Choosing Affordable Wedding Rings Sets for Men and Women

Planning your wedding? Arguably, the first thing that comes to mind is the wedding ring. Accessorize your wedding apparel with affordable wedding ring sets featuring stunning gems and diamonds.

Affordable Wedding Rings for Men & Women

Affordable Wedding Rings for Men & Women

The period between engagement and wedding is all about romance, excitement and planning jewel purchases for the big day. Traditionally, plain metal wedding bands were the way to go, but now, modern men and women want more bling and add diamonds or other gemstones on their wedding rings too. So, if you want more, but want to pay less, then, you can save a lot of money by looking for affordable wedding rings sets that include two or three rings. These custom ring sets save you a lot of time, energy and money. Matching sets have overlapping designs which highlight the central diamond and are designed to fit together, just like the two of you. So, are you all geared up to select a wedding ring set that showcases your personality, or that of your loved one?

Generally, most men have a different perspective about finding the perfect ring for their lady love. They just want a ring that will make her say “Yes” or “I Do”; for them, ring-giving is merely a gesture which will say “I love you forever”. So guys, look for a reputable jeweler who will not rip you in the process of selecting an engagement or wedding ring. You also want to save time, right? Just go in for perfectly complementary rings that fit her style and preference. Do your research, browse through the online jewellery sites and be sure of what you want, you may also like to check with your local jeweler before freezing upon your buy.

Flatter Your Fingers!

You see a ring in the display case and instantly fall in love with it. Alas! You learn it the hard way that not every style looks good on your finger as it does in the display case. But don’t fret! There is a ring style and shape that can flatter every finger of every hand. A jeweler can find or custom design a perfect ring that flatters your finger length, width, ring shape and style. If you have long fingers, then princess cut and round cut stones with wide bands are especially flattering. Ladies with short fingers can create an illusion of length with oval, pear, marquise or even rectangular emerald shaped stones with slender narrow width bands. Yet again, if you have wide fingers with big knuckles, then you need to go in for a medium to thick band with cluster round stones in larger settings.

Didn’t we say that there is a ring to flatter your unique finger shape and size? Of course, you are the best judge of what looks good on your fingers. There is no dearth of choices, so, get going and buy those affordable wedding rings sets for you and your loved one without lingering any longer.

What could go Wrong?

You are engaged! Once you have slipped the perfect engagement ring on the finger of your loved one; the second natural step is to set a date for your wedding and look around for a wedding ring. Well, if you have not gone in for a wedding ring set at the time of engagement, then there are some common mistakes that you might make while choosing a wedding ring. For instance, you may end up mismatching the styles, the proportion, metals, and even the shapes could be different. Well, you don’t want that to happen! You want everything perfect; so, go in for affordable wedding rings sets from reputed jewellery store that promises authenticity and high quality alike.

Be Practical – Buy Wedding Rings for Men at Affordable Price

Gold, silver and platinum are the traditional metals used for wedding rings, but of late, jewellers are looking for cheaper alternatives of metal bands so that the wedding rings can be more affordable. Let us discuss some alternative metals which can be used for making wedding bands for men.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel rings are shiny and strong. If you are a person indulging in a lot of manual work, then rings made from this extremely durable metal is just what you need. Stainless steel rings are cheaper than sterling silver; therefore you can get an impressive looking ring at an amazing price. These rings are mixed with 10.5% chromium to resist oxidation and make them stronger and more durable. It is very easy to clean stainless steel rings, all you need is dish soap, water and a soft cloth to keep them dry. This hypoallergenic metal has a masculine look and is a good choice for making rings for men.


Also known as ‘cobalt chrome’ this white metal has the look and feel of white gold. Its radiance is completely natural and is often used in electroplating to polish the surface of other metal based jewellery. Being five times harder than gold, this metal is highly scratch resistant and doesn’t chip or crack. This naturally white alloy is hypoallergenic and its hardness makes cobalt rings durable for a lifetime. Taking care of your wedding ring couldn’t be easier, all you need is dish soap, warm water and a soft cloth to dry the same and maintain its natural shine. It is recommended that you take your cobalt wedding ring to your local jeweler every few years for buffing and polishing so that its original luster is maintained.


Tungsten is a pure element, and this silver colored metal is four times harder than titanium. Tungsten men rings create a brilliant shine and are designed in such a way that they are stunning and virtually scratch proof. Little or almost no maintenance is required for high-quality tungsten rings.


This light weight metal makes for a refreshing change from the normal and creates modern and unique styles of wedding bands. Men, who are not used to wearing rings, will definitely appreciate a wedding band made from black, grey or silver titanium. Very little care is required to maintain the shine of a titanium ring, making it a popular choice among men.

No matter what you choose, each metal has a statement to make. Therefore, a glimpse of your personal style is reflected in the affordable bridal wedding ring sets chosen by you. So, instead of looking around anymore, start short listing the wedding ring sets that align with your budget and style. Soon, you will be flaunting an elegant set of rings on your fingers.

Go ahead and be stylish and unique in your own way!

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