10 Creative Jewelry Organization and Storage Tips

There is no way to overemphasize the import role that jewelry plays in every woman’s life. Your jewelry can make or break an outfit. The jewelry market has no dearth of beautiful accessories and if you love looking good (who does not), you will soon find your closet full to the brim with all forms of jewelry. From hoop earrings, studs, bracelets, necklaces, rings, unique diamond ring, chokers and pendants, you will soon find it difficult to organize and store your jewelry.

The Danger of Missing Jewelry

Now, the most frustrating thing for a fashion conscious woman is to try finding specific jewelry accessories to complete an outfit. If you do not store your jewelry neatly, you will always have a hard time locating your favorite pieces. This not only wastes your time but also spoils your mood. Ultimately, you might have to find a replacement, which may or may not help you achieve the look you so ardently desire.

To avoid all these problems, you need to store your jewelry meticulously. Surprisingly, you do not need to use a lot of money to do this; it is all about creativity and practicality. This article highlights some simple but creative jewelry organization and storage tips that you can consider. Read on.

1. Crucial Jewelry Storage Guidelines

There are some crucial points to consider before you store your jewelry. Let us look at them:

  1. Most gems can easily get scratch when stored improperly with other jewelry or in rough containers. You need to find separate soft boxes for safe storage. Wrap these precious stones in soft fabric to avoid exposure and to protect them against physical damage. If possible, store them in the original packaging.
  2. Chain necklaces, bracelets and hoop necklaces should be stored separately to avoid getting them tangled in knots.
  3. Follow the jewelry manufacturer’s storage instructions especially when dealing with precious jewelry or collectibles. Some need special care and treatment and you must follow the instructions your jeweler gives you.
    iv. To avoid loss or damage when traveling, always make plans to store your jewelry properly.

2. Use Pretty Teacups or Dishes/ China

Most people struggle to find storage options for their jewelry and end up buying expensive storage systems when they can simply use old china for this purpose. Yes, your old China handed down from your relatives can finally do some good in your home. Bring out the china cups and dishes and display your glamorous jewelry in them. You can also place the cups and dishes with your jewelry inside them, in your drawer for more organized storage.

3. Utilize your Room Shelves

It is likely that your bedroom already has a shelf that is seldom utilized or not used at all. To solve the problem of necklaces and hoops knotting up when stored together, drill holes and add little hooks on the shelves to hang your jewelry. Other larger compact pieces can safely rest on the shelf within reach any time you need them.

4. Use a DIY Jewelry Tree

You can make a jewelry tree or buy one from a craft store. These jewelry organization kits allow you to maximize the space available on your dresser and can make it easy to find the exact piece you want to wear. Delicately designed jewelry trees add a dash of playful style to your room and you can choose a color that blends with the décor of your room.

5. Maximize your Jewelry Drawer

For most jewelry lovers, storing their beloved jewelry pieces in a drawer is the obvious storage option. The problem with drawers is that with time, they overflow and cause trouble, which you wanted to avoid in the first place. To solve this, compartmentalize your drawers creatively.

Look for jewelry storage compartments and assemble them Tetris-style in your drawer. You can also use other vessels such as teacups to organize storage in your drawer. However, remember to store similar pieces together for easier access. For instance, larger rings go well together while smaller studs. Small rings would easily fit together in a teacup or compartment.

6. DIY Jewelry Blocks

This is a simple yet revolutionary jewelry storage trick. You simply need a small wood block to which you can attach a piece of solid wire. The entire piece should fit easily into your drawer, or anywhere else you wish to store your jewelry. You will only need to slide your jewelry along the wire from both ends. This saves a lot of space and makes it easy to find the piece you wish to wear.

7. Use Decorative Door Knobs

Lovers of DIY projects would find this option interesting. Look for a beautiful strip of wood, preferably driftwood, or weathered wood if you want to create a vintage look. Drill some holes into your wall and attach the piece of wood to it. Attach beautiful knobs on the piece of wood and use them as your jewelry storage. This is an idea that adds charm to your décor while it helps you organize your jewelry easily.

8. Old Ice Tray

An old ice tray can serve as the ideal storage idea for your studs and bracelets. The idea is to store them separately to avoid entanglement and make it easier to find what you need.

9. Repurpose a Wooden Hanger

You can attach eyehooks to a wooden hanger to create a brilliant jewelry storage option. It works perfectly when you have little space in your room. Paint the hanger your favorite color or the color of your décor for an even better look.

10. Customize a Pegboard

Buy a plain pegboard and customize it to match the color of your décor. Use the holes in the pegboard with metal hooks to organize all your jewelry.

There are many other creative ideas to store your unique diamond rings and other jewelry safely and conveniently. Go on and choose a jewelry storage idea that suits your needs.

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