Diamond Promise Rings – The New Buzzword!

Diamond Promise Rings

Diamond Promise Rings

You are eighteen and in love, you don’t know what the future holds for you both, but at the moment, you think that you definitely have a future together. If words are not enough to express the love you have for her, then, why not slip a diamond promise ring on each other’s fingers to maybe seal a future together, or just to be friends forever. You can even wear a promise ring as a symbol of your devotion to one another. It is difficult to give an exact definition of a promise ring, so, feel free to give those unspoken promises your own meaning.

Promise rings are also known as purity rings, and many celebrities wear a purity ring as a promise to stay pure till the right time comes. The former Disney Star, Demi Lovato, had a promise ring that said “True love waits.” The Jonas Brothers wear purity rings which symbolize, “promises to ourselves and to God that we will stay pure till marriage.”

When to Give a Promise Ring?

Every relationship goes through different stages in life. Each stage is a kind of test for that relationship. Let’s discuss these stages to give you a better understanding of a relationship.

Infatuation: This is the first stage of any relationship. You meet her for the very first time and are totally smitten by her. You end up thinking about her at all times and have this uncontrollable urge to spend more and more time together. You see only the good things about each other.

Understanding: Spending more time with each other means getting to know each other’s attributes, whims, and fancies better. You talk about her interests, likes and dislikes, families and a whole lot of other beautiful secrets. Life is so beautiful and romantic at this stage.

Disturbances: Remember the first fight or disagreement that you had with your partner? It is a conflict that will disturb you a lot, though you will try and sort out the difference fast. All relationships have their share of conflicts of opinion; maturity lies dealing with such situations with a calm head.

The Opinion and Moulding Stage: By the time your relationship reaches this stage, you have already formed an opinion about each other and know exactly what to expect from the relationship too. In your mind, you have an image of an ideal partner, and accordingly, you want to try and mould your partner to fit into that ideal image. This stage can be very tricky for any relationship, and if both are adamant then it could lead to a break-up.

Happy Stage: If your relationship survives the molding stage, then don’t let go, this relationship is for keeps! You are happy and you feel like you have found the perfect match; this is the stage where you can express the most important promise in your life and slip a diamond promise ring onto her fingers.

These stages are like stepping stones into a relationship that is expected to be filled with fun, love and happiness in future.

The Promise of a Promise Ring

When you are in love, you are constantly looking for ways to make her smile. You are happy when you see her happy. Express the endless love you have for her by buying a beautiful promise ring and gifting it to her over a nice romantic dinner. If you are sure of your feelings and want to make a long-term commitment, then go right ahead and splurge on a diamond promise ring.

Is it an engagement ring that you wish to buy? Or, is it just a ring to prove your love and commitment and to let her know that you will always love her? Well, be absolutely sure of the message you want to convey through the promise ring. Don’t leave it for her to decipher things on her own as it may lead to a lot of complications.

You are young and not yet financially independent for marriage, but you feel so much love for her and want to express it through a gesture that will surprise her. Nothing better than a diamond promise ring! It is a serious decision to gift a promise ring to your lover. By any means, please don’t buy a promise ring that looks anything like a wedding band, you might just scare her away. You don’t have to go overboard, buy something simple that will last a lifetime, and most importantly, state your promise clearly. Remember, the focus is not on the ring; it is the meaning behind the promise that’s being made.

Put it on the Right Finger

There are no general guiding rules for promise rings to be worn on any particular finger. They can adorn any finger. If you want to avoid any confusion about an actual engagement ring then you may like to flaunt a promise ring on the middle finger or on the ring finger of your right hand. But again, a promise ring can be worn on any finger that you are comfortable with.

Traditionally, promise rings had heart symbols on them. Nowadays, if finance is not an issue, then, you can design a promise ring with two differently colored heart shaped diamonds mounted on white gold or platinum with the help of a jeweler. Now, wouldn’t that make for a beautiful diamond promise ring!

Some people feel that promise rings are a complete waste of time. It is like asking for a girl to make a commitment even before the guy is ready to commit himself to the relationship. It’s like making a statement so that other guys back off, all the while not actually promising the girl any commitment from his side. It doesn’t seem fair, does it? Well, it is your call. You don’t necessarily have to go by what others feel or say. Go by your gut feeling and do what you feel is right. Just buy that glorious diamond promise ring for the girl of your dreams.

Demystify the meaning behind the promise ring according to your own feelings!

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