How to Choose the Best Earrings for Your Face Shape

Earrings for Your Face Shape

No matter what the shape of your face is, you can look forward to enhancing its appeal with the right types of affordable diamond earrings. The trick is to accentuate the positive with flattering jewel pieces for your ears. Be it studs earrings, solitaire earrings, danglers, hoops or other kinds of earrings set with diamonds or other gemstones. This guide will help you figure out the best earrings for your face shape, all without trying too hard.

While most selections are ultimately a result of personal preferences, budget, and style, the act of buying earrings is slightly more cumbersome. As per experts, it is important to buy the earrings that look good on your face shape and flatter your face effortlessly. Before everything else, you need to consider the shape of your face and estimate how different shapes and styles of earrings would go with it. Here are some common face shapes and the styles of earrings that would do well on them. 


In case your face is round, then the widest part would be your cheeks. As your face is circular in shape it will not taper down to narrow at your chin. A round face is well balanced with the help of dangling, longer earrings that are available in a variety of styles.

The most popular types of earrings for round face:

  1. Elongated teardrops, 
  2. Chains flaunting an impressive bauble at the end, 
  3. Cascade of precious or semi-precious gemstones, including diamonds, etc.


A word of caution. You may want to avoid circular or round shaped earrings. That would echo the structure of your face, thus making it look rounder.


Which earrings are suitable for you if you have a narrow face? Well, if you happen to have a longish face, your cheeks, jaw, and forehead would be of approximately the same width. In order to add more fullness to your face, you may want to choose from the following style of gemstone diamond earrings

  1. Earrings with rounded shapes, such as round diamond studs, pearl studs, studs with gemstones, or any other type of “button” style earrings would complement your looks.
  2. Earrings with gemstone clusters or pearl clusters look pretty on women having narrow cheekbones. 
  3. Dangle style earrings ending in round shaped baubles would add a soft and alluring touch to draw out your facial features to perfection.



If you are square-faced then your facial structures are as long as they are wide. Your jawline and cheekbones are of the same width. Given that you have such a face, it would be advisable that you steer clear of wide earrings as they will exaggerate the width of your face even further.

Diamond shaped or square shaped earrings are best avoided for people with a square-shaped face. Square faces have jawbones that are set at approximately 90 degrees angle. However, this does not mean that the chin and jaw fall on a singular plane. In turn, it means that your hairline, chin, jaw, and forehead are squarely set to form a similar shape.

The best earrings for square face shape include:

  1. Earrings with dangling circular forms, 
  2. Rounder shaped earrings, ex. button styles, pearls, etc. 
  3. Hoop earrings will help you increase your style quotient in any evening do. Wear large and glamorous hoops to flatter your style and make yourself look more fashionable.



In case you have a longish yet angular face then you would have a rectangular shaped face. Such facial types would also be enhanced through earrings that are not so wide but have an elongate shape.

Overall, earrings with teardrops dangle and dimension, unique shapes, and studs are best recommended for square shaped faces. Do choose your next set of earrings accordingly.


You are indeed lucky if you happen to have an oval-shaped face. With such a facial shape you can flaunt any style of earring and still look good. 

The best earrings for the oval shaped face are as follow:

  1. Long teardrop styled earrings,
  2. Dangling and long earrings that are oval shaped,
  3. Earrings that widen out at the ends or in their middle are well-suited for canceling out the narrowing effects of your face.


You may like to add new and unique designs to your jewelry wardrobe often. The act will help you experiment with and wear different kinds of earring shapes and styles. An oval face has a less angular structure than an oblong one.

There are strong chances of having some oval shaped contours if you are finding it tough to determine the shape of your face. While chandelier earrings are quite flattering for you, you may also want to try out drop earrings to further accentuate your facial shape. 


Those with heart-shaped faces find their facial structure narrowing down at their chin. Moving upwards from the chin, their face starts widening out with the forehead being the widest. 

Below are the types of earrings suitable for heart-shaped face

  1. Long earrings with curving shapes for highlighting your prominent cheekbones.
  2. Beautiful chandelier type earrings. 
  3. Long teardrops designed in gemstone, metal, or diamond styles.


These and other similar kinds of earrings are a good proposition for women with heart-shaped facial features.


Prominent cheekbones are the main highlight of a diamond-shaped face. The central part of the face is the widest and tapers down to the chin and forehead area to create a shape that is similar to that of a diamond.

Just as you would accentuate a heart-shaped face, you can also enhance the appeal of your diamond shaped face with the following types of earrings: 

Suitable earrings for diamond face shape:

  1. Choose dangling long earrings with soft, curvaceous designs to cut back on the edges of your face.
  2. You should avoid diamond shaped earrings. They fail to harmonize with your facial features and end up overemphasizing the widest areas of your countenance.
  3. Chandelier shaped earrings that are wider at the bottom will also work wonders in balancing your face


With a diamond face shape, it becomes essential to balance out the contours and sharp angles that define its structure. Earrings that are placed closed to your ears, such as diamond stud earrings, also serve to be good enhancements for people with diamond-shaped faces.

It’s best to stay away from those earrings that are wide in the middle or top and taper down towards their bottom. This is because such earrings will amplify the shape of your face as the widest areas of your face and your eyes would fall in the same line.

Final Thoughts

Whether you have around, oval, square, diamond or rectangular shaped face, you can assure of getting your hands on the best earrings for your face shape. Choose from the finest pieces of modern and/ or traditional designs to create your own style statement or flatter your classic looks, the choice is yours.

Happy shopping!

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