Every Girl Craves for Dazzling Diamond Promise Rings

Dazzling Diamond Promise Rings

Dazzling Diamond Promise Rings

Love is eternal and so is a promise. Promises are made to be kept and in the recent decade or so this commitment of a couple is generally sealed with a promise ring. A Promise ring is an overt symbol of the promise of future togetherness. It shows the progression of a relationship from a casual one to a firm commitment to be together in the future. It may not actually point to an engagement, as there might be goals the couple needs to achieve before they are married. Such a ring could represent a degree in academics, a dream overseas job, or even a nest egg of savings that a couple wants to attain before settling down. If you are looking around for one such elegant piece of jewelry that will help you freeze a promise with your loved one, then, a diamond promise ring is what you should be looking at without any further ado. This dazzling piece of jewel will showcase your love in every conceivable way and will prove to be treasured gift for years in a row.

Promise rings are only for lovers?

History says that promise rings could be a symbol for a promise between any two people. It could be lovers as is very common, but it could also be a sign of everlasting friendship or even a parent’s or sibling’s promise to love unconditionally. A promise has the power and the intent of showing eternal commitment. A promise symbolizes sharing and caring; these emotions can be best depicted with the help of a high quality promise ring studded with a diamond or any other precious or semi precious stones.

The physical manifestation of love the promise ring was earlier also called the posy ring as it has romantic verses engraved onto it. The intent to cherish and protect the relationship is what the promise ring is. The ring can be worn by both the partners or can be gifted to one too. Be it your promise to stay together until the moon and stars shine in the sky, or a promise to practice celibacy until you are firmly tied in wedlock, these rings are the right option for you. You may like to check out the various designs and patterns of gold and diamond promise rigs before moving ahead with your purchase.

Which finger is most appropriate for diamond promise rings?

Diamond promise rings can be worn on any finger, or even as a pendant on a chain. But, the most common finger that sports the circle of faith is the ring finger of the left hand. The engagement ring follows on the same finger and the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand. The ring finger of the left hand is said to have a direct connection to the heart itself. So it can be safely said that the promise ring has a connection to the heart.

Fashionably designed diamond promise ring are becoming increasingly popular and the trend is fast becoming a precursor to more formal engagements. Promise rings are given on a more casual premise and are not really a build up to marriage. But, studies show that the couples who largely end up with marriages have shared promise rings. The general consensus being that the intent becomes all important.

Promise Rings Finger

Promise Rings Finger

What is the material that promise rings are made of?

Promise rings can be made up of gold, silver, platinum or even steel. There is no hard and fast rule about the design and stone used. It could be an emerald, sapphire, ruby or the more popular diamond promise rings that you opt for. The design could be a simple band or an entwined circle that depicts eternal love. Diamond promise rings may or not be in a design that is complemented by an engagement ring. The general trend being that engagement rings are far more showy and ostentatious than promise rings. There is a large variety of designs that are available in the market today as promise rings are gaining fast in popularity. They were treated as the fraternity pin or the class tie pin earlier that was mostly used to symbolize that the couple was more than “dating” but not ready to settle down into matrimonial bliss.

Promise rings are best bracketed as a fashion piece rather than a formal ring. These could be heart shaped, Claddagh rings, eternity rings or so much more. The fun element is there in the design as the promise ring is often replaced by the more formal engagement ring. In fact, couples prefer that the promise ring is totally different from the engagement and wedding rings, which might have complementing designs.

The promise ring can be smaller and have a quirky design that has a special meaning for the couple. For example, if the promise is that they are saving for a house they want to share together, the diamonds could be small and shaped like a house. Or if the couple wants to save for a cruise together, they could have a ship motif to adorn the ring. The shared promise could or not be limited to marriage, the highlight is a shared dream, a promise that the couple have shared. It could be an experience that they want to have together, or a commitment towards togetherness, or a possession they wish to buy together. The promise is highly individual and may or may not be for public knowledge. The couple could share the secret promise and savor the closeness that is born of shared dreams and promises.

Diamond promise ring etiquette

The occasion of giving a promise ring is not often as dramatic as the proposal and can be an intimate moment too. The promise is made in good faith and with full commitment from both sides. But alas, the best made plans do not always go according to plan. There is no hard and fast rule that promise rings are to be returned. As they are generally not as expensive as an engagement ring, they are kept by the wearer as an emotional connection to the promise that was made but could not be kept. There is no formality in the broken promise but returning the ring may depend on the nature of the break up.

The promises that lovers make to each other should not be taken lightly and these situations are never pleasant to handle. It is not nice to be frivolous and exchange promise rings when you are not serious about the promise that you are making. Although it is not a formal engagement, if the couple has made a promise to each other, they should honor it in good faith. So, regardless of the nature of your promise, you may want to wear or gift one such promise ring to a loved one or your sweetheart. Go right ahead and invest in this fascinating piece of jewel that will stay on forever – just like the promise you intend to keep.

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