Are Cheap Diamond Engagement Rings A Reality?

cheap diamond engagement rings

cheap diamond engagement rings

Cheap diamond engagement rings are not just a figure of speech. Genuine pieces of jewelry can be affordable but not really cheap. Fine jewelry is usually hard to come by at the cost you desire. But, there are many small but genuine pieces that might fit your budget. By cheap, you generally mean affordable not tacky right! Not everyone can afford to buy expensive rings for their partner but seldom despair. There are many buying tricks that you can employ to buy an exquisite piece of jewelry at a good bargain without actually compromising much on the quality.

Look for cheap diamond engagement rings that fulfill most quality parameters. If you are really lucky you may find a jeweler who is running a promotion or sale and is offering a good piece at a bargain. Searching online is a good option as many stores offer lucrative bargains on their web sites. It is wise to check for the credentials of the store to know that you are getting a genuine bargain and not being cheated. There are other ways to get cheap diamond engagement rings without breaking the bank.

Choose the metal wisely

Traditional metals used for engagement rings, like gold and platinum, are expensive and the costs are spiraling every day. Silver is a good alternative as it is cheaper and possesses enough tensile strength to hold the stone securely. This shining metal is a little difficult to maintain as it tarnishes easily, giving the ring a greenish black hue which is not attractive. This can be countered simply by using sterling silver which is an alloy with anti-tarnish properties.

The other metal that is in vogue today is the modernistic stainless steel. Many couples turn to stainless steel as a metal of choice as it is not only cheap, but also durable and easy to maintain. It is a very contemporary choice and may serve to symbolize the modern outlook of buyers of contemporary jewelry and cheap diamond engagement rings. These metals may actually halve the cost and allow you to buy cheap diamond engagement rings for each other. You may follow up with wedding rings in the same metal and upgrade to gold or platinum when you are able to do so.

Look for diamonds in cheaper cuts

Many people do not realize that not all diamond cuts are priced similarly. The fancy cuts do not inherently mean that the stone set within would bring with it a fancy price tag. In fact, a brilliant or round cut are among the most expensive albeit more popular cuts of diamond. Buying a fancy shape may save up to 25% of the cost of a round cut. The Asscher and the cushion cut are amongst the cheapest cuts and look beautiful too!

The radiant cut for example has a total of 70 facets and reflects light appropriately, although it is shallower than the round diamond. It is also about 25% lower in cost. The cheap diamond engagement rings you are looking for may be hiding in the marquise, pear, oval, emerald, cut stones. The notion that a fancier shape may entail a bigger cost is a myth. Double check prices of the stones in different shapes before you settle on one. If your heart is not set on a particular shape this might be a good way to maintain a budget. Most stores will carry myriad designs from top designers showcasing fancy shapes of the diamond. Think out of the box and cheap diamond engagement rings will be within your reach!

Color of the diamond matters too!

Surprised? Well the color of the stone set in cheap diamond engagement rings does determine its cost too! The laws of economics decree that the rarest of colors will the most expensive and the cheaper varieties are the stones which are more extensively available. Probably the most expensive stone is the colorless brilliant cut ones which are a rarity. The vivid yellow, oranges, pinks and purples are expensive too. But, the cheaper less vivid stones are quite beautiful, and in their right setting, may look very different and attractive.

The brown, yellow, gray and champagne hued diamonds are becoming exceedingly popular as a choice in the world of cheap diamond engagement rings. The mid-level range may actually dramatically reduce the cost of the stone to nearly 40% of colorless brilliant cut ones.

Size of the diamond is a deal breaker

The emotion that rules your heart when you propose to the love of your life is one that wants to impress and gratify. Impress your loved one with a stone that looks and feels beautiful and impressive. Do remember that tiny stones set in cheap diamond engagement rings may end up looking really unimpressive. They are best kept aside as you do not want to look cheap.

A small trick that most people do not know while buying cheap diamond engagement rings is that by choosing a stone that is not a rounded carat size often brings down the price substantially. For example a 95 cent stone set within cheap diamond engagement rings will not look much smaller than a one carat stone but the price may be substantially lesser. This is a good way to ensure a handsome ring without emptying your pocket. Look for odd sizes and enjoy a size that is similar but not much smaller than the optimal size you were looking for.

All these small tips will help you choose the best cheap diamond engagement rings without losing out or compromising in any way. It is intelligent to choose the store, from where you desire to buy your chosen ring, with great care. Malls are very expensive and there is almost a 20% markup due to overhead costs like rentals and infrastructure costs. These stores employ high cost staff too who are trained to sell you a higher value piece and you just might be tempted to buy a more expensive ring based on their recommendation.

Stick to your plan and your budget and start your hunt for cheap diamond engagement rings to impress your fiancé or fiancée. High quality yet cheap diamond engagement rings are known to last long and are fast making it to the trinket boxes of buyers of all generations and different walks of life. So, without any further ado, chalk out your budget and get going with the rings of your choice to make your special occasion of coming together all the more special. With the best cheap diamond engagement rings on your fingers, you can attract more than your fair share of glances from the guests at your engagement party.

Just log into your favorite sites selling cheap diamond engagement rings at a discount online and make your money go an extra mile. You will love to see the smile that comes your way when you slide the beautiful ring up your special someone’s finger.

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