How to Find and Take Care of Designer Diamond Earrings

Taylor Swift, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lily Collins, Jaimie King, Jenifer Aniston, Jessica Alba; what do these ladies have in common? Well, apart from being Hollywood A-listers, these are fashion icons who always spur attention by what they wear.

Designer diamond earrings are all the rage on the red carpet today and these celebrities have already rocked the house by flaunting gorgeous designer pieces on the red carpet. If you have plans to upgrade your jewelry collection, you can borrow inspiration from this trend and buy yourself a nice pair of diamond earrings. A pair of designer earrings can also serve as a perfect gift for that special person in your life.

Buying any form of diamond jewelry is hard and when it comes to buying a matching pair of designer earrings, things get harder. The market is awash with poor imitations and you have to be cautious to make the right purchase. In this article, you will get tips to find the best designer earrings as well as tips on how to take good care of them.

What to Consider When Buying Designer Diamond Earrings

To find the best pair of designer earrings, consider some of these:

1. Set a Realistic Budget

High-quality diamond earrings are going to cost you. The price range stands between $500 and $36,000 for a single pair. For a designer pair of earrings, you can expect to pay top dollars due to the brand, quality of the cut, and certification among other factors. For these reasons, you need to set a realistic budget before you hit the stores. While diamond jewelry may be an investment, do not ruin your finances to get hold of highly priced diamond studs. Keeping a price in mind, makes it easier to narrow down on available varieties and save yourself a lot of time while protecting your finances as well.

2. Choose the Perfect Diamonds

If you have decided to pay top dollars for a pair of designer earrings, make sure you get the best quality. One of the most crucial things to consider is the quality of the diamonds you choose. In this regard, take your time to understand the 4Cs of diamond quality. The five aspects of quality that you must consider are:

i. Cut:

The quality of the cut of a diamond is the most critical factor to consider because it determines the sparkle or brilliance of the stone. Go for the highest quality cut that you can afford and avoid compromising on this quality.

ii. Color:

Diamonds vary in color. On the G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America) grading chart, D is the highest quality of colorless diamonds. These are rare and very expensive. The stones for your earrings are very small and there is no need to spend too much on high-grade color quality. Pick a diamond in the color grade in the range of H to J.

iii. Clarity:

Clarity refers to the presence or lack of flaws in a diamond. Flawless stones are graded FL (Flawless) and IF (Internally Flawless). They are rare and expensive and you should avoid them. Go for SI1 or SI2 Instead. These are diamonds, whose flaws are not visible to the naked eye.

iv. Carat weight:

Diamonds required for earrings are small and as such, you do not need to invest much in a diamond that has a larger carat weight.

v. Shape:

Designer earrings come in many shapes. These include the round, Princess, Oval, Emerald, Cushion, Radiant, Asscher, heart and pear cut. Choose a shape that suits the shape of your face and one that best highlights your best facial features.

3. Styles/ Setting For Earrings

You have to consider the type of style or setting to choose for your earrings before you hit the stores. Popular options include Bezel Settings, Prong Settings, Basket-Style Settings, Channel Settings, Bar Channel Settings, Pave Settings and Martini-Style Settings. Choose a style that suits your fashion style and personality.

4. Type of Metal

To guarantee you get the best value for money from your designer diamond studs, go for a beautiful and durable metal. Platinum is brilliant and beautiful, so is white gold. Yellow gold is popular but it is not the best choice for people with who are allergic to nickel.

5. Buy From an Established Jeweler

If you have decided to pay top dollar for a pair of designer diamond studs, then research and locate the most trusted jewelry store. Look for GIA certification for the diamonds and read reviews about the reliability of the store. Remember this is a huge expense and hence do your research to guarantee the piece you buy is worth the high cost.

6. Caring For Your Designer Earrings

To keep your diamond jewelry sparkling and shining, you need to take good care of the collection. For your gemstone diamond earrings, follow these tips:

  1. Place the earrings in a bowl of warm water and add mild detergent which won’t affect the shine of the pieces
  2. Stir the earrings in the water to remove any dirt or residue
  3. Rinse the pieces in warm water to wash away all the detergent
  4. Dry the earrings using a lint-free cloth to get the sparkle of the pieces back
  5. For tougher stains, you can use stronger chemicals specifically designed for diamond jewelry. Follow the instructions given to avoid damaging your beautiful earrings.

There is no denying that designer earrings will rejuvenate your jewelry collection. They are trendy, durable and fashionable. Diamond earrings never go out of fashion, and when you choose to buy designer pieces, you will always look stunning when you wear them. Go ahead and use these tips to find the best pair of earrings. Of course, do remember to take good care of them.

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