Best Couples’ Advice on Engagement Rings

The search for a life partner isn’t a walk in the park. You have probably gone through several heartbreaks before finding that one person you wish to spend with the rest of your life. It is, therefore, time to get her a perfect engagement ring.

That time is overwhelming, and you may be having sleepless nights figuring out what will make her happy. You want your choice of engagement ring to speak volume about the love you have for your woman.

The engagement ring speaks more word than you do

The engagement ring is not just a piece of jewelry, but it has a deep meaning and reflection of your love. It is a symbol of your love, joy, laughter, and life together with your partner.

Well, here we have a collection of advice from different couples regarding diamond engagement rings for that particular day.

1. Diamond Certification

You clearly understand that when going for a diamond engagement ring, you are about to invest a good amount of money. It is therefore advisable that before you start shopping around for the diamond ring, consult an expert for the right certification.

Lab tests and grading reports will help you know more about diamond qualities for you to get something worth your money. You can consult the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to learn more about this.

2. Work on a Budget

There is no ultimate rule on what is enough for a perfect engagement ring. Don’t rely on people’s advice as everyone has their perspective of this ring. Just do you and choose what fits your budget.

Remember, cheap is expensive and for you to get a high-value asset you have to spend quite well on the item. Plan on this ahead of time so that when choosing one, you are set to buy it.

3. The 4Cs of Diamond

Each diamond has its unique characteristics depending on several things. All pieces of the diamond can be assessed and classified according to:

• Cut

The cut grade can be seen when a diamond comes across the light. An excellent cut will always give a more dazzling look.

• Colour

The lesser the color of a diamond, the higher the quality. An almost colorless diamond means it is close to the purity and perfection of the stone.

• Clarity

More valuable diamonds are bright with little to no blemishes and inclusion.

• Carat Weight

The carat weight of the diamond you choose impacts on its price significantly.

From these grading, you can tell that familiarising with the above Cs will help you choose a perfect diamond for her.

4. Consider her taste and preference

Understanding the 4Cs is one crucial thing, but knowing her type of jewelry and what she likes is another thing. One uphill task that you have before that proposal is to learn more about her.

What kind of a person is she? What’s her sense of style, preferences, and does she love a modern or traditional look? Does she love things to do with art or simple things?

It is essential that you infuse your lady’s style into your engagement ring. You can easily determine her style by doing the following:

• Pay close attention to the style of jewelry she puts on.

• Listen carefully to her ideas on fashion and style.

• Peep into her jewelry box to see what she has

• If all the above plans fail, you can ask her closest friends on what she prefers.

5. The size of her ring

Now that you have already become a powerful investigator from the previous advice, you need to up your game for this one. Getting her size while at the same time, maintaining the surprise can be hard and needs lots of patience.

You can get the right size by:

• Taking one of her rings from the jewelry box and trace it onto a piece of paper or soap to have an estimate.

• You can try to pull it down your finger and put a mark on where it ends.

• Take your estimations to your jeweler, and he’ll craft her appropriate size.

Sounds good! Right? You need to be patient and put in a little effort.

6. Custom design or an already-made ring?

You need to know that your engagement ring and the diamond on it doesn’t have to come ready made.

As much as it may be hard to custom design the ring, it is the best way to approach it. A good jeweler should advise you on this. Think of a unique piece that will make your special day memorable to your special someone.

In most cases, designing your ring is almost the same price as a pre-set one. You can consider these points when creating one:

• Your choice of metal. The most common ones include Platinum, and Yellow, white, and Rose Gold. Silver isn’t advisable as it rusts quickly thus may not last long.

• Setting. How do you want the diamond placed on the ring?

• Diamond shape. You have a diverse range of diamond shapes to choose from.

7. Insure your ring

Because your purchase is an investment, both financial and emotional, it is wise that insure it once you take it home. Protect it as much as you can protect your home or car. The insurance will cover for anything that happens to it when in use.

Whatever ring you choose is the perfect sign for your love. You can also consider the above tips for the ideal diamond anniversary rings. Make sure it is remarkable and beautiful like your bride-to-be. The moments should last for a lifetime.

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