Create New Fashion Statements with Diamond Studs Earrings

Diamond Studs Earrings

Diamond Studs Earrings

Diamond stud earrings have long been the first love of men and women. Stylish and elegant, they promise to sync with all kinds of apparel and settings. These timeless accessories have been flaunted by celebrities of the likes of Johnny Depp and Kanye West. Yes, they make heads turn their way, wherever they go. Today, countless people are investing in single beautifully cut studs earrings in diamonds. Sitting in understated platinum, gold or silver settings, they indicate wealth and class in the most fashionable way. Here, you get to take a closer look at how traditional as well as contemporary diamond stud earrings are making waves with wearers of all generations, globally.

Are you fond of traditional styled jewelry that’s eternally beautiful and timeless? If yes, then you need not look any further than a round diamond stud earrings set. Found easily in reputed jewelry stores, both online and offline, such diamond studs earrings are set in gold and silver and can be worn singularly or in both ears. These days, people looking for lower priced studs earrings are choosing from a wide range of colored stones, semi-precious stones and other gems. So, if price remains a constraint, you may keep aside the diamond studs earrings of your dreams for a more opportune moment and choose a pair of gemstone studs earrings to add to your collection. Gemstone earrings and precious diamonds studs earrings are fit for all outfits and occasions and can be sported with flair – anytime and anywhere.

If custom jewelry is your preference, then, you are certainly in luck when you start shopping for studs earrings in diamonds. Nowadays, it is fairly simple to get your studs designed in line with your comfort, style and budget. You may either have your studs hand-crafted from loose diamonds or go for a selection of setting styles and metals, the choice is yours. Although solitaires are generally considered as the coveted type of diamond for the purpose, these personal adornments can be also be designed with diamonds of varying shapes, or with large colored stones such as emeralds or rubies surrounded with small individual diamonds. Unlike diamond solitaire studs earrings; these jewels tend to be more exquisite and elaborate. However, in certain cases, their setting may fail to showcase the stylish elegance of solitaire diamonds set in practically invisible fine baskets. So, if you wish to invest in the sophistication and simplicity of diamonds, it is best to avoid too much ornamentation or over-complication.

The stones chosen by you should we well cut and clear. The final setting of the studs should appropriately have three or four prong claws to cast an unassuming look. When the design of your studs is simple and less complicated, you can be assured of flaunting the brilliance of your diamonds in entirety, thereby increasing their value manifold. Additionally, even though good quality diamonds cost more than what you may have bargained for, they are worth the cost. High-quality diamonds in studs earrings promise to dazzle for long and can be worn for years in a row without appearing dull.

Here, it is essential to state that you may be misled by terms such as ‘diamond cut’ while buying diamond studs earrings online or at a sale. In most instances, the designs with the words ‘diamond cut’ do not have real diamonds, but boast of stones that are closely cut as diamonds. For example, in case the diamond stud earring set chosen by you costs less than $100 and has a reasonably big size, then, in all probability it does not have real diamonds to its credit. Do expect to dish out a minimum of $200 for diamonds of small size. Solitaires are definitely costlier than studs made of smaller diamonds; but then, they stand a class apart and cannot be compared with other options.

Now, take a look at the choice of metal to enhance the beauty of your earrings fitfully. Different people would like to go for different metals for inlaying diamonds or other stones; it’s all a matter of choice. 14 to 18 ct yellow gold happens to be most popular metal for custom designed diamond studs earrings. There are many other studs lovers who would rather opt for platinum and white gold instead of yellow gold. This is because such metals flaunt the natural sparkle of diamonds in better ways and make the earrings look different from most others in the herd. In case gold happens to be your preferred choice, opt for nothing higher in weight than that of 18 carat gold. The reason for this is gold, a very soft metal, wears off easily – so, the purer the gold, the more vulnerable it is to wearing after regular day-to-day use. 14 carat gold happens to be good compromise between value for money, looks, and durability.

Diamond studded earrings comprise of precious-metal housing and a loose diamond stud. In such earrings, the diamond is firmly attached to the metal casing, which can be attached to the ear with a clasp made of the same metal. The most popular diamonds incorporated in such earrings are princess diamonds and round diamonds. Heart shaped diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, oval diamonds, etc. are also growing in popularity and are being used as excellent diamond choices for such stud earrings.

In current times, diamond stud earrings are making it to the wish list of men and women alike. Not merely the dream for the more fashionable and wealthier sections of the society, they are being purchased from reputed jewelry stores online like never before. These studs earrings are much in demand during the holiday seasons even though they are considered as popular gift options across the year. These studs earrings serve as coveted anniversary presents, 25th graduation gifts, high school graduation mementoes from parents, birthday gifts, and more. Generally speaking, more women than men are likely to invest in such earrings, but the figures are changing rapidly with more men investing in diamond stud earrings for themselves and their lady love alike. Interestingly, these earrings with diamonds and gemstones are the safest gifts as they are loved by one and all.

For many buyers, buying diamond stud earrings is a novel experience. However, with the proper research metrics and tips in place, the process of buying genuine and value-for money jewels such as these can be made less daunting. A careful consideration of the clarity, carat weight, cut and color of diamonds will help you ascertain the worth of the studs’ earrings chosen by you. So, to avoid any disappointment, buy carefully and enjoy showing off your latest acquisition at the next do!

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