Enjoy a Fanciful Evening with Sensational Diamond Studs Earrings

Diamond Studs Earrings

Diamond Studs Earrings

As a fashion conscious lady, you surely desire to sparkle and be the center of attraction in any social gathering. One of the easiest ways of making your presence felt is by having diamonds on yourself, especially in the form of studs’ earrings. Yes, diamonds, truly a girl’s best friend, never go wrong and always mange to cast their brilliance and charisma on those laying their eyes on you. You simply cannot deny the shine and glory of a diamond on your skin. So, gear up to get more looks and compliments coming your way at a beautiful evening do, a simple social gathering, or a party, with the sparkle of diamond stud earrings on your ears. Whether you desire to flaunt a round diamond stud earring set that promises to go well with any kind of attire (and can be worn on any occasion), or a bright and elegant diamond stud earring that looks exquisite with a black dress, you will certainly rock!

Diamonds are fancied by women from all walks of life. With this in view, it is no small wonder that the diamond earrings chosen by you will add to your beauty and grace. Be it a birthday, party, social gathering, office get together, or any other function, your diamond studs earrings will be the best choice to add to your elegance and make you look attractive and stylish. In most cases, diamonds are the next to go accessories that make it to the jewelry box of women of all ages. Be it white, black or colored diamonds, they can be cut into different shapes to be set in earrings, studs, bracelets, pendants, bangles, brooches, etc.

All in all, there is no dearth of designs and variations of diamond jewels to choose from at online or offline specialty stores – all that you need to do is ask.

Different Cuts And Styles of Studs’ Earrings

Diamond stud earrings are a fashion icon and they are available in different cuts to suit the tastes and preferences of their wearers. Each cut looks different and boasts of a different sparkle and coloration. In general, diamonds can be cut into different shapes before being fixed in earrings or other jewels. The various shapes that the diamond rock is cut into are trillant, star, square, round, oval, octagon, marquise, butterfly, cushion, flower, dice, heart, etc. These are the popular shapes that most precious stones are cut into before making fine and long-lasting accessories.

For instance, diamond studs earrings can be crafted along with other gemstones and are commonly seen in either round or oval shapes. In case of using other semi-precious or precious gemstones, the diamonds put to use are usually less in number. The kind of shape and weight of diamonds selected would depend on the budget and other preferences buyers. What about the color of diamonds? Diamonds are available in multiple colors these days and are no longer limited to the sparkling white diamonds of yore. Some of them are seen in blue, soft pink, charcoal, and also a mix of colors like yellow gold, white gold or silver.

Customizing Your Own Style, Shape, And Color

Custom made diamond stud earrings are becoming more popular by the day and are easily spotted. Hence, if you are dissatisfied by the designs available within your reach, you may like to invest in customized designs to suit your requirements. Reputed jewelry websites would permit you to click on the image of stud earrings that appeal you the most, and select the customize button to buy a set of your choice online. You can also choose the metal weight, appraisal, warranty, and layaway as per your choice. Make the relevant changes to your diamond stud earrings before making the purchase and request the custom order that will reach your doorstep in the shortest possible time.

Ideal Gift For Someone You Love

Gifting diamond stud earrings to loved ones without any reason, or to mark an occasion, is one of the best ways to celebrate. These jewels serve as sophisticated symbols of elegance and brilliance. Their versatility makes them a must-have for all women accessory collections. As studs and earrings made of diamonds go well with casual and official parties alike, they are received with much love and happiness.

Choosing a Setting For Your Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond studs earrings for men and women may have differently featured base metals on which the stones are fixed. Metals and alloys like sterling silver, gold and platinum are generally used for the purpose of crafting jewelry and are made in different setting styles such as prong settings, crown settings, and bezel settings. For instance, a prong setting has three to eight prongs holding each earring closer to the ear. A crown setting is designed in a style that’s elegant, charming and with a unique look. A bezel setting forms a rim around the edges of stones to hold them securely. You may also request for friction backs to provide added security for holding your diamonds. Yes, the settings and designs to choose from are indeed many.

Where To Buy Perfect Diamond Stud Earring Sets

As the latest collections of diamond accessories comprise of varied designs and colors, it may be difficult to buy a set of perfect stud earrings without indulging in good research or recommendations. Buying diamond jewelry online in the best of ways (and without being taken for a ride) would depend on your budget and the kind of stone that you are looking for. The price would depend on the carat, weight and the stone chosen by you. Next is the cut of the stone. Most commonly used is the round brilliant cut. The cuts and shapes depend upon the facets. Normally a 58 facet is used and recommended.

It is also essential to ensure that the diamonds purchased by you are certified. Additionally, while choosing a set of perfect diamond stud earrings, do remember the 4 C’s. Select your precious stone depending on the cut of the stone, carat, weight, clarity, and color of the gemstone of your choice. You may like to make your choice on the basis of these aspects and the budget that you have in place. Diamonds are available in all sizes and price ranges, so choose accordingly.

Are you ready to flaunt the best earrings and studs set in the finest diamonds? Start shopping now!

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