Add Effortless Chic To Your Personality With Diamond Studs Earrings

Diamond Studs Earrings

Diamond Studs Earrings

Diamond studs earrings add that ephemeral touch of class to any outfit and complete the look to perfection. These studs add sparkle and style to any occasion. Diamonds are known to be a girl’s best friend and studs earrings are the most popular way to flaunt this friendship. You may like to wear tiny ones that hug your earlobe or choose large sparkly ones that light up your face, both look equally elegant.

The quality requirement for diamond studs earrings is appreciably lower than that of diamond wedding bands or diamond engagement rings as they are generally seen from a distance. You can get away with an economical pair of diamond earrings if you buy a cheaper cut or compromise on the clarity and color of the stones set within. You may want to buy a pair that looks big but is low on cost. Diamonds that are certified are notably higher on cost and it is important to make informed decisions before you buy the right pair for yourself. It is a good idea to be clear in your mind about the budget, the style and the purpose of the stud earrings before investing in the same.

Considerations that play a role in your choice of diamond stud earrings

There are many factors that play a vital role in your choice of diamond studs earrings. The most obvious one is the budget that you have decided on.

1. Your budget is of prime importance as it is the deciding factor in your choice. It is wise to set a budget before you set out to buy the diamond earrings of your choice. The diamond could be small or large sized according to your budget.

2. The color also decides the overall cost of diamond studs earrings chosen by you. The sparkling white or colorless diamonds are the most expensive ones, while the slightly flawed ones are available at nearly half of the cost. The brown, orange and yellow diamonds are considerably cheaper. The more vivid shades are more expensive than the muddier and duller shades.

3. The cut of the diamond also determines the cost of the studs. The cheaper cuts, like the Asscher cut or the radiant cut, are far more affordable than the round or princess cuts. The fancier cuts are not always more expensive and it might be a good idea to check out their prices before taking a decision.

4. Certified diamond Jewelry is much more expensive than the non-certified ones. Certified diamonds appreciate in value much more than the non-certified ones. Discerning buyers, especially the ones who look out for diamond studs earrings as an asset insists on their certification from renowned independent certifiers.

5. The metal that you use to create your diamond studs earrings is also a factor in deciding the cost. Platinum rules the price index while gold is a close second. If you are looking for a super economical pair you can look for a pair in sterling silver too.

6. Diamond studs are not necessarily solitaires and you can choose a design that comprises of a cluster of closely set diamonds that look like a single piece. These are increasingly popular with the younger generation or with stylish looking for multiple diamond studs earrings in different shapes and designs.

How to find a deal while buying diamond studs earrings?

Diamonds and deals are not words that generally belong together. But, those in the industry share some tips that you should keep in mind while buying diamond jewelry.

1. It is essential to look for a cheaper cut like the cushion, emerald, and Asscher cut. These are hard to match but if you are lucky you might just bag a pair that translates into dashing earrings.

2. Full carat sizes are much more expensive than the slightly off sizes. For example, if you look for 2 carat stone, it will cost much more than a 1.8 or a 1.9-carat pair. The actual size will not really vary much but your bill will!

3. Building your own Diamond studs earrings from scratch might end up being cheaper than the ready and matched pair in the store. Picking out matching stones is a cumbersome task but well worth the effort. Your jeweler can help with the assessment of quality.

4. If your choice is less than 2 carats for the pair, do consider buying non-certified diamonds. Certification costs often run up to 35% of the total cost of diamond studs earrings.

Finding your pair of diamond studs earrings online

If you are looking for your dream pair of earrings, it might be a good idea to look for them online. In this age of growing e-commerce, jewelry brands are increasingly making their presence felt online. Not only the larger brands but also a host of aggregators are available on the internet. Aggregators are vendors who collate the catalogs of many sellers together to create an online store. The online experience is thrilling as you can browse through hundreds of designs, shapes, sizes and price ranges before you take a decision – all without moving from your armchair.

The variety of jewelry design available online is mind boggling and you might find really good deals as part of online promotional activities of reputed stores. Online stores do not have high overhead costs like rent, infrastructure or manpower. The aggregator sites often operate on curated and collated catalogs from a large number of sellers and are thus able to operate with very low or no inventory. They can, therefore, offer very attractive deals to their customers.

Online stores offer deals on designs which are not to be continued in future. You might find one that suits your taste at very good prices. If you are lucky enough, you may end up finding attractive deals offered in odd sizes and cuts that are not conventional. Your eclectic style might just find expression in these exclusive diamond studs earrings.

Points to remember

A major concern in buying diamond jewelry online could be that they are expensive and you are buying them blind, that is without trying them on. One way out could be to visit a store and try a similar design and size out, and then go online to grab a more lucrative deal. If you are buying certified diamond studs, there is no reason to worry at all.

Most online stores have a good return policy. It is a good idea to read the fine print very carefully to get clarity on how to return the diamond studs earrings in the unlikely event of you not liking them. Compare the return policies on multiple sites before taking a decision. After all, you are buying an expensive piece of jewelry. Do ensure that you compare the shipping and insurance charges before you order your pair or you might end up paying much more than you had bargained for!

Whether you buy online or offline there is no doubt that the diamond studs earrings that you are planning to buy is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you must consider all the available options very carefully before taking a decision. Choose well and invest wisely in a pair of diamond studs earrings that not only look good but serves as a smart asset that will appreciate in value over the years. A good pair of diamond earrings will be appreciated for generations if kept in good condition. For instance, your daughter may add to it with a matching outer ring to make it more impressive when it is her turn to wear the gems. Go for the best!


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