Is It Wise To Invest in Precious Jewelry?

Precious jewelry has been around for thousands of years. Gold, copper, bronze, silver and diamond jewelry are a part of archaeological finds from almost every early civilization. Today, the question that most people ask is whether precious jewelry remains a good investment. For instance, do diamond anniversary rings hold any value beyond the emotional one the owner has?

This article explores some of these benefits and you should read this if you want to buy gold, platinum, diamond or any other kind of precious jewelry.

1. Precious Gems Always appreciate in Value

According to financial experts, precious metals are one of the safest investments. Most of the wealthiest entrepreneurs do not trust currencies because currencies can lose value. Many of them thus turn to precious metals such as gold and diamond to hedge against losses.

In essence, in years to come, your gold ring can turn out to be the wisest investment you ever made for your family. They will realize this at a time when they decide to sell it. Some incredible precious jewelry pieces have fetched astonishing prices at auctions proving that investing in such items is a wise move.

2. Classic/Timeless Appeal

Precious metals such as gold and diamond have always proven to be popular in jewelry making since the early civilization. From Greece to Egypt and Mesopotamia, the use of gold in the manufacture of jewelry has come a long way. One of the qualities that have given these precious metals such staying power is their timeless beauty.

If you wear an elegant gold pendant today, everyone will notice it. There is an unmistakable universal appeal that makes precious metals popular across all geographical regions. It is no wonder then that the cost of this jewelry is high across the world. For instance, when you invest in a diamond ring, you will be investing in a timeless piece that will turn faces everywhere you go, for ages to come.

3. Rich Heritage

There is no denying that many beautiful jewelry materials have emerged over the years. Some are only decades old and you will even find some discovered or manufactured a few years back. While some of these materials make awesome jewelry, they cannot match the class that comes with wearing classic precious jewelry.

However much your artificial jewelry dazzles, you will always find people more attracted to original precious jewelry. That rich heritage is what puts gold and diamond jewelry in a class of its own. Newer jewelry cannot find place at most popular auctions because jewelry lovers are after something with a rich heritage. It is such heritage that the wearer of precious jewelry wants to revel in and they can pay anything for that privilege. Investing in a gold ring is not just a purchase but also a journey through thousands of civilization.

4. Exquisite Glamor

If you want to appreciate why investing in precious jewelry is such a big deal, consider some of the most popular personal jewelry collections. A good example is a Collection of Elizabeth Taylor (The Legendary Jewels) which cumulatively sold for $137,235,575 at Christie’s New York.

The collection had a fantastic range of precious jewelry that included La Peregrina, a 16th-century pearl necklace ($11,842,500), The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond (Internally Flawless diamond that sold for $8,818,500), and The Taj Mahal Diamond (an Indian diamond and jade pendant necklace that sold for $8,818,500) among others.

One common thing about all these pieces is the elegance and glamor that they retained decades later. Similarly, jewels of the Duchess of Windsor sold for $50.3 million and consisted of amazing precious jewelry. They included the Duchess’s 19.77-carat emerald engagement ring by Cartier, which sold for $2.1 million.

Simply put, investing in high-quality jewelry not only guarantees you look good today but also it is an investment that can help your family in a big way for generations.

5. Customization

When Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle, he did so using a beautiful bespoke ring. The incredible trilogy ring features a large central diamond from Botswana flanked by two smaller jewels on a gold band. These two diamonds came from Prince Diana’s collection and the fact that Prince Harry used them showed how much he treasures his bride to be.

When you invest in beautiful precious jewelry today, you never know how your family will use it to honor you in the future. Prince Diana bought those diamonds for her collection but even in her grave, her family can appreciate her influence on their lives by appropriating items from her jewelry box. It is easy to customize precious jewelry to suit your fashion needs and your family can do the same in the future because these pieces retain their value.

6. Intrinsic Worth That Money Cannot Buy

Probably the biggest reason to invest in precious jewelry is to make a special occasion memorable. For instance, when you buy your partner a diamond anniversary ring, the memory is etched in her mind. The worth of the jewelry you give her can never be replaced by money or anything else. This impact is only possible when you use high-quality jewelry for special occasions.

If you are in the market for diamond anniversary rings, remember that these items are more than just ordinary jewelry. They are an investment with intrinsic worth that money cannot buy. It is an investment worth every dollar. Therefore, you should but the best items available in the market.

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