A Complete Guide To Buying Semi Mount Engagement Rings

Semi Mount Engagement Rings

Semi Mount Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are about making a statement. They should give the lady a chance to be proud in front of her girls and praise her man for his class, choice and value for her. Since this is an extremely personalized affair, it should be marked with a unique ring. Semi mount engagement rings are the perfect way to engage the lady who you confess love to. This article describes your options, gives you the advantages and guides you on how to make choices that are unforgettable. Every time the lady looks at the ring you gave her, she will see the flawlessness, beauty and perfection of the ring.

Engagement is your opportunity to move your relationship to the next level. Everyone desires to make the day unique and memorable to give the lady a story to forever recite. Semi mount engagement rings offer the perfect opportunity to leave inerasable memories. The idea is to buy the stone separately from the mount. With this, you buy a very unique center stone and the mount of your desire. Semi mount engagement rings allow you to create a unique engagement ring that is also customized. It saves you from purchasing the readymade rings that everyone among your friends and in the office seems to be tagging along.

Semi mounts are for the selective couple that wishes to have something special but is not willing to design it in entirety. In fact, the name is derived from the act of mounting without doing all the work. Semi mount engagement rings will see the buyer get a separate stone and a holder which will then be designed to fit your choices. It is upon the couple or the man to secure the main stone, mainly diamond, from the jeweler. Once it is fitted on the ring, it changes into a fully mounted ring.

Advantages of Using Semi Mount Engagement Rings

For couples who are very particular about details, this is your best choice of an engagement ring. Consider the following benefits from using the semi mount engagement rings over pre-fitted rings.

  1. Flexibility- since the ring is yet to be completed, you have a realistic chance of customizing it. This flexibility in design means that you will be wearing the ring you have always wanted. You have a range of options to choose from other than settle for the copied designs flooding the market.
  2. Greater say on carat and other dimensions- since the stone is yet to be cut, you can influence the quality of diamond you get. This will affect the price and bring satisfaction.
  3. Ready designs- no special skills are required to prepare semi mount engagement rings. The designs are ready which leaves you with the task of matching the stone and the mounting ring.
  4. A chance to customize- it is the joy of every lady to have a unique ring. With semi-mounted rings, you can order engraving, a different shape, color of stone, material, etc. jewelers are usually ready to make the ordered alterations, albeit for a fee.
  5. Affordable- stones like diamond that are yet to be cut are more affordable than those already shaped. Since semi mount rings allow you to purchase the uncut stone, you have the advantage of getting the same quality of stone at a cheaper price. However, the price may be pushed up by the design you choose.

The only challenge you have to endure with semi mount engagement rings is time. You need time to get the stone mounted on the ring. Further, since mounting does not take place in the factory or may be done in a hurry, your ring is exposed to the possibility of reduced standards or damage. Generally, many people choose semi mount engagement rings because of the liberty to customize the ultimate appearance. With a budget within your range, you will get the exact ring you have always wanted. You do not need to sacrifice details or even beauty because the available style is not pleasing.

Customizing Your Semi-Mount Ring

There are different types of semi mount engagement rings depending on personal preferences. It is the customizing decisions that you need to pay attention to once you have made a decision to go for semi mount. Here are crucial guiding details.

Type of Metal to Use- there are different types of metals, offering a selection of color, texture, durability, style, prestige, etc. The most popular metal used in mounting semi mount engagement rings is platinum. It is loved because of its durability and level of purity. It is also an excellent choice for a lady with a sensitive skin. Gold is also an option with a variation of colors including white, green, rose and yellow, among others. Palladium is also a popular choice while others use semi mount engagement rings mounted on a metal band from the melted mixture of platinum and gold.

Mounting Style

This is a personal choice that determines the ultimate appearance of your ring. Some of the mounting style options to consider include

  1. Accent rings- this is a stylish design that features the main stone alongside others that complement it. This gives room for such cuts as emerald, banquette and princess. The surrounding glittering pave gives the right impact to your ring.
  2. Solitaire- semi mount engagement rings in solitaire design have one focal gemstone. It is this stone that you will choose and how it will be engraved on the mount.
  3. Bridal sets- this is a stylish approach where the solitaire or accent design is matched with a similar set. This design gives you liberty over the design of the band. It also allows engraving of the message on the ring.

What Stone Will You Use?

The stone is the crowing beauty of semi mount engagement rings. The beauty of this kind of ring lies in your liberty and ability to choose the stone. With the stone playing a huge role in shaping the budget, you need to pick what you can manage.

The stones popularly used in production of semi mount engagement rings include diamond, emerald and sapphire. Most of them come uncut. This gives you the liberty to choose heart cuts, cushion cuts or asscher cuts, among other designs. It also gives you the liberty to reset the nature and arrangement of diamond found in heirloom. You can upgrade an ordinary ring into a stylish one in a single step.

Semi mount engagement rings are the perfect choice for a couple in love with uniqueness. This is a valuable choice that will leave the lady with the most beautiful memories. It is easy to fit the most beautiful ring within your budget.

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