How to Choose the Correct Jewelry for Your Outfits

Incorporating jewelry into your wardrobe is one of the best ways to look stunning in any outfit always. Jewelry adds a dash of elegance and glamor to your outfit and when matched properly, you will always enjoy the compliments. Your choice of jewelry can transform an otherwise drab and bland outfit into a stunner. Thus, it is for this reason that you should learn how to pick the best piece for any outfit correctly. If you get it wrong, your otherwise beautiful outfit becomes a faux pas which is not what you intended.

If you love your jewelry, it is time for you to learn how to accessorize like a fashion pro. This guide offers some crucial tips for matching your jewelry to your clothes and you should read on to learn more.

Why Worry about How to Wear Your Jewelry?

Every woman will tell you how frustrating choosing the right jewelry for a particular outfit can get. Every morning becomes a nightmare when you do not know how to accessorize easily. Worse still, even if your outfit looks amazing, not being confident about your jewelry could leave you feel less confident throughout the day.

By learning how to match your jewelry with your outfit, you will save a lot of time. Choosing the right jewelry becomes easier and the impact such choices have on your outfit can be incredible. By choosing your jewelry correctly, you will turn yourself into a fashion star within no time. Every outfit will look good on you as long as you choose your jewelry properly.

Tips for Matching Your Jewelry with Your Outfit

Now that you appreciate the importance of choosing the right jewelry for your outfit, why not learn a few tips to help you make the right choice. Here you go:

1. Consider Context and Occasion When Accessorizing

When planning what to wear for an occasion, the best outfit will easily come to mind. The type of event will determine the choice of your outfit and would provide clues that would help you choose your jewelry. If the event is formal, your entire look has to look the part. Therefore, once you have picked an outfit, the jewelry choice must follow the style.

If you have a night out with your friends, you may choose to dress in a playful and casual manner and your jewelry choice should follow the same style. The kind of jewelry you choose must reflect the type of occasion and the people you expect to meet.

2. Choose the Right Jewelry for your Skin Tone

One easy way to find the right jewelry for your outfit is to consider your skin tone. It is easy to find an outfit for any occasion but if you have trouble choosing the right jewelry, you should let your skin tone guide you.

Cool skin tones go well with conspicuous colored- gemstone and you can choose colors such as red, purple and blue. Opal, Amethyst, Garnet, Emerald, Aquamarine, Zircon, and Tanzanite and topaz come to mind when choosing the right jewelry for cool skin tones.

To highlight warm skin tones, you can go for shades of yellow, orange and green. Some of the ideal gemstones for warm skin tones include Morganite, Ruby, Peridot, yellow diamonds, Citrine and Garnet.

You can always choose diamonds or diamond-like jewelry for any skin tone or outfit. Diamond jewelry looks great with a wide range of outfits and for most occasions.

3. Subdued Jewelry for Outstanding Patterned Outfits

It is good to remember that the jewelry you choose should complement your outfit rather than compete for attention. If you have chosen an outfit with busy patterns and loud prints, you should go for simple or subdued jewelry, which easily blends with the patterns. Solid bracelets, watches, and simple earrings will work perfectly with loud prints.

4. Bring Your Outfit Together With Complementary Jewelry

Do you love a little black dress? Have you picked red pumps to go with such a dress? This is a good choice and you will look great. But what about the accessories? To achieve a great look, you need jewelry to bring together the different parts of your outfit. You can opt for gold or red jewelry to bring the outfit together.

5. Simple Jewelry for Ruffled Fabric/Stitched Material

If you have chosen a stitched outfit for an evening party, it is important to avoid disrupting the look by pairing such an outfit with ornate jewelry. Instead, go for subdued jewelry that easily blends with the fabric rather than competes with it for attention.

6. Consider Your Neckline

If there is one body part that plays a crucial role in choosing an outfit and jewelry, it has to be the neckline. You have to choose an outfit with an appropriate neckline. Once you find one, you have to think about the best jewelry pieces to wear. Choose a necklace that emphasizes your neckline without competing for attention with your dress. If it becomes a distraction, you might end up sending the wrong message and taking away from your great outfit.

7. Choose a Centerpiece

You can turn any ordinary outfit into a stunner by choosing a centerpiece such as a diamond solitaire pendants, statement ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings. In this case, the statement piece becomes the focus of your outfit. This means the outfit has something in common with the jewelry piece you wish to wear.

Are you still wondering how to accessorize and get that red-carpet look? Now you have some ideas to help you. Other ways to match your outfit with your jewelry include mixing warm jewelry with cool colors, mixing cool jewelry with warm colors, matching white pearls and sea-colored clothes and matching spring and summer attire with cool colors. Experiment and have fun.

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