5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing Jewelry

The right kind of jewelry brightens your outfit and completes your overall look. It adds flair and style to the entire look and accentuates any outfit. An exquisite piece of jewelry completes your look and matches your personality. However gorgeous pieces of jewelry turn out to be messy if you wear it the wrong way.

When you choose the right piece of jewelry and go for the right amount of accessories the overall look is balanced and each element plays an important role. But if one disregards this and go overboard, it may look tacky.

Here are some of the most common mistakes you should avoid when wearing jewelry

Not following the “Less is More” concept and wear too much

We all want out jewelry to look valuable and desirable at the same time, but wearing too much of it can affect the beauty of entire look. None of the jewelry pieces will stand out if all the pieces try to stand out at the same time. Too much of anything is never good and this goes for jewelry too. Going by the age-old concept “less is more”, you have to know which piece to wear and when.

The right piece of jewelry combined with the right attire can always create a wow factor. So instead of wearing too many pieces of jewelry at the same time, you need to choose the ones that will complement your attire very well.

Wearing jewelry that does not match the occasion

Many make the mistake of wearing the wrong piece of jewelry at the wrong place. Not all pieces of jewelry are fit for your office or college. Similarly, an invitation in the morning calls for different kind of jewelry pieces from a party at night. You have to know the piece that would match the occasion and accordingly pair it up with the right attire. While diamond necklace is appropriate for a night party, gold stud earrings are perfect for your Monday office meeting.

You have to be very careful while choosing the piece of jewelry keeping the occasion in mind. You watch and wedding ring along with a pair of studs is perfect for office interview while morning brunch with your friends calls for a pair of dangling earrings. Keeping in mind of the environment, you need to be very careful with the piece of jewelry you choose.

Not wearing jewelry based on your skin tone

While warm tone calls for gold, cool skin tone always looks great when it is silver or platinum. Keeping in mind about your skin tone is very important while you choose the right metal for your jewelry. Rose gold, white gold, platinum, yellow gold are some of the common metals that are in trend these days.

You need to choose the metal and stone that complements your skin tone. Even when you are purchasing a necklace, bracelet or wedding ring sets, you need to ensure that the exquisite piece of jewelry matches your skin tone. The right metal will brighten your overall look and add beauty to your attire.

Not focusing on a single statement piece of jewelry

A single piece of gorgeous jewelry can make a statement of your fashion. All you need is one piece of jewelry that can be the focal point and the rest will be there to accessorize it. If you are wearing a gold chain with diamonds, ruby, and amethyst encrusted on it, you need to keep the rest of your jewelry very subtle.

It is very difficult to choose the right piece from the entire collection and we all are tempted to pick everything in one. Refrain from doing this as this will dull your entire look.

For example, a heavy necklace with matching heavy chandelier earrings is a big no-no! They will look great when worn separately.

No have confidence while wearing Jewelry

Confidence can be considered as the most important jewelry for any individual. No matter which piece you wear, you need to wear it with confidence. When you don’t wear the piece of jewelry with confidence, the jewelry will ruin your image. You will look awkward in it and not feel comfortable at all. So be confident in what you are and the confidence will reflect on your face.

Apart from the above-written mistakes, one should also be careful with the size and weight of the jewelry item you choose. The weight of the jewelry piece should not be too much to make you feel uncomfortable.

At the same time, the size of the jewelry piece should be perfect and not too loose or too tight. Be it diamond engagement ring for your engagement or earrings for your wedding, the right fit for any piece of jewelry can add beauty to your look.

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