Exquisite Diamond Promise Rings are Cherished Forever

Diamond Promise Rings

Diamond Promise Rings

Yes, a diamond promise ring is definitely a symbol of commitment! But let it be clear that a promise ring is not a commitment for future marriage. So, what does a promise ring mean? A diamond promise ring may symbolize your lifetime devotion to one another or just loyalty and friendship. Whatever be the intent behind gifting a promise ring, make sure that the person receiving it doesn’t misconstrue the intent of the promise. Be careful! If not spelt in clear terms, it could lead to a lot of complications.

Historically, in the 2nd Century BC, Roman brides were gifted promise rings by their prospective grooms as a symbol of promise for marriage. At that time in Rome, the law stated that couples had to wait for a stipulated period of time from announcing their intention to marry to the ceremony of marriage itself. This ancient custom of wearing promise rings has different meanings for different couples. Essentially, it is a symbol of your love and commitment to your loved one, which you are promising and committing to each other. No matter what your intention is behind gifting an exquisite gold and diamond promise ring, make the moment as special as possible for both of you.

Symbol of a Romantic Connection

Agreed that a unique promise ring is not an engagement ring, but please do not treat it lightly. When and how you gift a precious gems studded promise ring to your special one will entirely depend on what it symbolizes for you. Before taking the plunge and investing in diamond promise rings online, sit back and think hard, how serious are you about your relationship?

Have you been dating long with your special one? When is the right time to gift a promise ring? Well, before gifting an affordable or expensive promise ring you should know your partner well enough and how he or she feels about your relationship. Are you both on the same bandwidth regarding your relationship? Once you have the answer to all these questions, then, this piece of jewel is the right way to show your loved one about the seriousness of your relationship and where it is heading. Yes, you may like to gift a promise ring on your next date itself. If you are ready to make a bigger commitment and want to express it in style, then go ahead and invest in a diamond promise ring. But make sure that you clarify the right intentions while gifting the promise ring, please do not leave it for your partner to interpret your goal of gifting the ring.

It would be advisable to keep the promise ring as simple as possible, because in the future, if the relationship ends in spite of all the efforts to make it work, then you don’t have to worry about returning the promise ring. It can be kept as a fond memory of your past. But yes, do not make the promise ring purchased online a meaningless gesture which is prompted by just your infatuation. Choice is yours and feelings are yours, pick what you think is best for the moment!

Choose the Right Promise Rings

Once you have decided that you are ready to take your relationship to the next level, all you need to do is keep her style and preference in mind while exploring the different options available online. Look for that perfect promise ring that she will instantly fall in love with! Let us help you find the right type of promise rings to suit the occasion.

Pre-Engagement Ring

If your sense of commitment is strong, but engagement is still far away, then a promise ring can act as a stand-in ring allowing you to take your relationship one step ahead. It’s a promise that when things are more settled an engagement will follow. Therefore, you can create a less expensive ring as a promise ring and then splurge on an elegant engagement ring later on.

Celebrate Your Friendship

Traditionally, friendship rings are common. Just like friendship bands, some friends like to exchange friendship rings as a promise to love and support each other no matter how far away they live. It is not necessary to always associate promise rings as romantic relationships, they can be purely platonic. It is just an exchange of rings between two best friends. For instance, diamond promise rings can be exchanged between two friends, out of which either one of them has to move to a different city for some reason or another. These friendship promise rings can be worn by both men and women.

Chastity or Purity Rings

Yes, like the name ‘pure’ suggests, the wearer of the ring indicates his or her desire to abstain from pre-marital sex. In most cases, like in the case of Miley Cyrus, a purity ring was gifted to her by her father. Parents generally gift them to their children where the underlying agreement is that the child will abstain from sex, alcohol, drugs and other bad vices. In some cases, you can voluntarily obtain a purity ring and wear it to show that you are willing to stay pure till the right time comes. This promise ring will be a constant reminder that you have promised yourself to resist all negative temptations.

Which finger is the promise ring worn on? Well, there are no set rules on this. Depending on the nature of your commitment and the thought that goes behind it, just wear it on a finger that will not make wrong statement. In the Western world, generally, the ring finger is for the engagement or wedding ring; therefore, if you want to avoid any confusion in the minds of your near and dear ones, just don’t wear the promise ring on your ring finger. You can even personalize your promise ring by engraving a personal message or an important date or name on it, something that only the two of you share.

With so many good reasons to gift a promise ring, what’s stopping you from indulging your loved one with a diamond studded promise ring?

Diamond promise rings…..the promise of so much and more to come!

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