8 Creative Tips to Repurpose Your Old Jewelry

If you are a jewelry lover, you understand that you have a never-ending relationship with your jewelry. You will keep adding pieces to your jewelry collection and with time, the volume of old, broken jewelry can become overwhelming. Jewelry lovers find it impossible to throw out any of their precious pieces. As such, you need to think of a way out. What’s more, your collection might include sentimental pieces handed down from long-gone relatives and disposing of any of those pieces is always a no-no. This is where your creative juices should start flowing.

You can repurpose your old jewelry by making them a part of beautiful items. This does not take a lot of effort. Repurposing old jewelry not only contributes to environmental conservation but also provides amazing practical items that you can use in your house or business. If you own vintage three stone diamond rings or any other old jewelry, this article can provide you with innovative ideas to repurpose these pieces. Keep reading.

1. Beautiful Artwork

If you love jewelry, it is likely that you love beautiful things in life. Well, artwork falls into this category and it is possible to create beautiful, stunning artwork with your old broken jewelry. It does not take a lot of skill because you only need a solid base and the right glue to attach these pieces firmly. You should then look for a beautiful vintage frame for your piece and you will have an amazing piece of artwork that can breathe new life into your home’s décor.

2. Refashioning

One of the best things about vintage jewelry is that they never go out of style. However, there is a problem; jewelry cannot last forever. With time, your beloved jewelry will look worn out. At this point for most people the only options are to continue storing the pieces or to throw them away. However, you can give your old jewelry a new lease on life through refashioning.

A highly experienced jeweler can work on your old piece to give it a modern feel without losing the original beauty. For instance, a faded gold ring with paved diamonds or other gems can easily transform into a silver ring with the same gemstones. Refashioning works when the piece in question has valuable materials and can still retains its value afterwards.

3. Beautiful Bookmarks

Jewelry bookmarks are the last thing on your mind when you look at your old pieces. However, this is a terrific idea. If you love books, you appreciate the importance of bookmarks. Now if you have some attachment to your old jewelry, you can turn Old brooches, necklaces or earrings into awesome bookmarks using ribbons. It does not take any special skills to do this but the result is a preservation of your old jewelry.

4. Incorporate Precious Stones Into New Pieces

Let us say you have a beautiful birthstone from an old piece and this is the only thing that prevents you from throwing that piece of jewelry away. Well, you can take a bold move and repurpose the piece by removing the birthstone and incorporating it into a new piece. For instance, your birthstone can make a beautiful pendant necklace.

The opportunities for new pieces are unlimited. An experienced jeweler will melt the metal and use it to create the piece you have in mind. The gemstone you so much love will still be at the center of the new piece and you can start using it once again.

5. DIY Bracelet

Bracelets are always in fashion and they are a must-have in every woman’s jewelry box. If you have old necklaces, which you never wear, you can use some creativity to separate the pieces and create beautiful necklaces. This means you do not lose your necklace because all the pieces are on the new bracelet. You can do this as a DIY project or talk to a jeweler for professional services.

6. Vintage Decorated Lampshades

The old jewelry in your collection most likely has a beautiful gem, which you do not want to lose. Now, you can make use of these gemstones in a DIY lampshade project. The beautiful gems will add a dash of glamor to your lampshades and your room’s décor. What’s more, they can make your lampshades come to life.

7. Embellish Your Storage Items

If you have little storage boxes in your house, you can embellish them using old or broken jewelry that you have in your collection. Your jewelry box can also do with such embellishment and it will add a dash of style to your dresser. There is no limit to the items you can beautify using your old jewelry pieces.

8. Repurposed Shoe Clips

It is not the first idea that comes to mind when you think of ways to repurpose old jewelry, but you should try it. Your old pair of flats can come to life instantly if you use pieces from your old jewelry as clips. It is easy to attach the clips at home and the impact can be awesome. No one will believe that these are the same pair of flats.

Of course, there are many other ideas for repurpose your jewelry. Whether you want to refashion your three stone diamond rings into solitary rings or you want to update your purse with pieces of vintage jewelry, there is no limit to how far you can go. Go on and let your creativity lead you when repurposing your jewelry. There are no rules but always choose the pieces you wish to repurpose carefully. Whatever repurposing idea you want to use, play it out in your mind and if you love what you see, go for it.

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