The Mesmerizing and Alluring Beauty of a Black Diamond Ring

Black diamond rings

Black diamond rings

Black is dark, mysterious, seductive and beautiful, don’t you agree? Now, imagine a beautifully cut black diamond that has been mounted on a black gold band. Wow! Now won’t that make a stunning piece of jewellery on your finger? Outrageously beautiful black diamond rings have a unique black and grey shine which give them a classic look. Yes, you could mount the black diamond on white metal too – the classic combination of black and white will make it an elegant and exotic piece of jewellery. Here, we help you take a quick look at the immensely alluring world of black diamonds.

Why Should you Buy Black Diamonds?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear or think diamonds? Surely, white, sparkling stones! Did you know that there are other colors of diamonds too? But, the mystery of the color black has made black diamonds a popular choice amongst the new generation. The next question is “Are they real?” Well, natural black diamonds are uncommon and found only in a few places like Brazil and Africa. Though, the chemical composition of the black diamonds is the same as white diamonds, the latter gets the color black because of the presence of many inclusions. The unique structure of this crystal absorbs most of the light that falls on it and reflects very little, hence the color black. They are by no means lower in quality than other diamonds. Natural and genuine black diamonds are as expensive and as beautiful as a pure white diamond. An essential thing to be kept in mind is that black diamonds don’t have the same brilliance and sparkle as in white diamonds.

There are some treated black diamonds that are manufactured in the lab. Here, white diamonds are treated with heat or radiation which changes their color to black. These stones may not be of high quality; therefore they are cheaper and affordable. But then, does it really matter whether the stone was of high quality or no before it was treated? Well, once the stone is black and mounted on a ring, the gorgeousness of the black diamond ring is definitely going to attract the attention of many around you. So, the choice is between natural black diamond rings, which will definitely cost you a fortune, or a lab treated black diamond ring which is affordable. Choose the one that suits your pocket!

How to Evaluate the Stone while Buying Black Diamonds?

Evaluation of a black diamond is completely different from the guidelines of evaluating a white diamond.

1 The standard color grading of white stones is not applicable to black diamonds because they are either dark grey or black. As they are not transparent and clear, it is very difficult to grade their clarity.

2 Black diamonds do not reflect any light, they absorb it all. Therefore, the cut of the stone doesn’t matter as in the case of a white diamond where in the cut of diamond enhances its brilliance in many more ways than one. All that you have to do is make sure that a black diamond is cut in such a way that the proportions of the stone make it look magnificent when mounted on a ring. A shallower cut will make the visible surface of the black diamond look bigger than a high rise cut.

Natural Black Diamonds v/s Enhanced Black Diamonds

Are you wondering about the nature and quality of enhanced black diamonds? Well, white or yellowish diamonds are treated with heat, radiation or high pressure to get the color black; these artificially colored stones are known as enhanced black diamonds. You will be surprised to know that the actual color of the black diamond when seen under the light is dark green. Surprised? Yes, there are some black diamonds that are artificially created by applying a special coating on their surface. Therefore, in such cases, you have to be very careful since the color is not very durable and dark color can wear off over a period of time.

While buying an enhanced diamond ring, it is very important that you ask your jeweler about the method they have used to make the original stone turn black. If heat has been used to turn the white stone into black then you should not expose the black diamond to high heat; else, you will damage it. Keep in mind that whenever you take your black diamond ring to your jeweler for any kind of repair or maintenance work, you must give a warning if the stone has been colored artificially, lest the stone gets damaged beyond repair. It is important that before you invest in black diamond rings for your loved one, you know all the pros and cons of natural and enhanced black diamonds to the hilt.

It is recommended that you take the advice of experts while investing in a black diamond ring. You may like to take the help of a jewellery designer to design a one-of-a kind black diamond ring that will complement the appearance of your loved one.

How to Choose a Setting for your Black Diamond?

Generally, for white diamonds to sparkle and shine, you would want a setting that allows maximum light to pass through so that the brilliance of the diamond can be seen. However, black diamonds are opaque and do not allow any light to pass through them. So, there are several settings you can choose from to mount your black diamond on so as to make it look wonderful. You may also give your ring an antique look by mounting a black diamond on black metal. A brilliant combination, isn’t it?

Black diamond’s look amazing on prong, pave or channel settings. You can add to the beauty and elegance of the ring by surrounding your black diamond with small white sparkling diamonds set in white gold or platinum. Be assured, this exotic combination will surely look gorgeous!

Are you a lady who likes to make a bold statement with every piece of jewellery that you own? Well, then you would definitely like to own black diamond rings which will make you feel all the more special and fashionable.

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