10 Must–Have Ladies’ Jewelry Items

Fashion conscious women understand the important role that beautiful jewelry has on their outfits. However glamorous your outfit may be, you can add a dash of class and elegance to it by pairing it with the right type of accessories. In a bid to attain a demure look, many women fall prey to the common faux pas of wearing a beautiful outfit without suitable jewelry.

Well, irrespective of the look you want to attain, it is possible to do so by choosing the right jewelry. Although there is a limitless supply of jewelry in every collection, adding items to your jewelry box can become a drag. However, there are those timeless jewelry pieces that every woman should own, and collecting them should be your priority. These jewelry pieces work effortlessly with almost any look and outfit and you will find them easy to wear as well. If you want to personalize your jewelry collection, the following items should at the top of your list. Let us take a look.

1. The Diamond Tennis Bracelet

It might have started at the tennis court with Chris Evert, but the tennis bracelet is now an iconic piece of jewelry that is cherished by every fashion conscious woman. It is a simple but elegant piece of jewelry that has a linear, symmetrical line of diamonds, making it an irresistible beauty. The simplicity behind the design of the tennis bracelet is what makes it a jewelry staple. You will find it easy to wear it to both formal and informal events. Whenever you want something that has the potential to turn heads, this bracelet will always come in handy.

2. Gold Chain Necklace

The bold, designer chain necklace was popular in the 1960s but this is not to say that it ever went out of fashion. A dainty gold chain necklace is all you need If you want to call attention to yourself without having to say a word. It is elegant and subtle and sends a message of a calm demeanor and confidence. It helps pull any outfit together and elongates your neck.

3. Delicate Diamond Studs

If you do not have black diamond studs in your jewelry box, you need to stop everything and start shopping for them. Well, it might not be possible but the effect diamond studs have is just amazing. They might be small but these sparkling studs pack a big punch when it comes to adding class to your outfit. They help pull your outfit together and when they sparkle, everyone will have to notice and admire.

4. Pearl Bracelets, Earrings Or Necklaces

Pearls have always excited the jewelry lovers and for many good reasons. They are easy to wear and you can choose between vintage or modern style to achieve your desired look. Well, you have to avoid the granny effect and instead go for the more modern chic styles that add some elegance to your outfit. They have an allure of timelessness which adds some mystery to your character.

5. The Cocktail Ring

If you thought cocktail rings were out of fashion, think again. This is a statement ring with a large stone mounted on a large setting to attract everyone’s attention. You can find cocktail rings in all manner of shapes, sizes and designs but in all cases, they are conversation starters. It remains a deliberately luxurious quirk for the bold fashionable woman who wants to attract attraction at informal gatherings.

6. Elegant Pair of Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings evoke the flashy, colorful vibe of the ’80s and the ’90s but today, there are elegant gold designs that remain a favorite. Gold Hoop earrings are easy to rock with different outfits and they instantly transform your look into high fashion. Whether you wish to rock a Little Black Dress (LBD) or a layered shirt, you can throw in the hoops to gift yourself that coveted runway look. For a fierce and playful look, always make sure you have high-quality hoops in your jewelry box.

7. Stackable Rings

If you want to achieve a glamorous look without trying much, it is time to start shopping for stackable rings. They come in a variety of styles but the idea is to choose gemstones or diamonds for that accentuated impact. You can wear these alone or stack them for a full impact. They work with multiple outfits and you will love them due to the elegance and class they ooze when worn.

8. Stylish Watch

Whether you choose to wear a lady’s watch or you opt to buy one for your boyfriend, you must have a stylish watch in your jewelry box. A designer watch gives you that sophisticated look and makes you look organized, and confident. It is a jewelry piece that many women ignore yet it has a huge impact not only on their look but also on everyone around them. Make sure you buy an easy-to-wear watch that goes with any outfit and for every occasion.

9. Long Drop Earrings

You might already have hoops and diamond studs in your jewelry box but adding long drop earrings is a great move. You can choose from among pearls, copper, silver, semiprecious stones, gold, beads or rhinestones among other materials. They look gorgeous and work perfectly for casual occasions.

10. Gold Bangles

Your jewelry box cannot be complete without stylish gold bangles. They are easy-to-wear, classics that were first designed by Cartier in the 1970s. Since then, they have grown in popularity.

If you are in the market for black diamond rings, consider adding some of these classics to your collection and you will always find it easy to complement your look. They are readily available, easy to wear, timeless and versatile to suit different occasions.

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