How to Choose the Best Metal For Anniversary Rings?

How to Choose the Best Metal For Anniversary Rings?

Anniversaries are symbolic of the fact that your relationship has sailed through a lot of ups and downs in life. It tells you that there is a lot that goes into making a marriage work. Marriage is an adventure and an epic tale of romance; so, why not celebrate this eternal bond of yours by gifting a diamond anniversary ring?

Do you want metal for anniversary rings that are different? Nowadays, jewelry designers are working around the clock to design rings that are unique in more ways than one. Select a gemstone that complements the design and luster of your existing jewelry. You will love to flaunt your ring along with them, right? Here we discuss a few of unusual metal for anniversary rings.


Over the years, as an alternative to expensive metals like white gold and platinum, titanium is fast gaining popularity amongst men and women. This industrial metal is hard and durable; therefore, machines have to be used for carving and honing these perfectly designed rings.

Advantages of Titanium

  1. Titanium has three times the strength of steel and is the strongest metal found on Earth; therefore it does not dent or scratch easily, thereby making it a good choice for an everyday wear ring.
  2. You can set a diamond or any other colored gemstone on a titanium ring. Just that, since titanium is a very hard metal, jewelers choose to inlay a softer metal like gold or platinum for creating more intricate designs; this is done before the diamonds are set on the rings. Well, take the help of a jewelry expert and create a unique diamond ring that is durable and long-lasting, just like the love and commitment for your partner.
  3. This industrial metal is found naturally and is capable of being shaped and styled into a ring of your choice, therefore, making it a more cost-effective and affordable metal than all others in the reckoning.
  4. Men who rarely wear jewelry find that titanium looks more masculine because of its sleek look. They love to flaunt the durability and strength of this unbreakable metal.
  5. Since this metal is found naturally in nature and is not mixed with any other metal, it is bio-compatible with almost every person’s skin.


Of late, gold and platinum have become very expensive metal for anniversary rings, forcing jewelry designers to look for alternative metals. Palladium is a platinum group metal and is alloyed with elements like Ruthenium and Iridium for giving off the best effects. Since the color of palladium is darker than platinum, the fire and brilliance of diamonds become all the more prominent when set within the same.

Advantages of Palladium

  1. Palladium is a naturally white metal and doesn’t discolor with time; therefore it doesn’t need to be plated to maintain its shine.
  2. It is lighter than platinum and can be shaped easily.
  3. Care and maintenance of a palladium ring are easy, all you need to do to maintain its natural beauty and luster is use a mild solution of soap and warm water and gently brush it with a soft-bristled brush.


Meteorite metals are beautiful and one of their kind. The three main types of meteorites are stony meteorites which are rich in silica; and then, there is an iron meteorite which contains a large portion of iron in it; the third type is the stony-iron meteorites which contain pockets of olivine and pyroxene surrounded by an iron matrix. Jewelry designers are working with this unique metal to churn out some beautiful rings. Yes, you will definitely be appreciated when you gift your partner with a gorgeous looking handcrafted anniversary ring made from this unique metal.

Mystical Properties of Meteorite

  1. It is believed that the person who wears this rock will attract prosperity and money towards self.
  2. The healing and health benefits of this rock are tremendous, it is believed to get rid of addictions, phobias and bad habits.

Way Forward

Anniversary rings can be worn in any finger you like; there is no hard and fast rule for it. There is no wrong way to wear your anniversary ring, but if you let your jeweler know in advance the finger and the hand that you want to wear it on, then, they can style and design your ring accordingly.

Yes, your taste over the years may have changed, so depending on your style and taste, take the help of jewelry experts and choose the metal for anniversary rings either to complement your wedding diamond band or just go for something totally different.

Surprise your better half with the ring of his/ her dreams!

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