Three Stone Diamond Rings – A Perfect Way of Symbolizing Eternal Love

Three Stone Diamond Rings

Blue and White Diamond Ladies 3 Stone Band Ring

Have you ever thought why three stone diamond rings are specifically held as a symbol of love and trust for couples in love? Do know that each of the three gemstones embedded within such bands holds deep importance and meaning. The three studded gemstones signify the ongoing love of those wearing them through the past, present and future. A touching and thoughtful romantic concept indeed!

Before you buy three stone rings for your beloved, there are a number of things that you need to be cautious about. In most cases, the dazzle and sparkle of diamonds set in such rings are attributed to their excellent craftsmanship and eye-catching designs. So, it is essential that you learn more about the four Cs of diamond, the usability of 10 x loupe, and a role of GIA certificates before freezing your buy.

Quality Comes First

Your primary focus should be on evaluating the quality of the diamonds set in 3 stone diamond rings on sale before investing in one. The four C’s, which serve as industry standards, are responsible for the high-quality grades provided to diamond jewels such as these. The grades are allotted on the basis of clarity, color, carat, and cut. Blemishes and inclusions determine the levels of clarity while the whiteness of diamonds determines their color. The carat measure can be determined by the diamond’s weight, while the cut is measured by the depth and width of the stone in the reckoning. These integrated factors lead to better quality diamonds that fetch good value for their sellers and buyers alike.

How are Elegant Diamonds Generally Crafted?

These rings express the eternity of love between two people. This impressively crafted setting can be found at various sales points, starting from reputed online jewelry stores to local retail shops selling diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets and other pieces. In general, these three stones rings for men and women are crafted with diamonds of various shapes or grades. However, if you look around a little more, you can even find such three gemstones rings with diamonds paired with precious gems like rubies and sapphires. Take your pick.

These 3 stones rings are mostly admired when they are handcrafted in silver settings, but then, they are quite popular in white and yellow gold as well. The inset gems also look stunning with a platinum setting. There are several kinds of three stone diamond rings that are up for grabs to give off an elegant look. Their bold designs, with eye-catching features, are enough to draw the immediate attention of their admirers. In some instances, three store diamond rings are specially crafted with customized designs to match the expectations of their buyers to the hilt.

How can you Create a “Unique” Look?

There are various effective options available to you for making your eternal diamond rings unique and attractive. Using three diamonds that have a perfectly round shape, and are of the same size with the middle stone slightly larger in size, would symbolize the present stand on your relationship. Or, you might prefer emerald cut diamonds, princess cuts, pears or marquise fashioned diamonds for bringing up the desired look to match up with your unique style. Matching and mixing diamonds of various colors might also be a good option for defining a contemporary and fresh fashion statement.

If you are buying these rings for both of you, then, you may prefer to place a larger white diamond at the center and smaller diamonds on either side. Instead of diamonds, you may even surround the center stone with smaller sized semi-precious gemstones to cut down on the budget. The options are limitless and are bound only by your thoughts and imagination. In any case, it’s a choice that you have to make to set the stage on fire, wherever you go together. So, feel free to describe your imagination and ask your jeweler to create a “unique” look for you and the one you love. Yes, custom three stones diamond rings are just right for you!

Try Out the Antique Look!

Is it you wedding day? Or, is it the day of your engagement? Regardless of the occasion, when you are searching for the perfect ring, it is certain that the sets of antique diamond rings will attract you enormously. For instance, the charming Victorian design, along with the Art Nouveau fashioned look, is all set to satisfy your desires for any special day. You may also like to choose a tailored ring with an antique or contemporary look to flaunt your style. Antique 3 stone diamond rings are usually available in a wide range of designs and suit all budgets. There are innumerable designs set with an antique look; they delight women of all ages and from different walks of life. Rest assured; you will also find “the one right ring” for you to awe your senses for a while.

Whether to Shop Online or at Local Stores!

Once you are done with setting up the budget for purchasing a precious three stones diamond ring, it’s up to you to decide whether you wish to purchase it from a nearby jewel shop or a reputed online store. Online stores serve to be a good choice if you wish to compare the price tags of various sellers and ascertain the quality of the jewels on sale, quickly and effectively. However, it is essential to verify the reputation of online jewelers before you actually purchase the ring of your choice. Also, check the credibility and stability of online jewelers over the past few years and seek testimonials for ascertaining their market credibility. Also, it is a good idea to verify whether they provide the replacement or return options in case you do not like the jewelry shipped to you. In case you are completing the purchase process by accepting your ordered product, ensure that you have received the authenticity certificate for the diamonds set in them. These tips ensure fair purchase and make you rejoice in the fact that you have received genuine diamonds.

So….The Story of Love and More!

Three stone diamond rings signify the eternal love that lasts forever. Did you know that the first ever engagement band engraved with three stone diamonds was presented to a lady in Vienna, Austria, in the year 1477? Ever since three stone diamond rings have gained popularity. They might not match up with the elegance of solitaire diamond rings but look nothing less than exceptional hand-crafted masterpieces. Oh yes, carrying several aspects of beauty, sparkling with ceaseless light, and holding the eternal magic, three stone diamond rings are a treat to possess and also present to your loved one. Buy one today.

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