Which Order Do You Wear Engagement, Wedding and Eternity Rings

Which Order Do You Wear Engagement, Wedding and Eternity Rings

During your wedding, there are so many things you have to work out to make this special day a success. Among them is the choice of a wedding ring that reflects a commitment to the union. Well, you will remember that there was also a beautiful engagement ring which came before. How do you wear the engagement and wedding ring? Which comes first and should you wear them on the same finger? Add to this mix an infinity ring and things get even more confusing. Many brides have a hard time deciding how to wear the rings and more importantly the order in which to wear them.

This article examines the function of each ring and different ways you can wear the three rings. Keep reading.

History of Eternity Rings

The history of eternity rings and the purpose of these rings remains a big topic of debate. However, the tradition of giving such rings to a lover dates back 4,000 years ago in 2,000 BC. The Ancient Egyptians wore these rings with mythology experts deriving the meaning of the ring from an Ancient Egyptian symbol Ouroboros. The symbol shows a snake-like creature swallowing its tail to form a full circle which an eternity ring now represents. Another possible origin of this ring is in the Tibetan Buddhist Endless Knot another Infinity symbol.

Despite the mystery about the origin of the eternity ring, there is concurrence about the purpose which is a symbol of commitment and eternal love. In modern time, these rings have become popular among lovers or married couples as gifts. Some of the momentous occasions when such a ring is suitable as a gift include when a partner is expecting a child, as a Valentine’s Day Gift or a wedding anniversary.

Origin of Engagement and Wedding Rings

Wedding, engagement and eternity ring sets have a detailed heritage going back to the middle ages. Diamond engagement rings or betrothal ring is a symbol of commitment and the man giving a ring shows intent to marry the woman. The church in later years made betrothal rings a requirement as a show of fidelity and commitment.

The rings also proved the man had a good financial standing to support the bride and a family. The engagement rings were plain bands until 1477 when the Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave a brilliant diamond engagement ring to Mary of Burgundy. Wedding rings have a similar history to the engagement rings. In modern times, the materials and styles used for both wedding and engagement rings have increased.

Which Ring to Wear Where and in Which Order?

Assuming a woman has received an eternity ring before engagement, she has to decide on how to wear all of these rings. There are different ways to wear the rings including:

  1. Wearing the three rings on the same ring finger
  2. Wearing the wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand and the engagement on the ring finger of the right hand. The eternity ring can then go on a different finger.

If you want to wear your three rings together, there are various ways to do this. Take a look:

Wear the wedding ring first

This would require you to remove the engagement ring and eternity ring and wear them on different fingers. You can also choose to put them away safely during the occasion to give the beautiful wedding ring the attention it deserves. The fact that these rings will permanently remain on your finger makes it logical to wear it first. In most cases, you can opt to remove the engagement ring if it is too large.

Wear the wedding ring first, eternity ring and the engagement ring last

If you have a beautiful eternity ring which carries a lot of meaning, you can wear it between the larger wedding and engagement ring. The set of rings will look beautiful, and they will serve as a reminder of the commitment you have made.

Wear the eternity ring last

Most couples customize wedding and engagement rings to ensure they complement each other. The metals are chosen, shape, sizes and precious stones chosen blend easily to get an immaculate appearance. In this case, it is advisable to wear the two rings next to each other and the eternity ring last.

Truth be told, there is no rule on how to wear the three rings and most people come up with unique ways. Jewelers now customize all the three rings to make it easier to wear. At the back of your mind, practicality and comfort should be the main considerations. For instance, if your work doesn’t allow you to wear rings, you will find it cumbersome to remove all the rigs every time you go to work. You might also feel like the eternity ring is not appealing in appearance and opt to wear it on another finger.

Some women also forego the engagement ring altogether after the wedding and only wear it during special occasions. Others weld the three rings together to create a large ring without losing any of the beautiful qualities.

When buying wedding, engagement and eternity ring sets, it is important to consider how to wear them. The size, shape, style, and appearance should complement each other. You can source for the rings from the same jewelry designer to make things easier for yourself. Whichever order you decide to wear the rings, remember there are no rules, and your comfort comes first.

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