How to Select Your Wedding Bands

After the hassle of buying that beautiful engagement ring, most grooms dread going back to the jewelry stores. Yet they have to. However glamorous the engagement ring is, you still have to shop for a wedding band, and of course, this is not easy.

Most couples make the mistake of rushing to buy a wedding band at the last minute and they end up buying poorly designed pieces. To avoid making the same mistake, you need to appreciate the importance of your wedding ring. This ring will serve as the symbol of your union. A lot of thought needs to go into the process. Well, picking from among diamond wedding bands is easy because they are elegant and durable but there are still many other things to ensure you find the wedding band of your dreams.

In this article, you will find tips to help you find the best wedding bands and get good value for money while you do it. Keep reading:

1. Start Shopping Early

Shopping for any kind of diamond jewelry requires a lot of time. There are so many styles to consider; you have to choose between different metals, settings and of course buying the best quality diamonds requires intense research. For this reason, you have to start the process early enough. After your engagement, it is time to start shopping for wedding bands if you want to find the perfect pieces.

2. Start With a Budget and Stick to It

After buying an engagement ring, you appreciate how expensive diamond jewelry can be. For this reason, you need to evaluate your finances carefully. You need to factor future expenses, including the wedding band, among other things. The price can range from a couple of hundred to dollars to a couple of thousand dollars. For this reason, you need to go to the market with a clear-cut budget in mind. With a set price range, it is easier to identify suitable wedding bands without ruining your finances.

3. Buy Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands at once

More couples now opt to shop for engagement rings and wedding bands at the same time. It is an excellent decision if you want to buy a matching engagement ring and a diamond wedding band. It saves you the time and you get great discounts from the jeweler.

It is easy it customize a bridal set when you choose both rings at the same time. This makes it easier to get that dream wedding bridal set that you both desire. Buying the two rings together is the best way to go if you plan to wear the two side by side. It helps the jewelry designer make perfectly shaped rings that are beautiful and comfortable to wear.

4. Choose the Best Diamond&

Finding the best diamond for your wedding bands is the trickiest part in the shopping process. The quality of the diamonds you choose affects the overall quality of the wedding ring you purchase. For this reason, take time to learn about the 4Cs of diamond quality. These are Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat weight. For the best diamond quality, go for the highest cut grade you can afford because this aspect determines the sparkle or fire in a diamond.

You can compromise on the color and clarity and invest in a higher cut grade and carat weight to get that dream stone for your rings. While at it, consider the shape of the diamond and go for one that complements the engagement ring. Favorite diamond shapes include round, princess, oval, marquise, emerald, Asscher, cushion cut, and pear. Look at these and talk to your jeweler regarding the suitability of each shape for the ring you have in mind.

5. Narrow Down Your Wedding Band Style

Various things influence the choice of a wedding ring style or design. They include the style of the engagement ring, shape of the fingers, preferences and customization needs. The lifestyle of your partner can also lead to unique requirements in the styling. For this reason, you need to narrow down on the most practical ring styles.

Among the most popular wedding band styles are pavé diamond rings, prong diamond rings, eternity rings, plain wedding bands, prong and solitaire settings, the Tiffany setting, bezel settings, tension settings, channel settings, halo settings, cathedral settings and many others. Take out time to get inspiration from available pieces from different collections. Learn about as many styles as possible and start narrowing down your choice to find the best before you approach your jeweler.

6. Learn the Different Metals

However beautiful the diamond you pick is, the quality of the metal also affects the overall appearance of the ring. For a start, remember that diamonds reflect what is around them and when choosing the metal band and prongs for the ring, you have to consider this. Also, consider the durability, ease of maintenance and skin friendliness of the metal you wish to use.
Popular metal options are platinum (beautiful and durable), white gold (a cheaper alternative for platinum) and yellow gold which is elegant but unfortunately may contain nickel that can lead to allergic reactions in some people.

7. Coordinate With Your Wedding Bands

If you decide to shop for rings together, you can go a step further and coordinate with your fiancé to choose a wedding band. A huge move that not only guarantees you select a beautiful ring, but one that also carries symbolic meaning. You do not have to wear the same ring style but you can coordinate in terms of ring metal, color and other aspects if possible.

There you have it; buying diamond wedding bands does not have to be hard after all. You just need to agree on what you need and set a budget, start your search early, shop together and play around with different styles to find a set that suits your needs perfectly.

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