5 Things to Consider When Investing in Gold and silver.

Gold and silver jewelry are treasure made from glossy and sparkly gemstones. Both metals are popular and very rare to find. They are both expensive, and before you decide on what to invest in, you should be fully knowledgeable about every aspect of the metal. Ask yourself several questions such as; which metal will give me the desired look? How much am I willing to spend on jewelry?

The above questions will help you make an informed decision on the right gem to invest in. Gold and silver are quite distinct; they are made of different properties and have a distinctive difference in textures, and so on. Gold is yellow in color while silver is greyish. On density, gold has 19.30c/cm3 making it heavier compared to silver, which has 10.49c/cm3. Silver and gold are naturally soft and usually combined with other metals such as copper and nickel to make alloys.

Silver is a better conductor of electricity compared to gold. Gold cannot be easily affected by nature and highly resistant to natural wear and tear. Silver can be easily tarnished and needs to be polished to regain its previous look.

Before you decide which metal to invest in, consider the following features:

Your budget

The amount of money you plan to use in purchasing your metals is an important aspect when choosing between gold and silver. Both products are of good quality but have a very big cost difference. Gold is way too expensive compared to silver. Considering the different properties of these jewels will help you decide which one to invest in without breaking your bank.

Surprisingly, gold being more expensive than silver doesn’t make it less attractive since you can easily get a piece of silver which you will completely love. As much as gold is quite expensive, it is worth the money because of its long-lasting ability, and it is available in several selections.

Is gold better than silver because it is more expensive? Somehow yes. Gold is an ancient ingredient of jewelry and is exceedingly hunted after metal when making jewels such as diamond anniversary rings and wedding rings. Gold is a very rare gemstone making it pricey and hard to find a genuine dealer. Silver is very pocket-friendly, and it is quite an investment when you don’t have deep pockets.

Physical features/look

Silver is greyish in color while gold is yellow, but they can be combined with other metals such as nickel and copper to get the best quality jewel. White and rose gold can look absolutely different from the natural gold since white gold is combined with manganese or nickel while rose gold is copper coated to give it a pink look. Silver can be reacted with oxygen to get a dark grey jewel.

You preferred color and style will guide you in choosing the metal to invest in. Once you are fully aware of the physical components of each metal, your color of choice will determine the jewelry you will purchase to suit your lifestyle.


Silver glosses sparklingly when brand new, but it will need frequent cleaning to maintain the shining look since it easily gets dull due to exposure to air and vapor. Gold is highly scratch-resilient and can maintain the shining look for quite a long time compared to silver.

A good quality sterling silver is made of 92.5 percent pure silver, and this allows the jewel to last long enough and endure day to day wear. Silver is softer compared to gold and can easily alter its shape over some time.

Silver jewel discolors easily and less resistant to scratches. When blended with other metals such as copper, zinc and nickel, they give durable jewelry that are quite affordable and can withstand damages. When tarnished, you can easily restore the silver jewel to its previous sparkling look by appropriate washing products.


Both silver and gold are naturally soft metals and should be combined with other metals to get a durable and quality product. Markings on the jewelry are used to show the type of metal the jewel is made from.

Silver jewels are usually indicated ‘’925’’ while gold is defined by karat, which gives an accurate purity of the jewelry. 18k gold is made of 75% gold, 14k gold is 58 pure, and 10k gold has 42% purity. 24k gold is 100% pure gold.

The given karats can be used with different metals to enhance colors and give a beautiful look to the product. Using palladium instead of nickel or zinc in making jewelry in combination with gold is a popular way of making hypoallergenic alloys.

Upkeep and repair

Silver jewelry can be easily damaged when it is open to air and moistness hence the need to maintain its original sparkling color. There several methods to maintain or clean your precious jewels such as commercial jewelry cleaner. You ought to know the required cleaner for your jewel and its availability in the market.

Gold is rarely tarnished by natural aspects. Therefore it requires less maintenance compared to silver. In case of dirt and grime hold-ups on your gold jewel, you will need to visit a professional jeweler to clean up your gem.

So, which product do you choose? As we have seen, both silver and gold are quite an investment. They both have their merits and demerits. Your budget is a necessary consideration when choosing the jewels since gold is more expensive compared to silver and gold requires minimum maintenance. Durability and physical appearance play a vital role in helping you make the right decision on what metal to invest in. Lastly, learn about the markings of the product in order to have adequate knowledge of its components.

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