When You Should not Wear Jewelry Pieces

Jewelry is exciting because it will enhance your looks. However, there are instances when it is not recommended for different reasons. This means that even with the best sterling silver diamond accessories, they might not fit the occasion. The situations listed below might not apply to everyone or on all occasions. You should therefore find a combination that works for you. In some cases, a stylist will guide you on what to put on and what to avoid.

On Kids

It is a bad idea to put jewelry on kids and especially at infancy. Children make involuntary movements that could be complicated by the presence of accessories. The strings used to tie pendants may strangle a baby when used on necklaces.

When the children grow up a bit, they get too inquisitive. This leaves you in a dilemma because they want the accessories yet their safety must be considered. For instance, the stage when they take everything in their hands to the mouth is tricky. You might put on a stand only to find it missing after a few minutes. Unknown to you, the kid removed it from the ears and swallowed it. This is a health hazard that should be avoided by all means.

When They Do Not Match Your Dressing

Jewelry is supposed to enhance your appearance. It therefore complements your looks, dressing and other accessories you have on. If this goal cannot be achieved because the accessories do crush with your dressing, it is time to think otherwise.

Stylists will tell you to look at how colors fall into place. The design or style of the jewelry piece will also dictate whether it fits. If the style is off, it will be difficult for other elements to complement. You should consider your chosen or consistent style when choosing jewelry. However, it is also possible to choose different styles for each occasion. This ensures that all your photos do not appear similar.

When It Irritates the Skin

Each person has a different type of skin. Jewelry and the materials used will react differently depending on your skin type. Some people might not be comfortable with the metal used for wiring like steel or silver. Some of these metals are problematic because they are not treated. This leaves your skin looking bruised.

Skin irritation will cause discomfort when you have your accessories on. It might prove difficult to continue participating in the meeting or gathering. You must therefore avoid any accessory that will lead to such discomfort. In fact, you might end up with bruises that irritate your skin and leave permanent marks.

When Out Of Style

There is a season for everything. There is also a season for a particular design of jewelry. When that season is over, it is time to push it away and purchase a new piece. This ensures that you continue appearing trendy in your dressing and accessories. You will not look out of place by putting on an outdated piece.

There are classic jewelries that cannot be dropped for whatever reason. Some of these jewelries are handed down generations because of their sentimental value and high quality. Their classic style means that they will transcend fashion. You are left with the responsibility of maintaining such accessories to ensure that they remain elegant even despite their age. There are professionals with the right tools and techniques to wash these jewelry. Contact them for assistance.

When Going To Sleep

Keep jewelry out of bed by all means. This is with the exception of rings that hold properly on your fingers. Designs that have protrusions will cause injuries as you turn in your sleep. They may also be caught in your bed sheets to the point of damaging the pendants.

It is also uncomfortable to have chains and necklaces as you sleep. In the process of turning, you are likely to chock. Chains and strings will loosen as you lie on them and turn. This will cause damages that will be difficult to repair. And why would you need a diamond chain in bed? Invest in good storage by the bed to hold them while you sleep.

If Sick

Avoid jewelry and accessories when you are unwell. These elements are supposed to lift your mood. However, they may be a burden if you are feeling frail. There is possibility of injuries when you fall either fainting or due to a condition like asthma or epilepsy.

Some jewelry is likely to chock you when you need the freedom in case you are unwell. When you are running out of breath, the last thing you want is a pound of pendant round the neck. Doctors will find it hard to administer some procedures if there are chains and rings all over. However, some conditions permit you to put on the accessories comfortably.

In The Field

Persons who are active in the field or sporting environment are discouraged from putting on jewelry. Such accessories become a distraction which may affect your efficiency. In case you need to make vigorous movements, these accessories are likely to loosen. Falling over a diamond pendant while at the gym or in the field could cause grave injuries. Look for accessories that are designed for sports persons.

You have to make a decision on when it is safe to put on your sterling silver diamond accessory. This decision must consider safety and necessary aesthetics. There are professions like health where minimal accessories are recommended. Make the right decision and you will never regret your accessory decisions.

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