How to Match an Engagement Ring with a Wedding Ring

Buying an engagement ring can be a daunting task, and most grooms who have gone through the shopping process will agree. It is a journey of discovery into the world of jewelry and you have to learn a lot, fast, to make the right choice. These days, one of the most important things to consider when buying an engagement ring is how to ensure it goes with the wedding ring you buy in the future. Most brides today want to wear both the engagement ring and wedding ring together, so the style and design must complement each other. Buying a matching bridal set is not easy and in this article, you will find tips to get this right.

The Rule of Matching Engagement and Wedding Rings

Well, there is no rule set in stone when it comes to buying a matching engagement and wedding ring. The most important thing to remember is that the wedding ring set marks one of the most special moments in a couple’s life. You should wear a set that is not only beautiful but one that reflects your relationship.

Go for substance over style when choosing matching rings, because you will wear them for the rest of your life. The style and design you choose for each of the two occasions must symbolize the emotions of each. There is no rulebook to follow, during this special occasion do not hold back while selecting a bridal set that if not only comfortable but one that represents the emotions you have as a couple.

Things to Consider While Matching Engagement and Wedding Rings

If you have decided to buy matching engagement and wedding rings, here are some tips to help you during the shopping process:

1. Choose The Same Ring Width

Most couples focus too much on the engagement ring and forget the wedding ring until the last minute. In a rush to buy the wedding ring, they end up with a smaller ring in an attempt not to overwhelm the engagement ring. To avoid this mistake, make sure you clearly explain your needs to the jeweler. The width of both rings must be the same to create a balance on your finger. It is true that your engagement ring looks magnificent. However, remember that the wedding ring is equally important and beautiful.

2. Choosing the Ring Metal

Again, there is no rulebook when it comes to picking the best metal for your bridal set. Most brides go for the same metal to create harmony and seamless beauty. Choosing the same metal for both rings is one of the most natural option, and a good idea if you want a well-coordinated wedding ring set.

However, you can also opt for contrasting metals for the two rings if you are looking for a unique bridal set. The two metals should have similar qualities including durability, ease of customization, hypoallergenic qualities, hardness and ease of maintenance. The idea is to have two rings with similar characteristics even when molded from different metals. Make sure none of the metals can wear out due to scratches.

3. Use the Same Jeweler

Using the same jeweler for both the engagement and wedding rings is a good decision if you want matching pieces. The designer already knows the bride’s tastes and preferences, finger width, and it is easier for them to build a perfect wedding ring to make a set. You also get a good discount when you choose the same jeweler for both rings.

4. Choosing Flush Wedding Ring Sets

Now, this is the most important consideration when you want to buy a matching wedding ring set. The style you choose for both rings must complement each other. There are different ring styles that guarantee a perfectly coordinated wedding ring set. However, you can also customize both rings to get an outstanding wedding ring set.

The following designs allow the wedding ring to sit flush with the engagement ring:

> Contoured wedding rings: These rings feature a design that perfectly fits the curvature of each other. It is the perfect flush wedding ring design that accommodates different engagement ring styles.

> Notched wedding rings: This wedding ring design features a notch that allows the two rings to fit together snugly.

> Contoured and notched wedding rings: You can also choose a wedding ring that is both contoured and notched. The final design is unique and dramatic, and the close fit looks magnificent.

5. Consider The Ring Styles

Some popular engagement ring styles can work perfectly for a matched wedding ring set. These include:

a. Solitaire engagement rings: For this glamorous ring, go for a toned-down pave wedding band. It is an excellent choice to avoid overshadowing the beautiful ring.

b. Halo engagement rings: They are easy to match with a variety of wedding ring styles. A curved wedding band works well when you have a large gemstone on the engagement ring.

c. Three-stone rings: The engagement ring here is already stunning and you need to choose a simple wedding band that will not compete for attention. Thin channel sets or small pave bands are ideal in this case.

d. Vintage style engagement rings: A vintage engagement ring can diminish the appeal by clashing with a modern wedding band. Instead, stick with the same vintage styling for the wedding ring.

e. Gemstone engagement rings: You can play around with the wedding ring here by either going for the same gemstones to get a classy look or choosing a classic diamond pave. The idea is to create a unified look.

It is now easy to match wedding ring sets using tools provided by jewelers. You can see how both rings will look before you even purchase them. You can also opt for a custom-made wedding ring set in which the rings fit together easily and symbolize your marriage in a better way.

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