What is an Eternity Ring – Things To Know

What You Need to Know About Eternity Rings - Dazzling Rock

There are certain things that you need to know while you are going to purchase an eternity band. It is very important to know what is an eternity ring, the significance of eternity ring, true meaning of eternity ring, and its history.

Some of the important points that you need to know about eternity ring are as follow:

What is an Eternity Ring?

Eternity ring symbolizes the eternal love, commitment, and compassion between two souls. It can consider as an ideal engagement ring or the wedding ring to mark the importance of your relationship. You can also give Diamond eternity rings as a gift on wedding anniversary, birthday or any other special occasion to your dearest one. You can also give eternity diamond bands on valentine day, 50th wedding anniversary, or when your loved one is expecting a child. The ring commemorates the special bond between two people and is always an ideal gift to express your love for your soul mate.

The band of eternity rings is generally gold or platinum with diamonds studded on it. It may also have gems studded on it. Some couples would love to go for “half eternity rings” where the precious stones or gems are studded along the top of the band. However, people generally prefer full eternity rings where diamonds or precious gemstones are studded on the entire ring. This makes the ring look more glamorous and beautiful at the same time. Eternity rings with diamonds going all the way around the ring symbolize the never-ending eternal love for each other. It is a perfect blend of luxury, opulence and sentimental feelings. The circle of diamonds or gemstones encompassing the entire bond signifies the undying love between two souls.

History of Eternity Rings

Eternity ring history dates back to Egyptian times where the rings marked the reunion of two souls. Carved out of bone, metals, and beads, these rings were worn by ancient Egyptians who viewed the circular ring as a symbol of everlasting love. Archaeologists have also discovered simply carved bones that acted as eternity rings. The rings eventually inspired the concept of this rings as it had similar carvings and gems encrusted on it.

The Color Grade Is Very Important

When it comes to selecting diamond eternity bands, the things you should consider are cut, color, clarity, and carat. In case of diamond rings, one should focus more on color. The more colorless the band is, the more sparkle and brilliance will the ring have. Let your diamond eternity bands sparkle on your delicate finger and speak volumes of the passionate love between you two. Try to look for the grade of at least I grade with the best grade ranging between A to C. So if you want to give your diamond eternity band a true shine, look for the grade that lets it shine beautifully.

The Right Metal Can Matter a Lot

If you are looking for eternity ring for the special day, then do not compromise on the metal. The quality of the metal for the eternity band is equally important as the quality of the diamonds you choose. You need to select the right metal that compliments the shine and gleam of the diamonds studded on it. Platinum or palladium can be good choices for diamonds as they complement it well. Also white gold can be a good choice to compliment the beauty of diamonds studded on it. All these metals are strong and durable that can provide the ideal backdrop for your eternity band. So keep in mind that the right kind of metal can add to the overall beauty of eternal bands.

Purchasing the right eternity ring can be a hectic task, especially when there is an endless number of options around you. You need to select the right ring that perfectly compliments the beautiful delicate fingers of your spouse. The right jeweler can help you get the most beautiful diamond eternity band that signifies the true love between two souls. You can also get your own customized ring as per the design you want. There is a number of renowned jewelers in the market, you need to choose the right one who offers a vast array of designs and can understand your needs to get the right wedding eternity band. Do not forget to fix a budget and go to authentic jewelers to avoid getting wedding bands at an overpriced rate.

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