Fashion Rage of the Season: Buy Diamond Cocktail Ring for your Next Party

Diamond Cocktail Ring

Diamond Cocktail Ring

Cocktail ring – the name itself is spicy and bold and paints the image of a vivacious and lively diva sporting large rings. The drama quotient involving the diamond cocktail ring is palpably huge. Traditionally, in the early 40’s and well into the 50’s when prohibition was in force, being seen with a cocktail was definitely a talk worthy thing. It was the biggest status symbol of the times. The flashier your ring, the better the chances that your illicit drink was noticed. Hence the name ‘cocktail rings’ was coined.

What Exactly is the Cocktail Ring?

The cocktail ring is a dressy ring that is generally worn on the index finger of the right hand or the third finger of the right hand. The original cocktail ring was a flashy and dramatic ring with a large center diamond and several smaller diamonds flanking it. It was and is the statement ring that steals the conversation away. Diamonds have become really expensive today and large pieces are quite a rarity, especially when associated with what is essentially not a serious piece of jewelry. This is the sole reason why a diamond cocktail ring is a rarity today and is well-observed in case a wearer decides to invest in and flaunt one.

Today, the cocktail ring comprises mostly of a large gemstone center with paved diamonds around it. As large diamonds are hard to come by, so the focus has shifted to the large stones that also pack a punch like tourmaline, quartz, citrine, amethyst or blue topaz. These stones are beautifully colored and have interesting facets. These large stones are ably paved with diamonds in very intricate and unusual designs. More striking the design, more effective is the style statement!

The Style Adaptation in a Cocktail Ring

Cocktail rings are generally dressy and gaudy and are worn when one needs to dress flamboyantly, for example for a party night. But, with changing trends, the ubiquitous diamond cocktail ring is being worn with almost everything. The costume version of the cocktail ring looks equally at home with a pair of jeans and a boyfriend shirt, or a bohemian skirt ensemble.

Advancement in technology has led to the advent of many design ideas in this space. Precious metals are shaped into designer forms and shapes like flowers or animals. They are then set with a large semi-precious stone and micro paved with smaller diamonds or other gemstones. Latest enameling techniques are combined with micro gem setting for stunning effects, therefore negating the need to use large center stones. This keeps the design quotient up but the costs down.

Wear jewellery that suits your personality type. The large and flamboyant design of the cocktail ring should enhance rather than overpower your style. Ideally, you should wear what you can carry off with ease. For instance you may choose a fun and colorful piece for day time use and opt for a strong style statement cocktail ring for evening wear.

How to Achieve Maximum Mileage from Wearing a Cocktail Ring

  1. Wear more than one ring on different fingers. Remember, the purpose is to be flamboyant!
  2. Your cocktail rings need not match each other. They should be complementary in design, look and color. Matching rings might just make you look like a fuddy-duddy.
  3. Your statement ring is being worn for a purpose; that is to make a statement. Rings of these kinds are conversation starters and trending.
  4. Make the colors on your clothes pop by reflecting one strong color in the stone of your ring set in silver (or colored gold) for maximum impact.
  5. You can also mix and match textures for added pizzazz.
  6. Your ring should look like a part of your ensemble, not shine as a separate entity.

Ways to Keep your Cocktail Ring in Mint Condition

There are easy ways to keep your jewellery shining and new. If you have opted for real gemstones the following tips should be adequate to keep your stuff in top condition.

1. Use plain dishwashing soap with luke warm water to clean your cocktail ring. This home grown tip is perhaps the cheapest way to keep your rings sparkling. Swish the piece in warm soapy water for a couple of minutes and rinse away from the drain to get a quick fix. Using a soft toothbrush along the grooves and under the diamond will give the ring a deep clean.

2. The ethanol content in a glass of liquor like Vodka is an easy way to remove dirt molecules from your ring. Just soak and rinse!

3. Diamonds can be cleaned beautifully with a paste of baking soda and water. Just apply and gently scrub with a soft toothbrush for best results.

4. It is a good idea to get the prongs of your diamond cocktail ring checked once in a while to keep it secure. You may opt for professional cleaning at the same time.

If you are opting for costume cocktail rings the following tips will work best for you.

  1. Keep your fashion accessories dry and clean. They tarnish easily if exposed to perfumes, deodorants, creams or lotions. Do ensure that your accessories do not come in contact with these; so as to keep the luster and newness of your ring at optimum levels.
  2. Use the jewellery sparingly. Costume jewellery is not meant for constant wear and might face discoloration if worn every day.
  3. It is important to clean and wipe your fashion accessory every time you wear it. This will ensure that dirt and sweat does not stick to it.
  4. It is necessary to store your jewelry and fashion accessories in a dry and clean space to avoid tarnishing.
  5. Last but not the least, if you stay at a humid place, you may think of coating your costume cocktail ring’s inner surface with clear nail polish to avoid greenish marks on your skin.

There is no hard and fast rule for the use of cocktail rings. Enjoy the statement they make and bask in the attention you receive on wearing them. Just be sure of your style and dazzle the party. For instance, if you have decided to invest in an exquisite diamond cocktail ring, then you can be assured of getting .many compliments your way. We would love to hear your experiences of flaunting this prized possession at the next party in town. Do drop us a line!

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