untidiness, and breakage. Have a special storage space for every jewelry, which is openly visible. Having your earrings, watches, or bracelets in an openly visible display is ideal in creating a visual inventory which is necessary for knowing when something isn’t right. Beautiful displays are also useful when choosing what to wear as well, and adding a colorful image to your room.

Keep Favorite Jewelry on Plain Sight.

Put your regular jewelry in a convenient and easily accessible spot. Your everyday jewels should be close to your getting-ready spot to avoid wastage of time when picking your favorite accessories. Have your necklaces knot-free for easy wearing by having them hanged on your makeup spot. Stow the tiny items in the decorative trays or plates that are large enough to avoid tangling.

Safety of Your Treasures.

Jewels such as unique diamond rings are quite expensive and should be protected from physical harm or avoidable tear and wear. Stow your luxury jewelry and special–occasion treasures inside safe boxes to avert damages that might occur if stored carelessly. Boxes are useful in avoiding dust and keeping the jewels away from scratches that may occur when mixed together. It is advisable to use plastic stackable boxes when storing heavier bracelets and necklaces.

In conclusion, having your jewelry organized properly is not such a hassle. There are several jewelry organizers such as Driftwood Jewelry Organizer, Vintage Ladder Jewelry Organizer, and DIY Framed Jewelry & Earring Organizer, etc. that are easily available in stores to help you in organizing your jewelry.

Keeping your regular jewels on full open sight and displaying all your accessories is essential in easy selection of what to wear and saves time. Separation and putting name tags of your jewelry is also important in having the jewels in the rightful position and averting losses and breakages.

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