Unique Diamond Rings That Will Make Her Fall in Love Again!

Dazzlingrock Unique Diamond Rings

Dazzlingrock Unique Diamond Rings

She’s unique! So you definitely want to look for something completely different and stunning to compliment her. Since stylish and trendy jewelry is always in demand, you can never go wrong in choosing that perfect ring for your loved one. Browse through the jewelry sites or go to the nearest local dealer to find the ideal ring that stands out and compliments the unique style of your loved one. You don’t need a reason or a special moment to declare your love. Every relationship has its own special moments and the memories of these moments can be made to last a lifetime with unique diamond rings that symbolize everlasting love.

Things to keep in Mind before Investing in Unique Diamond Rings

You want something glamorous and gorgeous. Well, there is no doubt that you will have to loosen the strings of your wallet to pay for it. Therefore, you have to be sure that what you pay for is what you get. For that, you will have to consult a diamond expert or a trusted local jeweler before investing in a distinctly unique diamond ring.

A diamond expert once said, “A diamond certificate is in no way a guarantee of what you are getting.” There is no way that you can prove that the certificate you are getting is the stone you are purchasing, therefore, it is important that you go to a reputed local jeweler whom you can trust.” So, if you are still looking for a ring that is totally unique, why not create your own design with the help of your jeweler? Discuss with your jeweler what you have in mind, and very soon, what you create will be so special and unique that your loved one will never want to take it off her finger.

Big and glamorous or stunning yet subtle is what you should seek. Choose a design keeping in mind the daily activities of your loved one. A modern lady working in the corporate world would love to flaunt a big and glamorous diamond ring, but if she is more of a homely person and indulges in a lot of manual work around the house then a subtle diamond ring would be a better option.

Set a budget! There is no doubt that investing in a diamond ring will cost money, therefore, do your research and set the upper limit on the amount you would like to spend on the unique piece of jewelry that you wish to own. There’s no point going overboard, all that matters is the special bond and love that you and your partner share. Go for the unique diamond rings that you can afford so that it doesn’t pinch you in the long run.

Surprise factor? If you are looking to surprise your loved one, then you have to be very sure of what your partner likes. What is her preference? Look carefully for the kind of jewelry she already has; does she fall for jewels that are traditional or contemporary, or is she always on the lookout for something different and unique? Think and plan well in advance and the look on your partner’s face would be worth a million bucks when you surprise her with the unique custom designed diamond ring that she may have been dreaming of for a long time.

Unique Vintage Diamond Rings

Nikki Reed, a celebrity, flaunted her gorgeous vintage inspired cluster ring on the red carpet and said, “Is that not the most beautiful thing you have ever seen in your life?” We totally agree with her, it was beautiful! Yet again, the stunning supermodel from Israel, Bar, had flaunted her super thin yellow gold pave band mounted with a cushion-cut solitaire to leave us all panting. Wow! These are the types of rings that you should dream of to cater to the ‘exclusivity quotient’ of your loved one’s trinket collection.

Each vintage or antique diamond ring has a story of its own. Most modern couples love to relate to these romantic stories of the past and strive to make them a part of their own through antique jewels. These original vintage gemstones usually have unique diamond cuts that are rarely seen today, making them one-of-a-kind rings. Well, the gem-cutting techniques may have evolved over the years but the beauty of antique diamond cuts still remain in a different league altogether.

However, you may like to go in for a combination of the past with the present, wherein an antique metal base is mounted with a gemstone from recent times. Here, jewelry experts can help you enhance the beauty of these antique unique jewelry pieces. So, how would you like to get your hands on a unique gemstone that compliments the extraordinary settings of the vintage ring that you wish to gift to your beloved? Just add a small personal touch to one such ring and the result will surely be mind-blowing.

Blue Diamond Rings

In keeping with the British tradition, Elizabeth Hurley flaunted a blue sapphire ring which was set between two trillion cut diamonds. This platinum blue sapphire ring did make a bold statement and caught the attention of the ever-inquisitive shutterbugs. Again, the Cullinan Dream is an exceptionally rare blue diamond which was recently auctioned at the Rockefeller Center in New York. The captivating and celestial beauty of this blue diamond has attracted the attention of many; the estimated value of the Cullinan Dream is between US$23 million to US$29 million. Wow! Now that is really a dream!

A ring with a traditional white diamond can never go wrong. However, if your partner likes to be different and creative then you can always create a unique diamond ring by investing in not-so-traditional diamonds. Diamonds come in a variety of colors such as different shades of pink, brown, yellow, blue and many others. Choose from among the favorite colors of your loved one and see her eyes dance in glee.

Each woman is unique and different from another in more ways than one. Therefore, trying to find a perfect ring for her can be tricky. Don’t fret! Understand her likes and dislikes and discuss with reputed jewelry experts to create that diamond ring which your loved one will fall in love with instantly.

She’s unique, so be creative!

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