Diamond Promise Rings: For Promises Meant to Last a Lifetime

Diamond Promise Rings

Diamond Promise Rings

Promise rings, engagement rings, wedding rings, etc. are all different kinds of rings that are making it to the trinket boxes of the young and old alike. As you probably know, wedding rings and engagement rings are traditionally flaunted on the fourth finger of one’s left hand as they then touch a vein that runs directly to the wearer’s heart from the finger. The presence of such rings is solace providing as they give off a comfortable feeling of having something close to the skin that says, “You are loved, truly and eternally!”

The fine circular shape of diamond promise rings is no different; they give an equally comforting feel of being cared for, needed and loved. These rings depict an eternal promise of loving someone, abstaining from certain things, or simply promising that you care. How would you like to explore the world of diamond promise rings a bit more closely to understand the significance and lure of these attractive pieces of jewels in recent and contemporary times?

These days, it is common to find diamond promise rings in a variety of designs and cuts. Things were different thousands of years ago, especially when aspiring grooms would give pretty rings to their brides-to-be to symbolize their immortal love. This was especially true in the case of ancient Egyptians. In later days, Roman men were known to present rings to their women as a symbol of ownership. This said, it is clear that engagement bands and wedding rings have been in vogue for centuries. However, things are a little different with promise rings. As far as wearers with discerning taste are concerned, they would like to settle for nothing less than diamond promise rings to give shape to their vows.

Pretty and expensive diamond promise rings can be purchased either from brick-n-mortar jewelry stores or from portals dedicated to the cause of selling the best jewelry online. While the idea of exchanging diamond promise rings or the ones made of other precious and semi-precious gems may seem to be superfluous or unnecessary to certain users, there are many others who like to swear by the same. In most cases, these rings are considered to be an additional step between dating and being betrothed or engaged. This concern raises the question, “Is it really important to include diamond promise rings or is it okay to skip the step entirely and go on straight to engagement rings?

Silver promise rings, gold promise rings, diamond promise rings, etc. are but a symbol of devotion or commitment in case of couples. You may like to think of these pieces as a sign of love, something akin to what high school boys gifted their girlfriends with in the form of class rings. These rings generally show that you have been exclusively dating. Also, they are a smart way of expressing your passion in case words fall short.

Diamond promise rings are beautiful investments that mean much more than simply updating Facebook relationship status or proclaiming your love on social media. These rings are a physical symbol of romantic connections. They showcase the promise that you make to each other. In many cases, they could hold an underlying pledge which underlines a couple’s faithfulness to each other, opt for better choices, make sacrifices, or commit yourself to anything that has to be done to keep the relationship alive. Some diamond promise rings lovers also invest in promise rings for sharing to the world that their engagement is in the foreseeable future.

Whatever be the reason, for building up finances, furthering their education, for the simple fact that the couple is too young for marriage, or that they are unprepared to get into any marriage commitment at the moment but would want to do so eventually, these promise rings come in handy. Then, there are other wearers of diamond promise rings who desire to exchange such and other rings even though they may or may not nurture the intention of getting married. That’s perfectly okay as those who buy diamond promise rings online or from offline stores may just be in love or dating, or may not be too stressed about getting into a serious relationship at any later stage of their lives. The views on marriage, love and dating can differ from one person to another – sometimes less, sometimes more. And accordingly, they may want to get home the promise rings of their choice.

Coming to the origin of diamond promise rings, the notion of exchanging these rings to herald their promise of affection and love, was not taken out of thin air by the young at heart, nor is it a recent fancy. Though promise rings may not be as popular as engagement rings or wedding rings, they match the modern definition and had appeared (approximately) in the year 1576.

If you are interested in knowing more about wedding rings, diamond promise rings, and other such rings, then the one kind that deserves mention is posy rings that had originated way back in the 16th century in England. They were known as such as they had engraved lines drawn from romantic poems and other short messages. “Let us share in joy and care” and “united hearts death only parts” are some striking examples of inscriptions on erstwhile posy rings.

In the Georgian and Victorian years, diamond promise rings and acrostic rings became majorly popular and boasted of gemstones which were arranged for spelling out words or secret messages. In recent times, people are known to give diamond promise rings just about any meaning that comes to their minds. For example, there are some ladies women who love gifting promise rings friends for indicating their platonic bond for each other. These diamond promise rings and other rings are in the nature of friendship bracelets and may comprise of half-heart shapes, etc.

You may like to buy the kind of diamond promise rings that holds much significance for you. You may like to invest in one such ring that signifies your goals and aspirations. Or, you may want to buy diamond promise rings to give vent to your religious beliefs, or to commemorate a celebration, certain achievement, or the happening of a religious event. Do know that the options are endless and you will have plenty of ideas and designs to draw from. Overall, promise rings, especially the exquisite diamond promise rings sold online, are being used for signifying a pre-engagement ring or one’s romantic love.

Lastly, you may want to know how diamond promise rings differ from chastity rings or purity rings as they are more commonly called. The trend of purity rings had arisen in the 1990s and they project an altogether different history and motivation than promise rings. Mainly associated with religious groups, purity rings provide a subtle reminder that the wearer promises to remain abstinent until marriage. In most cases, such rings are gifted by parents to their daughters, or the wearer of these diamond promise rings may purchase the ring for herself. A purity ring is generally replaced with a standard wedding band when the wearer is getting married.

There is certainly a lot more to diamond promise rings than what meets the eye. They often declare the love that wearers have been professing for each other since centuries. They proclaim the love of lovers in serous ways and are not limited to gestures prompted by infatuation. Quite distinct from wedding rings, purity rings, and engagement rings, these jewels help in declaring one’s unconditional love in the easiest of ways. So, if you have failed to woo your loved one courtesy songs, letters, poems, short messages, etc. then diamond promise rings may just do the trick. Invest in the best diamond promise rings in your budget and watch the magic unfurl.

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