Things To Consider Before Buying A Diamond Pendant

Things To Consider Before Buying A Diamond Pendant - dazzling rock

Are you thinking of buying a diamond pendant? You are making a good choice. They say diamonds are forever for a good reason. You see, diamonds are not only the most dazzling gemstones on the market they are very durable as well. If you are looking to impress a special woman in your life, there is no better way to do that than by presenting her with diamond jewelry. To be specific, diamond solitaire pendants are a girl’s best friend. Irrespective of the occasion, one of these pieces will always do the trick. With so many diamond accessories in the market – some of which are of no value at all – you have to be overly cautious while shopping. It is important to gather as much information as possible before talking to any jeweler.

Diamond pendants are simply gorgeous and are in a class of their own. They not only complement a wide range of attire but also accentuate the wearer’s beauty. The light in the diamond flashes and dazzles anyone who is looking at them instantly, thus becoming the focal point of the wearer’s attire.

There are many other reasons to go for a diamond pendant; they suit a wide range of occasions including wedding anniversaries, birthdays, romantic surprises, valentine’s day and any other special day. The fact that a diamond is a low-maintenance gem makes it ideal as a gift option, as the recipient will always remember you. You also have a wide range of designs to choose from, especially if you want to pass a special message.

Here are the things which should you consider while shopping for a diamond pendant to make the right purchase:

Consider the occasion and reason for the purchase

You have to understand the occasion in order to buy the right diamond pendant.

For instance, if you are presenting it to a platonic friend, a heart shape diamond might send the wrong message. Make sure you know what you are setting out to achieve in order to buy an appropriate pendant.

Verify the quality of the diamond (4 Cs)

The prominence of a pendant on the chest means that it is visible to the eye and for this reason; you need to choose a pendant that has high-quality stones.

The 4Cs come into play here:

  • Diamond cut

The cut will determine how beautiful the diamonds look and relate to the brilliance. It determines the sparkle and it is thus advisable to opt for a round brilliant cut gemstone.

  • Diamond color

Colored diamonds are rare and very expensive. Stone with colors ranging from F or G on the color scale is recommended for more fire and brilliance.

  • Diamond clarity

The higher the clarity the better the quality of the stone. However, that also means the more expensive the stone. Most people consider this the least important of the 4cs and you can choose I1 or S1.

  • Carat weight

This is a very difficult choice to make because the larger the size of the stone, the larger the carat weight and the higher the price. However, big is not always good; choose a carat weight that allows the stone to sparkle and achieve the purpose.

To guarantee the quality of the pendant you want to buy, look for certification for the diamond from labs like GIA or AGS. A grading report from these bodies assures you of the true quality of the diamond that you are about to invest in.

Shape of the Diamond is important

The shape of a pendant is very important and should be among the first things to consider while making a purchase. The shape determines the cut of the diamond and the setting. You can go for the following shapes:

  • Solitaire diamond pendant

It features a single diamond.

  • Three stone pendants

It includes a main diamond at the center and other smaller stones flanking the sides of the pendant. You can also get other variations of the same style but the stones you chose have to send a message.

  • Heart shaped diamond

It is the most versatile and popular shape for a diamond pendant. It is easy to customize and sends a clear message using diamond hearts.

There are other shapes to choose from but the most important thing to remember is that the shape of the diamond will affect other parts of the pendant.

Choose the type of pendant setting wisely

When selecting a pendant, your jeweler will require you to choose a setting and you should be ready for a choice. The setting you choose will determine how visible the diamond at the center is. Common diamond pendant settings include:

Bezel setting

Ideal for safety, as the diamond is well wrapped with metal either on the sides or partially. The precious diamond cannot fall off from the setting easily. However, the sparkle of the stone is diminished as most of the stone is hidden under metal.

Tension setting

This is a newer type of setting preferred by buyers who want something totally unique or an original design.

Prong setting

This allows the maximum light to hit the diamond and allows for more brilliance. Several prongs hold the stone in place. When buying, you must ensure the prongs are strong enough to keep the precious gem safe.

Consider the design and length of chain

You have to consider the age of the wearer, your relationship with them and their style and preferences. All diamond pendants are not the same hence the need to buy something suitable for the recipient. When buying a diamond pendant it is also important to consider the type of design and length of chain that you would give with the pendant. This must accentuate the sparkle and brilliance of the pendant you chose.

Diamond solitaire pendants are the most versatile and customizable necklaces you can find. This style is unique and draws all the attention of the single diamond at the center. These pendants are suitable for different occasions and they always elicit an amazing reaction from the recipient.

Use these tips, to buy the right diamond pendants and necklaces for that treasured lady in your life or for yourself.

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