How To Pick The Wedding Jewelry To Match Your Wedding Dress

9 Tips That Ensure Your Wedding Dress and Jewelry Match- dazzlingrock.comChoosing a wedding gown is one of the most challenging yet thrilling tasks you would undertake. However, it gets even more exciting when you add wedding jewelry to the equation. While your wedding dress will gain much of the attention, the jewelry you choose to wear with it is of equal importance. When done right, perfect jewelry pieces help accentuate your wedding dress, making it look more resplendent. Bridal jewelry also enhances your look. Starting with the bridal wedding ring sets, the jewelry you choose must match the dress for a cohesive look. However, this is easier said than done. Many brides end up with jewelry that clashes with their dresses. Such a combination ruins the overall look, as each component of your bridal wear would compete for attention.

To avoid unwanted situations, Here are some great tips you need to consider to choose the perfect wedding jewelry to match your wedding dress.


Picking your dream wedding dress is an arduous task and takes time. It is easier to start with a wedding dress before picking out jewelry. Before you start your search for bridal jewelry, make sure you have selected a bridal dress. The last thing you want is for your diamond wedding band to influence this choice. Do not rush to capitalize on jewelry bargains you come across, as this will eventually complicate things when it comes to matching your jewelry with your dress.


There is a wide variety of stone colors from which to choose. When making your choice, remember that certain colors go well with specific dress choices. If you already have a wedding dress ready, choose the color of the metal in your bridal jewelry carefully. For instance:

  1. Gold and rose gold accessories go perfectly with champagne colored dresses
  2. Diamond set in white and yellow jewelry work well with white wedding dresses
  3. Ivory wedding gowns are best paired with yellow gold
  4. Silver, platinum or pearls work like magic when paired with a pure white dress

These are just a few of the pairings that you can work with. You can always decide to go bold, however, try to create harmony in any pairing you choose.


Every bride dreams of dazzling everyone present with a large stone or jewelry piece on this special day. To avoid a clashing of the overall look, make sure you have only one statement piece for this purpose. If you decide to go with a large pendant, do not use a headpiece and vice versa. Try to minimize the number of large pieces, as this is the only way they can complement your dress without stealing the show.


This might sound cliché but when it comes to accessorizing, it is the best piece of advice you will get. Avoid the temptation to go overboard with your jewelry. Of course, you have so many beautiful pieces, and you would love to wear most of them, but doing that could ruin the overall look. Consider the effort that goes into choosing and designing a wedding dress before cluttering it with all kinds of jewelry.

While complementing your dress or accentuating particular parts of your body, the jewelry you wear should also fulfill an objective. For instance, it does not make any sense to wear large earrings as well as a large pendant at the same time. This just steals the attention from your beautiful wedding dress.


Matching a wedding dress with your dream jewelry is not always easy. For instance, you might intend to use a certain family heirloom that may or may not work with the dress you choose. In such a case, you can have your jeweler customize the piece to suit your wedding dress. This is an affordable alternative to changing your dress or buying new jewelry.


In case your wedding dress has beads, let their color influence the choice of wedding jewelry. The last thing you want is for everyone’s eyes to keep roaming over your dress trying to get the idea you had in mind. Most wedding gowns have crystal beading and silver embroidery; hence, it is advisable to choose clear or similarly colored stones to attain a cohesive look.


You have the option of choosing a vintage or contemporary look during your big day. The wedding dress and wedding jewelry you choose should match. You can also blend traditional and modern styles for both your dress and bridal jewelry. This creates harmony in your overall look.


When it comes to choosing colors, most brides are still conservative. White dresses are still preferred, while gold jewelry is popular. However, you can play with color to bring life to your look on this big day. Experiment with colors by trying out colored stones including sapphires, amethysts, and rubies. These stones should obviously match your wedding theme, body tone and should blend easily with most wedding dresses.


The neckline is a focal point of the wedding attire. Brides can use this when choosing the right jewelry to go with their wedding dress. When choosing jewelry, avoid wearing heavy detailed necklaces with dresses that have high necklines. If you decide to go for a strapless, off-the-shoulder or sweetheart dress style, a bold necklace will do the trick, as the décolletage is visible. Simple and pretty earrings are all you would need for a dress that has a neckline with lots of decoration.

These are just a few of the considerations to help you match your wedding dress and wedding jewelry. It is easy to get the perfect cohesive look if you avoid going overboard and match metals to the dress color. Before shopping for bridal wedding jewelry, always start by getting a wedding dress that looks perfect. Matching your wedding dress and jewelry does not have to be so hard after all, does it?

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