Make Your Celebration More Special With A Diamond Anniversary Ring

Diamond Anniversary Ring For wedding and anniversary- Dazzling Rock

Diamond Anniversary Ring

Couples everywhere exchange diamond anniversary rings to mark special days in their lives together. Elegant and stylish, these gifts of love can be worn along with other pieces of jewelry with panache.

When was the last time you gifted your sweetheart a diamond ring? Well, it’s no longer restricted to wedding rings or engagement bands. Diamond rings are forever and give you the opportunity of presenting your special someone, a dazzling piece of jewelry every year. They serve as a token of romance and add to the value of jewelry collections like no other. If you have been wondering what to buy for your soul mate this anniversary, then one such diamond ring may just be the way to go.

Good for all anniversaries

Irrespective of whether you are celebrating your 1st or 25th wedding anniversary, you would love to go through the enticing collection of anniversary rings at your favorite store. Available at brick-and-mortar jewelry stores as well as with sellers of diamond rings online, these precious pieces make fantastic gifts that are bound to be appreciated when presented. If you happen to be a discerning customer, you will be pleased to note the many styles and designs are up for grabs. All that you need to do beforehand is assess your budget and the style or preference of the one you are presenting the ring to, and you are good to go with your search for the best wedding rings.

Different styles of Rings For Wedding or Anniversary

Anniversary rings set with diamonds come in many shapes and designs. Once you freeze your choice on an elegant token of your appreciation and love, you can wait to see tears of happiness welling in the eyes of your special someone.

1. Diamond Eternity Rings

Diamond Eternity Rings - diamond anniversary ring

Diamond Eternity rings are the most popular of all the diamond rings suitable for wedding or anniversary as they are known to represent eternal love. These unique and truly romantic rings signify that your relationship will remain as strong forever. These bands are usually made of gold, platinum, palladium, silver or other precious metals. They may be encircled with small-sized, high-quality diamonds and have neither a beginning nor an end – similar to the love story you share with your special someone.

2. Three stone diamond rings

three stone diamond rings - diamond anniversary rings

These specially crafted diamond rings showcase yet another approach to romance. Three stone diamond ring is Perfect as an anniversary gift because of their beauty and underlying meaning, they are available with varying price tags to suit your budget. In this kind of diamond anniversary ring, there are three stones set sequentially to represent past, present, and future. The stones are brilliantly crafted and promise to make your love relation dazzle with love.

3. Right-hand diamond rings

Right Hand Diamond Rings - diamond anniversary ring

With non-traditional relationships coming to the fore and gaining acceptance like never before, right-hand diamond rings are also suiting the needs of the LGBT community. These specially crafted pieces are purchased to represent commitments in every sense of the word. They can be flaunted on the right hand even without having a traditional wedding ring on the left hand. Overall, a right-hand ring set with diamonds represents your undying love for your partner and celebrates your love story.

The styles mentioned above are just three of the many anniversary ring styles that are available for buyers. There are many more designs that are popular with couples of all ages. The perfect anniversary bands and rings are those that suit the style quotient of their wearers. To add a personal touch, you may consider having a sweet message or the date of your anniversary engraved on the inside of the ring you chose.

Rules to follow while shopping for diamond rings

The norms for diamond shopping also apply to your purchase of a diamond anniversary ring. These include paying attention to the 4 Cs – color, clarity, carat size and cut. These factors influencing the final price of your diamond ring, and would also encompass its brilliance and fire, certificate of authenticity, resale value, etc. It is recommended that you consult a jewelry expert to understand all that goes into the skillful buy of diamond anniversary rings, beforehand.

Are Anniversary Rings with Diamonds Really Expensive?

Are you wondering whether diamond anniversary rings are far beyond your reach? These facts would state otherwise. Even if you are the owner of a modest income, you can bring home the glittering extravagance of these rings. Anniversary rings with diamonds set on them do not necessarily cost you a bomb. If you happen to be a careful buyer you can get your hands on an exquisite, classy-looking diamond anniversary ring that would cost well under a $1,000. If you are ready to compromise on one or two of the 4 Cs that determine the quality of diamonds, your anniversary ring can be had for anything less than $500, even for much less if you are lucky.
What’s more? These rate estimations are not for gold-plated copper or imitation zircons that may discolor over time. What we are talking about are real diamond anniversary rings that are designed with shiny precious metals to offer full value for their price.

traditions linked to Anniversary ring

The tradition of celebrating anniversaries with fun, gaiety and plenty of gifts has been around from the medieval times. However, in those times, the 25th, 50th and other landmark years of togetherness were the only ones that were celebrated. The 25th wedding anniversary was labeled as the silver anniversary wherein the lady was presented with a silver band; a gold anniversary ring marked the 50th year of celebration. In today’s time, every single anniversary is considered special and designed to gift special objects like paper, wood, leather, etc. As diamonds are forever and a woman’s best friend too, diamond anniversary rings are welcomed at all times, and with oodles of appreciation. Yes, they always cast a good impression and are loved by one and all.

Customized diamond anniversary rings

No matter what style of diamond ring you wish to gift, you may want to have an interesting message engraved on its surface to make it all the more special. While a simple “I love you” always works, you may also think out-of-the-box and have a secret word or phrase etched on the inside of the ring. By customizing the ring with love-filled words, you can be a part of her everyday wear as she will be wearing the anniversary ring close to her skin at all times. A helpful tip. Try to choose an anniversary ring that would go as beautifully with an evening gown as it would with her favorite pair of denim – she will not be disappointed.

Parting shot

All things aside, with your anniversary just around the corner, consider adding an extra sparkle to your lover’s eyes by gifting them a beautiful diamond anniversary ring. There is an abundance of designs to choose from. From rings with small pavé-style diamonds lining the top surface to solitaire diamond rings, there is no dearth of options to select from. Alternatively, you may prefer to buy a ring with smaller sized diamonds spread across the circumference of the anniversary ring; or choose one with several large stones with extra carats. The unique selling point of most diamond anniversary rings lie in their reasonable prices, so, there is no better way of reminding your wife about her special place in your life than with a diamond encrusted anniversary ring – go for one today.

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