Guide to wrapping the stone in Your Jewelry Pieces

Diamond stones cannot stand on their own and form jewelry like necklaces and rings. They have to be wrapped using wires and other materials. There are different options to consider when preparing your black diamond rings or buying one from the shops. The wrapping or method of holding the stone has an impact on the beauty of your diamonds. Here are considerations to make when wrapping the stone.

Quality metal

Choose high quality metal to be used in making the props. Diamond is a precious stone that is reserved for a particular class of buyers. They will not entertain any type of metal apart from the best.

The appearance of the metal used also shapes the perception of the buyer. If the metal appears low grade, buyers will dispute your price. A quality metal also makes the entire accessory more beautiful. If you wish to sell your rings to the high-end customers, you must wrap the pendants in quality metal.

Quality of metal used will determine whether the accessories can be used by persons with sensitive skin or not. The client who buys diamond should not have to worry about its reaction with the skin. Such worries will discourage him or her from purchasing anything at your store or going for your variety. Loss of customers should be avoided by all brands.


Strings have been used to hold pendants for centuries. They are preferred because they offer an enviable level of flexibility. Strings are made of different materials including sisal and synthetic. The string should hold the pendant in such a way that it cannot fall off.

While strings offer a great deal of flexibility, their durability is put to question. In case they are subject to substantial force, they may break and cause you to lose the pendant. Strings do not have nasty reactions with the body. This makes them a friendly option.


Pendants have been engraved on rings for years. This requires substantial investment in machines and technology because the integrity of the stone must be maintained. The stone may be placed on the surface or welded deep into the metal.

The complex process of engraving makes such accessories slightly expensive. However, you will give value to the buyer because you can use multiple pendants and end up with high quality accessories. This is a permanent way of transforming the accessories.

There are considerations that should be made when wrapping pendants with wires or any other method that is used. Primarily, this method is required to add value to the pendants by turning them into accessories. By paying attention to the following elements, you will achieve desired goals.

Are you looking at a Single Pendant or Multiple Stones – the design and materials used should consider whether a single diamond stone will be used or multiple stones are to be wrapped. The number is determined by your design.

Wrapping should be done in such a way that it reveals the beauty of using a single pendant or many of them. Do not cover the stones by using too many strings or wires. You should also not make them too loose that they fall off.

Expected Style – how do you wish to see the pendants and accessories appear? Wire-wrapping is a unique way of preparing pendants. The amount of wire used and its arrangement will affect resulting style. You need an experienced jeweler who can bring out the desired style using wires.

Wires do not have to be used on all sections. You may create a pendant made of multiple stones and then use strings to hold it into place. The wires or materials used to hold the pendants must not alter your style. In any case, these materials are supposed to enhance the style chosen.

Price to Sell – at what price are you intending to sell the accessories? The kind of wire-wrapping done and materials used will affect the price of diamond jewelry. Wires are made of different materials including silver, steel, platinum and such options. The amount of wire you use will affect the price. Remember that the primary role is to enhance the beauty of your accessory. This calls for expertise in the use of wire-wrapping technique.

Technology – do you have the technology to wrap the wires on the pendant? If the technology is not available, you are supposed to have necessary personnel to produce quality wiring. Technology and equipment ensure that the accessories are neat and presentable.

Since the wire forms part of your accessory, it must be designed with aesthetics in mind. Further, the wire is usually the part that is in contact with the body. It should be high quality such that it does not irritate the skin. All edges must be treated to prevent rust and injuries to wearers of the accessory.

The best black diamond rings are wrapped expertly with high quality wires. This jewelry is available at a reasonable price online. The mastery wrapping and the craft of combining the wires with the pendant determine how buyers perceive your items. Value for money will be seen in the entire assembly of the ring or accessory and give a buyer the confidence to pay the price stated.

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