Every Thing That You Should Know About Promise Rings

Things that you Should Know about Promise Rings - dazzling rockWith promise rings being mentioned in media like never before, it is indeed time to know a little more about these beautiful pieces of jewelry.

What is a diamond promise ring?

When do you wear one?

Which finger is well suited for promise rings?

What are these rings made of?

Here is your very own comprehensive guide to these coveted rings. Get ready to delve the world of beautiful, sparkling diamond rings compare.

These days, there is a lot of buzz around diamond promise rings in fashion circles, jewelry stores, media forums and get-togethers. Listening to all this and more, you may be questioning yourself, “What exactly is a promise ring?” Though the concept of gifting promise rings is comparatively new in the world of jewelry, these rings have been exchanged since times in memorial to keep a vow, a parting oath, or simply as a sign of belongingness. Yes, ever since people learned to give their word to others, they have invented small symbols of promise, including such rings, to get their point across.

Here, we intend to take a quick look at how promise rings became as popular as they are today. We shall also understand the importance of these rings in contemporary times along with figuring out the differences between engagement rings and promise bands studded with diamonds.

What is a promise ring?

Oft referred to as a pre-engagement ring or a promise ring, this simplistic piece of jewelry is mostly exchanged as a sign of monogamous relationship. In some cases, it also symbolizes commitment, friendship, purity or a decision taken for chaste until one’s wedding. These beautiful rings can be designed in multiple ways to align with the taste, and budget of their wearers. The various styles of these fancy jewel pieces would include promise rings made of yellow gold, platinum bands, rings studded with diamonds or other precious or semi-precious stones, promise rings in heart-shaped designs, and also metallic rings that may be a far cry from the exquisite, diamond set engagement rings.

The tradition gifting promise rings

There are many stories and traditions attached to the gifting of promise rings set with diamonds, those crafted in gold and other precious metals, and the ones that were exchanged in the days of yore. In ancient times. These rings were merely in the form of seals that spoke of the promises made to be kept forever. Over time, different kinds of rings have made it to the fingers of promise makers. For instance, there have been mentions of bishops wearing rings for symbolizing their union or marriage with the church. In Venice, the beautiful capital of Italy, dignitaries would remember and renew the “marriage promise” that their city enjoyed with the Adriatic Sea on Ascension morning. They would go about this act by tossing a ring, annually, into the water.

As we move forward to the later centuries, we see precursors to modern day promise rings in the 16th and 17th centuries. In most instances, such rings were exchanged as symbols of friendship or love. When we go back in history, we find elegant poesy ring” that engraved with sweet sentiments or vows before being gifted to a friend or consort. The “scribbling ring” was often purchased as another popular style of promise ring that had uncut diamond chips set on its face. These unique rings were used for etching romantic vows onto the windowpanes made of glass.

All in all, there is a long history that partakes the tradition of promise rings in vogue these days. Though the term is quite new and its inclusion into the jewelry vocabulary can be traced back to the early decades of, the idea that lingered behind is. 

Ideas dominating the exchange of diamond promise rings

In modern times, there are quite a few ways of describing the meaning that lies in the essence of gifting promise rings. All such rings are unique in themselves. They fitfully express the promise made by two people to each other. Some of the most common ideas related to the exchange of promise bands and rings made of diamonds include:

1. Friendship: Be it in school, college or, friends are known to exchange promise rings to signify their long-lasting love and commitment to each other.

2. Mutual commitment: For couples sharing a romantic relationship, these rings serve as appropriate signs to showcase the promise made to remain monogamous through life.

3. Chastity: Also known as purity rings, these bands are often given by parents to their kids to signify their commitment of abstaining from physical relationships until they get married. These promise rings may also be given by a parent to ensure that a child remains substance-free.

4. Pre-engagement: Most popular of all, the promise rings exchanged by a couple headed for engagement are usually studded with small diamonds and other precious stones as per budget. They are staunch signs of a strong and budding romantic relationship that is likely to consummate in marriage. The idea behind exchanging these pre-engagement rings is that both partners know that they are right for each other but are still unprepared to tie the nuptial knot.

5. Promises made to one’s self: There are instances of some people purchasing and wearing promise rings to remind themselves to remain strong and determined in all conditions. They may also don such rings to be committed to any given cause, stay honest and true, and keep away from negative thoughts or influences. More often than not, these rings are worn for maintaining a more positive attitude towards life, even in the face of adversity.

Difference between promise rings and engagement rings

It is essential to determine the right way and time for exchanging promise rings as they may pass the wrong message if the act is performed inappropriately. In order to avoid any ambiguity, it is to be frank, honest and up-front with regards to the promise underlying the ring at the time of gifting. This is specifically true if the ring has a diamond studded on its face as it can be easily mistaken for an engagement ring.

It is advisable to include a simple note along with the promise written in no uncertain terms while gifting the ring to the recipient. You may request the recipient to open the note and read the message within before wearing the ring. By taking these steps, you can be assured of laying down the exact meaning and purpose of the promise ring, without leaving any scope for confusion.

Appropriate days and ways of gifting a promise ring

Promise rings can be gifted on just about any occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary, farewell event, graduation ceremony, Valentine’s Day or Christmas. In case you choose to present one such ring on a special occasion, you may want to gift wrap the package and note; just as you would like to do in case of gifting any other piece of jewelry or product.

In addition, there’s no dearth of romantic ways of giving these special rings to one’s soulmate.

For example, the recipient may be invited to a fancy restaurant for a candlelit dinner and then gifted with the ring. A scavenger or treasure hunt may also be planned wherein the ring can be placed in a hidden location to be hunted down by the recipient with the aid of helpful clues. Whatever be the method of giving away promise rings, there is absolutely no need to make it overboard or extravagant, lest it gave off the wrong signals. In current times, it is also common for two people to buy these rings in unison, especially if the promise signified by them relates to love, abstinence or friendship.

How to wear a promise ring set with diamonds?

A promise ring can be worn on just about any finger. Unlike an engagement ring or wedding, there are no set rules to donning the same. Usually, people are known to wear these rings or bands on the fingers of their right hand. They do so to avoid passing any confusing deductions about their marital status or the fact that they are engaged or not. Not to be confused with diamond engagement rings or wedding bands in any way, a pre-engagement ring can also be worn on the left hand’s ring finger to state that an engagement may be in the offing in near future. In far removed cases, designer promise rings may be strung around a chain to be hung as a neck-piece. The good thing about promise rings is that as there are no set rules to their meaning or ways of wearing, they can be flaunted as per the wearer’s comfort.

The last word

Promise rings are designed to mean different things and they are ideally unique to the situation that you may find yourself in. It is best to figure out the depth of relationship and commitment with the recipient, and have a clear idea about the expression of the promise that you are about to make, before taking the next step. Once you have the picture clear in your mind, go right ahead and buy the promise ring of your dreams from a local outlet or online jewelry store of repute. You will love to share a symbolic bond with your loved one via an attractive ring.

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