Essential Jewelry Pieces Every Bride Must Wear On Her Big Day

The big day is finally here; you have chosen a magnificent wedding dress and a dazzling pair of shoes. However, are they enough to pull off the perfect wedding look? If you do not select bridal jewelry perfectly, you can lose out from achieving that dream bridal look. You see, bridal jewelry is not just another addition to your budget. Jewelry adds the finesse to your bridal look. It is the icing to your wedding look and complements your perfect choice of dress.

What’s more, you can use the right jewelry pieces to hide flaws and emphasize your beautiful features for the perfect photos. You might have heard that your cheap matching wedding bands are enough for the big day. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In this article, you will learn about the essential jewelry pieces you must wear on your big day. Let us have a look at what they are:

1. Hair Accessories

Your wedding is the biggest day of your life and probably the only day you can get away with dressing like a princess. Now most brides forget about their hair and assume that the magnificent work done by their hairdresser will work. Well, choose not to wear the traditional veil there are other accessories that can add glamor to your look.

Go for Flowers accessories, crystal headbands, vintage-look feathers, hairpins, tiaras, clips, combs, barrettes, or bun wraps. The options are endless and choosing to wear these simple accessories can help you add a dash of elegance to your look.

2. Earrings

You cannot dare to go out without earrings on this big day. Your choice of earrings will depend largely on your bridal dress. If you want something unobtrusive, you can always go for beautiful diamond studs. Hoop gold earrings can also do the trick if they match your wedding bands. You should choose something practical that you can use in the future.

3. Pendant Necklace

You can go for a diamond pendant or choose any other gemstone for your necklace. The idea is to choose something outstanding if your dress allows it. A statement necklace is a good idea and you will love the impact it has on your neckline. It is not advisable to leave your neck naked when you can adorn it with a beautiful piece.

4. Chunky Necklace

The vintage style is back and you can see it through chunky necklaces in bridal jewelry. It is a popular option if you want a trendy look for your dress. It calls attention to your face and complements the dress perfectly. When going for such necklaces, make sure you choose something you can wear later to other occasions as well.

5. Bracelet

This is all about preferences. If you love your bracelet, it is understandable that you will feel naked without it. However, you may need to upgrade to a piece that matches your outfit and the rest of the jewelry. The idea is to pick a bracelet that does not overshadow your wedding ring because that should be the focus of attention on this big day.

Some Bridal Jewelry Considerations

It is important to consider the following before you go shopping for bridal jewelry:

  1. Mix and match jewelry sensibly. Avoid too many colors and different designs of jewelry, as this will do a lot of harm to your wedding look. Remember the attention is on the dress and your jewelry should only complement your look.
  2. Buy your wedding dress first and choose bridal jewelry based on the outfit. This makes it easier to find pieces that blend with your overall look easily.
  3. Go for a balanced look and emphasize simplicity. The last thing you want with your wedding look is to look disorganized by wearing jewelry everywhere on your body.
  4. Avoid overdoing it with bridal jewelry. It is tempting to buy so many pieces in an attempt to look glamorous but the result is always terrible. You should endeavor for a simple look by avoiding cluttering.
  5. Go for harmony in your overall look. It is advisable to choose your jewelry carefully and ensure that the colors match or blend easily. The idea is to create a harmonious look, especially when choosing gems and metal for your jewelry.
  6. Think beyond the wedding and buy jewelry that you can wear after the big day.
  7. Be yourself and find pieces that make your comfortable. Do not go for trendy jewelry, which you would not ordinarily wear. Remember a lot of eyes will be on you and you don’t want to feel weird because of anything you wear.

Final Thoughts

With these must-have jewelry pieces and your cheap matching wedding bands, it is possible to pull off the dream wedding look every bride wants. Of course, there are other jewelry accessories that you can choose to wear but too much can have a negative overall impact and can ruin your look. From statement enamels, pearls, dramatic pendants, trendy turquoise necklaces, to family jewels there is no dearth of jewelry pieces a bride can wear.

The idea of bridal jewelry is to wear simple but elegant pieces that easily complement your dress and features. It is for this reason that you should first choose your dress before shopping for bridal jewelry. It is also advisable to stick with comfortable pieces that will not affect your demeanor on the big day. It is important to remember that during your big day, less is more and you will see this impact when you look at the photos. Try not to replicate another person’s wedding look when it comes to jewelry and instead go ahead and create your own unique look.

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